<Peter. Can you run me some errands?>

<Yes. Hold on.>

As he went down the stairs, his mother handed him the money.

<Go and buy some rice flour. It must be organic.>

<Yes. Anyway, I was just about to leave.>

<Are you going to the library?>

<I’ll return books and do some stuff.>

<Go ahead.>

Inseop’s footsteps as he left the front door were light. It has been about a month since he came to America, and his wounds have improved a lot and his complexion has brightened. It was only natural for his blood color to return when he ate the healthy dishes that his mother made.

Inseop was also exercising regularly. He still had to go for a walk alone because he didn’t have to work too hard, but he did exercise every day without skipping a day. Will, who was in the yard, thought he was going for a walk and followed him and waved his tail.

“No. wait. Today I will go alone.”

He ruffled Will’s fur with his hands and left the house. Returning the borrowed book from the library, he bought flowers from the florist. It was a flower to bring to Jennie. He boarded the bus with the bunch of freesias she loved.

Arriving at the cemetery, Inseop visited Jennie’s grave and laid down the bouquet.

<Happy Birthday, Jennie. You are still nineteen.>

If they had still been together, they would have been able to share more fun and interesting stories. If he could tell her what happened in Korea, how would she react?

She wouldn’t believe it and laugh. Will her eyes brighten and beg him to tell her the next thing?

<I know Philip is a bad guy, but… … I don’t think he read your letter. He wasn’t the kind of person to read the letter in the first place. … … It must have been other people who did bad things to you.>

It was a conclusion that Inseop came up with about the letter as he had been watching Lee Wooyeon, who had never touched a letter at all.  

<Sorry. … … Jennie. ’cause I didn’t believe you At that time, no matter what anyone said, I should have been on your side.>

He wiped away the tears, muttering the remorse remaining in his heart. After sitting on Jennie’s grave for a while and talking about various things, he remembered that his mother had told him to buy rice flour and got up.

<I’ll come again next time.>

Inseop said goodbye to Jennie and left the cemetery. He got out of town and went to the post office. 

He sent a letter to Lee Wooyeon yesterday and asked the post office worker how long it would take to arrive. The employee returned the same answer as before, saying, “Since it’s a limited express, I think I’ll be there in two days.”

… … Then it would have arrived.

Five days ago, Inseop mustered up the courage to write a letter to Lee Wooyeon. Since arriving in the United States, they had not made any calls, texts, or mails. Neither Lee Wooyeon, nor Choi Inseop.

They did not contact each other as if they had promised. Inseop was hesitant as to how many times he would pick up the phone and call him, but he barely endured it because he thought he would run to Korea right away after hearing his voice.

It was an act close to a whim when he found a bunch of orange stationery he had bought before while cleaning out his bookshelf and decided to write a letter.

After crumpling dozens of papers and throwing them in the trash, he managed to complete the letter.

<Hello. This is Choi Inseop. I am doing well. I wonder how you are doing. I’ll be back when summer vacation is over. 

ps-Is Kate doing well?>

The last word added was added as a joke Of course, he didn’t know if the other side would take that as a joke.

After sending the letter, Inseop looked into the mailbox several times a day. He couldn’t help but wait, even though he knew it wasn’t the right time for a reply. Even if there was no reply, … … If he calls him … .

Inseop shook his head. No, no.

In this situation, if Lee Wooyeon makes a phone call, he may fly to Korea and forget that he was on vacation because he was sick. It was a decision he made deliberately with him in mind, and had to be patient and follow it. Yes, he had to be patient.

… … He felt like he forgot something. Ah! Rice flour.

Inseop turned to the place where the Korean mart was. His mother, whose hobby was baking, baked bread with rice flour. Saying hello to the familiar old lady, he went into the store and picked up rice flour.

“Have you been on a trip?”

Having been away from the United States for a year, people around him thought he was on a trip. Inseop smiled and replied yes.

“Was it fun?”

“I don’t know if it was fun, but … … I don’t think I will ever forget it.”

“Then, the hardships are because you are young.”

Inseop’s smile was drawn at the warm voice of the hostess, whom he had not heard in a long time. After checkout, she turned around and turned up the volume of the TV as she said, oh, oh, oh. Judging from the fact that she was speaking Korean, it seemed that it was her favorite Korean entertainment program. It was an ironic fate that the name Lee Wooyeon came into Inseop’s ears as he was about to leave the store.

He turned and walked quickly to the counter where the television was installed.

“What did you say now?”

“Some celebrity had a big accident. The person who was filming that drama had an accident last time too. What curse did that drama have?”

“Who is the person who was in the accident?”

“What was his name, Lee… … .”

“Is this Lee Wooyeon?”

“Yes, but why?”

“Was he badly injured? What are they saying? How hurt is he?”

When Inseop asked in a voice that was on the verge of tears, the store owner widened her eyes and shrugged.

“I don’t know. I just saw it on the show and they said that the car was half destroyed. They’ll never be able to shoot a drama aga…in!! Peter!”

Inseop ran out of the store. He couldn’t run yet, but he was not in a position to walk. He had to go home and pack his things right now.

His parents won’t allow him, but he’ll explain later, because first of all, he had to pack up and go. No, he doesn’t even need luggage. All he needed was his passport and money.

He had to meet that person somehow. Somehow.

“Ha… … , ha… … .”

He couldn’t even run a single block, so he was out of breath. His heartbeat increased and he bowed his back and panted for a while. His legs were already heavy. He had to go though. Inseop took a deep breath, exhaled, straightened his back and started walking.

When he crossed the corner and arrived in front of his house, he saw a black Benz parked. He was wondering whose car it was, but now he didn’t have time to worry about it… … .

“… … . … … .”

Inseop stopped walking, as if frozen in place.

A man was standing in front of his house. With a cast on his right shoulder, he stood in front of the front door with a stiff expression and was looking at his house.

“…Lee Wooyeon… … ?”


Even looking at it, he could not believe it, Inseop blinked his eyes several times. It was Lee Wooyeon. Lee Wooyeon was now in America, standing in front of his house.

“Uh, how do you…no,  there was an injury, there was an accident, where and how much… …to the hospital… …Are you okay?”

Not knowing what to ask first, he stuttered out all the words that came to his mind. Lee Wooyeon made a troubled face for a moment, then opened his mouth.

“I’m sorry. Inseop… … Kate is not doing well.”

A flowerpot lay at his feet. It was fresh for not doing well. How the hell did he get on the plane with that? No, does that mean Kate came here sick? What the hell is it?

Inseop looked at Lee Wooyeon with a face that he did not understand. Lee Wooyeon sighed, then narrowed his eyes.

“I got a letter.”

He pulled out the orange envelope from Inseop from his pocket.

“Originally, I was going to have you stay in America for six months.”

Inseop was also thinking that it would be okay to return to Korea around that time. Of course, he missed Lee Wooyeon so much, but he felt sorry for his family, and it was because he decided that it was urgent to recover his health here.

“I didn’t contact you on purpose.”

“… … .”

“I didn’t go to see your face even thou I wanted to see you, because I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to let you go.”

“… … .”

He guessed it. Through the notebook Lee Wooyeon sent, Inseop also noticed that he had given him a long vacation, and that he did not come to see him because he feared that he would not be able to send him back.

“But then, that one letter…  drove me crazy.”

Lee Wooyeon received Inseop’s letter and read the same content hundreds or even thousands of times. When he finally reached the point of masturbating while reading the letter, Lee Wooyeon changed his mind, thinking that he couldn’t do it.

Let’s go see Choi Inseop.

“The accident… … , Why… … .”

“I couldn’t help it.”

Lee Wooyeon laughed.

He couldn’t help it. There were no drama plans, but the atmosphere was atrocious because of the accident that happened before, and he didn’t think he could make the time without giving a plausible excuse. Lee Wooyeon just quietly drove out of his car. The Mercedes-Benz that CEO Kim gave him was half destroyed. The doctor said that if something went wrong, his nerve could be cut and the arm could not be used forever. And as a result, the drama was postponed indefinitely. After Kang Youngmo and Lee Wooyeon had an accident, drama investors said they were unlucky from the start and decided to withdraw. CEO Kim fell clutching the back of his neck, but Lee Wooyeon was able to confidently say that he would go and rest.

Inseop took one step closer to him.

“Are you okay?”

Seeing the tears in his eyes filled with worries for him, Lee Wooyeon thought that he was lucky to have caused the accident.

“I’m okay.”

“Where… … are the bones broken?”

“I’m okay. I will get well soon.”

“Did you do this on purpose?”

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Inseop’s voice was filled with resentment. When Lee Wooyeon smiled vaguely and did not answer, Inseop raised his voice.

“Why are you like that? Why! I can see you after a while anyway… … If you get hurt like this… … !”

Lee Wooyeon embraced Inseop with one arm.

“Fuckt, I’m going crazy because I miss you, what do you want me to do?”

“… … .”

“I feel like I’m going to die, but I only read and read your letter all day, I keep thinking about you, I want to touch you… … I came here because I thought I was going crazy. Can’t I do that?”

Lee Wooyeon asked again.

“Is that not possible?”

“… … .”

“Did Inseop not want to see me?”

Inseop nodded slightly in his arms. He said “I miss you,” swallowing the lump in his throat. After taking a deep breath, Lee Wooyeon opened his mouth.

“… … I want to kiss Inseop, but I’m having a bit of trouble here. First, let’s go to the hotel.”

Inseop wiped away his tears.

“Hold on a second, please.”

“… … . … … .”

Even on the plane from Korea to the United States, Lee Wooyeon could not sleep at the thought of seeing Inseop. He rented a car from the airport and came here, almost ignoring the signal. The word “Hold on a second” that came out of Inseop’s mouth now sounded crueler to him than to wait for the rest of his life.

Inseop went to the front door and put down the package he was holding. Then he came back to Lee Wooyeon and said,

“Let’s go now”