The piano room – no one was around, silent.

The two most important people have not yet arrived. The people who came to watch have been waiting anxiously at the door. Without Song Ling Xiao’s approval, no one dares to enter the piano room

Xiao Qing walked straight in. Two pianos were looking dazzling in the piano room. She casually pressed the keys, emitting a crisp and pleasant sound. “How did he know that I like this piano?” Xiao Qing thought. She decided that it was Song Ling Xiao who had gone to great lengths to get this piano to please her.

“Does he like me?” Xiao Qing asked herself quietly in her heart.

A few moments later, Song Ling Xiao rushed in. The two of them took a seat. Both of them looked at the piano in front of them quietly. No one wanted to break the peace. After a long silence, Xiao Qing lifted her hand and placed it on the keys. Her fingers were white and slender. It was a pair of pretty hands. With Song Ling Xiao’s right hand hanging and his left hand aimlessly pointed at the piano keys, a crisp sound broke the silence.

The people outside the room stood in front of the window, eager to know what was going on inside, but the soundproof doors and windows were tightly closed, and not a single sound could be heard.

“Let’s start, I’ll be first.” Song Ling Xiao is not polite; without waiting for Xiao Qing to answer, the melodious music has already sounded. The song, “The street where the wind lives.” It was so soft and beautiful. It seemed that the notes were floating in the air. It could be described as wonderful. Xiao Qing was immersed in it, but the sound of the piano seemed to be a bit intermittent; there was a mistake. The music stopped there, ending in failure.

Song Ling Xiao’s mood at this time was completely opposite to the calmness brought by the tune. He frowned and closed his eyes tightly; he wanted to surprise and warm Xiao Qing, but he messed up.

Xiao Qing abruptly raised her head, looked at him suspiciously, and was about to say something, but it was Song Ling Xiao’s sentence, “I lost,” that stopped her response.

“But …”

“A lost is a lost, no matter what.” Song Ling Xiao’s corner barely managed to crack a smile.

Xiao Qing did not speak. She also played the song, she did not know why Song Ling Xiao would be like this, but looking at his expression, this was not the time to speak. What she could do then was to finish playing the song that he did not finish for him.

But at the time, the bullheaded Song Ling Xiao chose this piano piece because he believed Xiao Qing was bent on competing with him for supremacy. He became even more annoyed, and after listening for a short time, he got up and left, leaving Xiao Qing alone and awkward.

After Song Ling Xiao left, Xiao Qing sat alone for a while and also came out of the piano room.

Ai Yan saw Xiao Qing and eagerly asked her what was wrong. Xiao Qing said she was fine, but she didn’t look happy at all.

Ai Yan glanced in the direction Song Ling Xiao left, as if a hint of worry flashed subconsciously in her eyes.

“What’s wrong? Shouldn’t you be happy? Why are you wearing such an expression? Go, let’s go celebrate.” Xiao Qing did not notice that flash of heartache; she knew that it had nothing to do with herself and wanted to ease the atmosphere, so without saying a word, she pulled Ai Yan along to head downstairs. “Xiao Qing, that… I have an appointment, so I won’t keep you company.” Upon saying that, she broke away from Xiao Qing’s hand, standing with her head down like a child who made a mistake.

“It’s okay, then go ahead.” Despite these words, her heart was filled with doubt, her eyebrows knitted together, and she walked very slowly. What has happened in the piano room? What is wrong with all of them? Why are they so abnormal today? Xiao Qing asked these questions in her heart.

Ai Yan is going on a date? Could it be with Song Ling Xiao? Are they dating? No wonder Ai Yan was so worried about him. Today’s competition might also be Song Ling Xiao’s intentional loss to help Ai Yan. Just now Ai Yan stammered, she must have something to hide from her. In that case, they were indeed hiding something from themselves.

Xiao Qing had an indescribable sadness in her heart, had she even been making a fool of herself? She took her cell phone and didn’t know who to contact for a while, and she didn’t know who to talk to.

The loss was all written on her face. At this time, her mind was filled with the image of Ai Yan and Song Ling Xiao together. The more she tried to stop herself from thinking about them, the more images appeared in her mind. If this was the case, why would they hide it from her? If this was the case, why should they come to provoke her, if… if they never knew him that would be so much better…