Chapter 172 - Chapter 172: Chapter 140 Jiang Jiang’s Worries, the Aged Monk Kurong, the Stable Da Jing Dynasty_2

Chapter 172: Chapter 140 Jiang Jiang’s Worries, the Aged Monk Kurong, the Stable Da Jing Dynasty_2

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By then, even with multiple factions in opposition, the weight of a True Martial Realm cultivator would be extremely heavy, causing all sides to give face, seeking to woo them, thereby preserving Tianxuan Mountain and Canghai Sect.

In Han Li’s heart, Tianxuan Mountain was more important than Canghai Sect. When the time came, he would use an alias with higher combat ability to stand up for Tianxuan Mountain.

Of course, all this was based on the assumption that there was no significant threat to his life. If the other powers insisted on taking action and Han Li was unable to defeat them, then a strategic retreat would be necessary.

Although Tianxuan Mountain was important, it paled in comparison to his own life.

Ancestral revenge could wait a thousand years.

All he needed to do was bide his time, and he could easily avenge Tianxuan Mountain.

Hanzhou, Fengbo Pavilion.

Above the thirty-sixth floor, an elder in hemp garb stood by the window, his hands clasped behind his back, quietly gazing in the direction of Leizhou.

“Wenyuan, you will be in charge of this plan. I hope you will not disappoint me,” the hemp-clothed old man finally spoke after a long silence.

Standing not far behind the hemp-clothed elder, Lu Wenyuan’s face showed hesitation as he cautiously said, “My lord, this might not be wise.”

According to the plan, the operation was to be led by the hemp-clothed elder, a True Martial Realm cultivator, as its importance was too great, involving too wide a scope, and the weight of a Myriad Phenomena Realm pinnacle couldn’t compare.

The hemp-clothed old man chuckled lightly and said, “Don’t worry, it’s just right for you to lead it.”

After a pause, the elder continued, “The Sacred Dragon Dragon Ball in Leizhou is still out of Prince Wu’an’s reach; a True Martial Realm cultivator from Da Qian is bound to take action.”

“At that time, Da Qian’s True Martial Realm combat ability will all be tied up in the Sacred Dragon Secret Realm. It’s the best time to implement the plan; no Emperor Wu of the True Martial Realm will be there to stop you.”

“I will find an opportunity to strike, severely injuring or even killing Prince Wu’an and another of Da Qian’s True Martial Realm cultivators. The rest is up to you.”

“You may leave now.”

Without waiting for Lu Wenyuan’s agreement, the hemp-clothed elder said dismissively.

Lu Wenyuan could only laugh bitterly and take his leave with a salute; there was nothing he could do when the elder had made a decision.

The hemp-clothed elder continued to look towards Leizhou but was feeling quite fervent inside.

When they first discussed the plan, he had volunteered for this responsibility, risking his life to enter Da Qian for today.

Back then, he didn’t know what opportunity Prince Wu’an was waiting for, but he knew it had to be extremely precious. If there was a chance, he would steal it himself.

Now that the opportunity had arrived, he also knew what it was—the Sacred Dragon Dragon Ball!

This was a significant fortune for both the Myriad Phenomena Realm and the True Martial Realm, and even of great use to those in the Divine Yuan Realm.

However, Divine Yuan Realm cultivators were very rare in the Qianyuan Divine Province, and those capable of cultivating to that realm almost always had the backing of a Sacred Land, whose reserves were immensely deep, so they didn’t need to compete for the Dragon Ball.

Knowing there would be no Divine Yuan Emperor Wu’s participating, the hemp-clothed elder dared to contend for it; being an Emperor Wu of the True Martial Realm’s third layer, albeit only a Third Grade True Elixir, he could certainly suppress those of the True Martial Realm with lower cultivation levels.

If he could obtain the Sacred Dragon Dragon Ball, he would be able to reconstruct his foundation, defy fate, and greatly increase his chances of advancing to the Divine Yuan Realm as Emperor Wu.

Continuing his cultivation, whether he could break through to the later stages of the True Martial Realm during his lifetime was uncertain.

Faced with such a temptation, the hemp-clothed elder couldn’t resist; anyone wishing to break through to higher realms and live longer would find it hard to withstand the allure of such a great opportunity.

With only a lifespan of two thousand years in the True Martial Realm, the elixirs and treasures that could extend a True Martial Realm cultivator’s life were extremely rare, and even if obtained at great cost, would at most add another two to three hundred years.

Once one broke through to the Divine Yuan Realm, that was a lifespan of five thousand years.

Whether it be for strength or longevity, the hemp-clothed elder was willing to risk it all.

Moreover, he did indeed have the idea of taking the opportunity to severely injure or kill Prince Wu’an and another of Da Qian’s True Martial Realm cultivators; should he succeed with any of it, the other Emperor Wus within his sect would have nothing to say.

“The Sacred Dragon Dragon Ball, I must obtain it,” the hemp-clothed elder thought to himself.

There were quite a few with the same thoughts as the hemp-clothed elder; Prince Wu’an, Chu Wuji, the Diamond Monks of Kurong Sect, and others all had similar notions.

Long Yue’s deterrence indeed had some effect; some Emperor Wus who had originally planned to compete directly were now waiting to see if an opportunity would present itself.

These Emperor Wus were either young or felt they had ample chances to advance to the Divine Yuan Realm, making it unnecessary to risk their lives competing for the prize.

West of the Qian Dynasty lay Kurong Sect.

The domains of Kurong Sect also contained many large and small cities and villages, which were home to many Human Clan commoners and Human Cultivators.

Unlike Da Qian and the Yinyang Sect, the central area of every town within Kurong Sect was always a temple.

These temples often had flourishing incense offerings. Commoners living in the towns had to visit them regularly to offer incense and even had to chant sutras and worship Buddha at home.

Within the regions controlled by Kurong Sect, like many families and Sects, reliant on the Sect, they all practiced Buddhist Cultivation Techniques and martial skills.

Compared to the Qian Dynasty, the governance of Kurong Sect over its territories, bonded by faith, was considerably stronger. However, the human heart is unpredictable and prone to change; there were many evil beings within the domains of Kurong Sect as well.

While the Buddhist Sect might have high proficiency in matters of faith, not all monks would forever believe in Buddha, some whose beliefs wavered eventually abandoned the Buddhist path, becoming Devil Buddhas, Evil Buddhas, Demon Monks, and the like, specially opposing the Buddhist Sect.

In the center of the Kurong Sect’s domain stood a massive temple, within which was a towering tree that reached to the heavens.

This towering tree exhibited a curious phenomenon: at times it was lush and brimming with vitality, at other times it withered, its leaves faded, exuding an air of death.