Hayashi’s ex-boyfriend was arrested, and she was finally free, going out for the first time in a while. She headed to a real estate agency, where she would spend some time searching for her next home.

From then on, she started looking for properties using a tablet, except when she was doing housework. It seemed she had no intention of returning to the room she had shared with her ex-boyfriend. It was a place filled with painful memories, and I agreed with her. She would only go back to retrieve the belongings she had brought with her when she first moved in. Hayashi told me all about it.

“Yamamoto, can I ask you for a favour today?”

One day, as the summer Obon festival was approaching, Hayashi asked me.

“What is it?”

“There’s a place I want to go.”

“…Do I have to go too?”

“Yes, I’d like you to come with me.”

I listened to Hayashi’s words with suspicion. She went to the real estate agency alone, not accompanied by me. So why would she suddenly want to go somewhere with me now?

“Does it have to be me?”

To be honest, I was reluctant to grant her request. Or maybe it’s more accurate to say that I was hesitant because I didn’t know her well enough. It wouldn’t be pleasant if she asked me to go somewhere like a beach filled with party people.

“Yes, it has to be you.”

Whether she knew my feelings or not, Hayashi said this firmly with a serious look.

At that point, my reluctance vanished, and my heart skipped a beat. After all, I had done quite a bit for her in this situation. Maybe she wanted to thank me and was thinking of something like a date.

…No, probably not.

“Where are we going?”

“I want to buy a smartphone.”

“Alright, fine.”

“Sorry, it’s just that you seem to know a lot about electronics.”

“I’m not that knowledgeable. But I’m definitely more knowledgeable than you.”

“Ah, you’re so sarcastic!”

We laughed and left the room. Our destination was a nearby mobile phone shop. She said she had no particular preference for a carrier. When I asked if it was okay to go with the closest one, she said it was fine, so I took her to the nearest mobile phone shop. Unfortunately, I didn’t know which company’s plans were the cheapest.

“Welcome! Please take a number and wait.”

A mobile shop employee said.

“It’s surprisingly crowded.”

“Come to think of it, today is Saturday. There must be working people here too.”

“I see.”

We took a number and started browsing the smartphones for purchase.

“By the way, which phone do you have?”


“Oh, not the Apple one, huh?”

“Japanese people buy the Apple smartphones without thinking, but it’s actually second in global market share.”

“Really? So is Sony number one?”

“No, Sony is not even close.”


In the smartphone field, domestic brands are struggling quite a bit. Well, with new products being announced twice a year and adding new features each time, it’s a reality that Japan’s current technological capabilities can’t keep up.

“So, which one is number one?”


“Which manufacturer?”

“South Korea.”

“Wow, you know a lot.”

I wanted to say she was just too ignorant, but there’s no need to make a comment that would belittle her when, from her perspective, it’s common knowledge. There are areas that I don’t know about either.


“Yeah, this is the first time I’ve ever respected you.”

There’s really no need to belittle your conversation partner, huh?

“…Well, I think it’s totally fine for Japanese people to buy Apple smartphones. I’d even recommend it. The variety of cases available is ridiculously abundant.”

“Ah, that’s true. There are special sections everywhere.”


“…By the way, why do you have a Sony smartphone?”

“I don’t like the Apple ones because everyone uses them.”

“What a trivial reason.”

“As for Samsung.. well, it’s just not for me.”


“I actually like domestic manufacturers.”

“I see… I was wondering what to do, but Apple smartphones are expensive.”

Indeed, there were price tags under the various smartphones, and the Apple smartphones were a bit pricey. Well, this manufacturer’s products are generally on the expensive side. They’re clearly taking advantage of Japanese consumers. That much is certain.

“…I’ve decided.”

“Which one are you going for?”


Hayashi smiled with a mischievous grin.

“It’ll match yours.”

My smartphone was an older model I got when I graduated from high school, but it was still on display in the store. If she bought an older model, the price would be a bit lower than the latest one. That’s probably why she chose it.

“Stop that. We’ll mix them up.”

I wanted to say I’d rather have something different… and that it was embarrassing, but I couldn’t say it, fearing she would tease me for being overly self-conscious.

“We just have to make sure not to look at anything weird in case we mix them up.”

“…You’re something else.”

As I sighed in disbelief, Hayashi’s queue number was called from the counter. She quickly went to the counter and purchased the smartphone in question.

“We’ll have matching phones, huh?”

On the way home, Hayashi’s smile from earlier wouldn’t leave my mind.

I quickly shook my head. Soon, she would leave my house. And when that happened, we would return to being just acquaintances. So, I shouldn’t get any strange ideas.

That’s what I told myself.