Tang Maolin’s expression was somewhat awkward.

The beautiful woman softly called out, “Father.”

The old man snorted, was silent for a moment, then opened his mouth and said, “Now we can only counter soldiers with arms and water with a dam. This old man already has no hope of reaching Level 3 in this lifetime, if that Level 3 Spiritual Master really does come to the village. You take your family and the people of the village and run out, I’ll hold them off for a while …”

The young man couldn’t help but ask, “Father, run out and seek help?”

“Seek help from whom? Of course from the government, the police!” The old man glared, picked up his tobacco pipe and hit the young man’s head, snapping at him, “In a society governed by law, even if he’s a Level 3 Spiritual Master, can he kill people on the street?”

The young man awkwardly laughed, holding his head and not daring to speak again.

Tang Maolin’s expression was not optimistic.

He was very clear the Demonic Purple Eyed Spider Wu Xijing wouldn’t be above killing people on the street.

Moreover, the people of the village have been sealed in the mountains for too long, they simply didn’t know how much power a Level 3 Spiritual Master possessed.

If calling the police was useful, he would have done it long ago. He wouldn’t have dragged his family deep into the mountains and forests.

“Alright, alright, you all must be tired after such a long journey. Go and have a good rest, don’t disturb me and my granddaughter …” The old man seemed to be a little tired, impatiently waving his hand, indicating that they should leave.

Tang Maolin nodded, not saying anything more.

He now only hoped that Wu Xijing wouldn’t find this place, and that the entire village could safely survive this disaster.

Tang Maolin and the others were just about to leave the mud hut when suddenly, someone rushed in and whispered a few words in the young man’s ear.

The young man listened and said to Tang Maolin, “The people who went hunting just came back, saying that they encountered an intruder on the way.”

Tang Maolin’s heart instantly sank.

“This is the village marked on the map?”

Lu Sheng carried a backpack, looking like an ordinary mountain tourist, following behind the villagers, curiously sizing up the village in front of him.

The entire village wasn’t big, and from a high vantage point one could see everything. In total, there were a dozen or so families, and the total number of villagers added up to no more than fifty.

The village was located in a valley, and the environment was quiet and secluded. A clear stream flowed by the entrance of the village, and the sound of a waterfall could be heard in the distance.

The environment was very good, as if it was a paradise.

“Whether you can stay or not, you have to ask the village head. If you have anything to say, you have to discuss it with him. We will only agree if he grants his approval.”

A dark-skinned middle-aged man with a hunting rifle in his hand said to Lu Sheng as they walked.

Lu Sheng nodded.

He had met this group of villagers when he was hurrying through the forest, and was brought here.

Now it seemed that there were quite a number of young men in this village, enough to help him transport the dense silver ore.

Moreover, the villagers looked rather honest. Although they were not surprised by foreign tourists like him, their eyes were very pure. They were honest people.

Not long after, Lu Sheng was brought to the village.

As soon as he entered the village, Lu Sheng saw a group of people walking towards him.

A skinny old man was holding a little girl in his arms. When she saw him, she quickly waved at him, shouting, “Big brother, big brother! Are you here to play with Nannan?”

Lu Sheng was slightly stunned, he did not expect to meet little Nannan’s family here. Tang Maolin saw Lu Sheng with a hiking bag on his back, his face filled with shock and astonishment, and his heart that had just been hanging in the air fell back down. So it was him.

He thought it was Wu Xijing who had come to find him so quickly.

“Young man, why are you here?” Tang Maolin took the initiative to go forward and ask Lu Sheng.

Lu Sheng scratched his head in embarrassment, saying, “After you guys left with the tour group, I felt a bit better, so I wanted to come find you guys. Midway, I wanted to take a shortcut, but I unknowingly got lost …”

The group of people’s faces showed an ‘as expected’ expression.

It was very common for tourists to get lost in the mountains, and Lu Sheng was not the first person to accidentally stumble upon the village. After all, their Immortal Forest Village was only remote, and not really isolated from the world.

“Big Brother Tang, why are you here? Did you also get lost?”

Lu Sheng did not even blink, asking ‘curiously.’

Tang Maolin laughed, saying, “This is Nannan’s grandfather’s house, we come back to visit every year. This time, we just happened to follow a tour group …”

“Oh, oh …” Lu Sheng understood.

“Since it’s such a coincidence, why don’t we stay here tonight …” Tang Maolin subconsciously looked at the skinny old man.

The old man slightly narrowed his eyes, sizing up Lu Sheng, nodding, saying, “This young man’s eyes are very pure, I like it very much. Immortal Forest Village welcomes such guests …”

Tang Maolin and the others’ faces immediately revealed smiles.

The bronze-skinned youth grinned, opening his arms towards Lu Sheng.

“Guest, welcome to the Immortal Forest village.”