Of these two individuals, one is the Emperor of the White Tiger nation, and the other is the Crown Prince Regent of Xuanwu, the future ruler.

The shadow guards hidden in the darkness exchanged glances. Since their master didn’t give any orders, they could only watch as their master fought and got beaten up.

Despite their anxiety, they silently sealed off the Fulaiju residence.

“Stop hitting me, I was wrong.”

He had been terribly wrong this time. Tearfully, Su Ling didn’t dare resist the onslaught, only using his arm to shield his face, fearing his lover might accidentally mar his handsome appearance.

One minute later.

Su Ling, gritting his teeth, followed Bai Qu back into the room.

Seeing Youyou standing there obediently, Su Ling couldn’t help but grumble, “You little idiot. I treated you so well, and you didn’t help me at all. Hmph.”

Heaven knows that his lover listens to the little idiot’s words the most. As for him, heh, he’s last in line, not even as important as a single strand of the little idiot’s hair.

Recalling his bitter history, Su Ling’s handsome face twisted slightly for a moment. He looked at Bai Qu with a pitiful expression but found that his beloved had eyes and a heart only for the little fool. There wasn’t even a trace of attention left for him. What the heck?!

“Because you’re a meanie.”

In a soft and affectionate tone, with a hint of playful arrogance, Youyou didn’t wait for Bai Qu to approach but rushed towards him and threw herself into his arms. “Bai Qu, how did you end up here? Did Xi Xi bring you here, hmm?”

Raising her head in confusion, Youyou wondered why Bai Qu had covered her mouth.

“Be good, we’ll talk later.”

Stroking Youyou’s hair, Bai Qu turned his gaze towards Bai Gu and Bai Ling. His refined and delicate features exuded a subtle air of nobility. “I am Bai Qu, from the White Tiger Nation. How’s Aunt doing?”

Bai Qu, Aunt?

The lingering doubts on their faces gradually faded, and Bai Gu and Bai Ling nodded.

“Aunt is well.”

As the conversation continued, Bai Qu soon found a reason to send Bai Gu and Bai Ling away. While Bai Gu, Bai Ling, and Bai Qu were chatting, Youyou was in a daze. Even after the duo left, she remained in her dazed state, looking especially adorable.

“Have you been hurt here? Has anyone bullied you?

He guided Youyou to sit at the edge of the bed. If not for the distinction between genders, Bai Qu would have carried her over long ago.

His usually composed face is filled with concern. Thinking about what Su Ling told him, his eyes even start to redden slightly.

“You little fool, why are you so disobedient? So easily deceived? Does it hurt when a knife is plunged into your chest? No, wait, why am I asking that? It definitely hurts! Good Youyou, it’s all big brother’s fault for not finding you earlier. Don’t blame big brother, okay? Big brother will avenge you, trust me!”

He rattled on and on, talking even more than a chatterbox. From the initial joy to annoyance, from attentively listening to locking eyes with Su Ling, it was clear how deep Bai Qu’s talent for rambling was.

“Cough, I was saying…”

Facing the immense pressure and interrupting Bai Qu’s endless discourse, Su Ling shrank his neck and faced his lover’s icy gaze. He softly quips, “You’ve said so much, but the little idiot won’t remember it all. So, why not let her explain the situation from beginning to end?”

Bai Qu: …

“Do you think I don’t know?”

Bai Qu gives Su Ling a sharp glare and then looks at the bright-eyed Youyou with a helpless sigh.

“Fine, I know you’re finding fault with me again. Go ahead, tell us what happened.”

His heart softened entirely. When it came to dealing with Youyou, Bai Qu could never adopt a cold or dismissive attitude. She was the girl he had cared for meticulously from childhood to adulthood.

He has witnessed her transformation from a soft and small child to a cheerful, affectionate girl who grew taller, learned to throw tantrums, and developed her own quirks.

He had practically been there for the whole first half of her life, and every time he saw her change, he felt an indescribable joy and gratitude.


Although Youyou couldn’t deny that she found him annoying, she still tilted her head, thinking for a moment, before explaining everything in full detail.

When they heard that she accepted the offer from the White Lotus Heroine System because they often called her useless and she wanted to prove herself, Bai Qu and Su Ling’s expressions turned sour. As Youyou recounted the events of this world, Bai Qu clenched his teeth in frustration and also started to notice a problem.

“You don’t remember the previous mission worlds?”

After a moment’s thought, Bai Qu phrased it differently, “Which world is this?”

“The third one.”

Sitting properly on the bed, Youyou heldonto Bai Qu’s arm, unafraid of making Su Ling jealous. “Xixi told me that every time I return to the system space, my memories are sealed, but I’ve completed all the missions. I’m doing great.”

With her big sparkling eyes and her cute expression of wanting praise and approval, Bai Qu found himself utterly helpless.

“Yes, Youyou is doing great. She’s not useless at all. It’s her brother who’s useless.”

Holding the happily smiling girl in his arms, Bai Qu and Su Ling exchange a glance, both sensing the gravity of the situation.

They knew that in the main god’s space, mission takers have never experienced memory sealing. The main god’s space is far too dangerous, and memories are an invaluable invisible treasure for every mission taker. Whether they are junior or senior mission takers, memories are highly cherished.

After all, those memories could come in handy in other/future worlds and end up saving their lives.

The systems under the main god wouldn’t seal their host’s memories, so who sealed Youyou’s memories?

Was it the main god? Another mission taker? Or something else?

Moreover, when they went to find Youyou, they also suffered amnesia.

These series of perplexities furrowed Bai Qu’s brow.

After a while, he managed to put aside these thoughts and focus on other matters.

“Youyou, do you like Yao Yue? Is she treating you well?”

With or without memories, those women were simply not worth remembering for Youyou. A shadow of displeasure passed across his expression, and Bai Qu pursed his lips. If Youyou wouldn’t remember the events of the missions, could he?

“Yes, I like her.”

The soft and sweet tone of her voice made Bai Qu feel incredibly tense. Youyou leaned against Bai Qu and started listing Yao Yue’s virtues, playfully counting them on her fingers. “She’s good-looking, has a nice figure, she smells great, and she treats me even better. When my Love Gu takes effect, she lets me scold and hit her. She even buys me…”

Unaware that Bai Qu’s expression was growing darker by the moment, Youyou continued with her sweet description. Meanwhile, on the side, Su Ling was struggling to suppress his laughter, contorting his handsome face.

Haha, hahaha, even though it’s a bit mean to think like this, but an angry but unable to act out Bai Qu like this is really cute, hahaha.

Unfortunately, laughing strained his wounds, and he couldn’t help but cough a few times, drawing Bai Qu’s attention to him.

“Cough, just ignore me, I’m fine. Ignore me.”

Moving his body to the side, Su Ling sat at the table, putting on an expression of flattery.

Youyou also looked up at him and then continued praising Yao Yue. When she reached the end of her praise, detailing all the kindness Yao Yue showed her, Bai Qu found himself at a loss for words.

“Is that right?”

Bai Qu let out those words through gritted teeth.

He patted Youyou’s head, took a deep breath, and continued speaking more smoothly, “Let’s not talk about Yao Yue for now. As for your system, Xixi, it seems to have been temporarily blocked by the main system. Youyou, I’m going to temporarily seal the Love Gu inside you. Can you bear with it? It might be a bit painful.”

Seal the Love Gu?

Her eyes brightened, and Youyou nodded vigorously.

“Yes, yes, I’m not afraid of pain.”

“Tsk tsk, little liar.”

Chuckling, Bai Qu lightly tapped Youyou’s nose. Holding her still, he took her wrist, and, using a power different from the world they were in, explored her meridians.

He monitored Youyou’s expression carefully, knowing that the power he wielded was quite overbearing and aslight misstep could leave her severely injured or worse.

Finally, Bai Qu found the bug in Youyou’s heart meridian.

His gaze turned slightly cold, and he directly controlled his power to stun the Love Gu and place a seal on it.

In fact, it’s not that Bai Qu didn’t want to kill the Love Gu. The nature of the Love Gu was extremely peculiar. If it died within the host, it would devour all the host’s emotions. So, Bai Qu had to be cautious.

After completing this, Bai Qu gradually withdrew his power.

He sighed in relief and asked Youyou, “How do you feel?”

Youyou blinked and praised, “Bai Qu, you’re really amazing.”

Bai Qu couldn’t hold back a smile and said, “Of course I am, hmph.”

being praised by other people couldn’t compare to being praised by his little sister. Bai Qu lifted his chin slightly, his extraordinarily handsome face appearing even more captivating, making Su Ling secretly drool as he looked on.

Thinking back to the banquet, Bai Qu’s eyes flickered slightly. He smiled at Youyou and said, “Tonight, accompany your brother to a banquet. Your identity will be my consort.”

“Consort? Are you the emperor?”

Hearing the word “consort” triggered a sensitive reaction in Youyou, who had watched historical dramas.

“Yes, tonight your brother will take you into the palace to have some fun and also meet someone.” Bai Qu squinted his eyes and lifted Youyou’s chin, suddenly removing her disguise to reveal the stunning face underneath.

“Hmm, she really does look a lot like him.”

Meeting Youyou’s innocent gaze, Bai Qu curled his lips and said in a warm tone, “Would Youyou mind if your brother uses you to complete a mission?”

Use her?

Burying her head in Bai Qu’s embrace, Youyou answered with her actions.

“Such a good girl.”

Bai Qu’s face lifted into a slightly mischievous smile, and his expression, hidden from Youyou’s sight, suddenly turned dangerous.

“I’ll dress Youyou up beautifully. Who knows, you might even receive some unexpected surprises.”

Youyou: …

In vibrant red palace attire with a touch of rouge and powder on her face, Youyou not only amazed Bai Qu but also earned praises from Su Ling.

The Emperor’s birthday celebration was attended by envoys from over a dozen nations.

Bai Qu and Su Ling donned yellow imperial robes representing their identities.

Youyou linked arms with Bai Qu, taking the opportunity to experience the grand occasion.

She kept looking left and right, her eyes shining with wonder, attracting the attention of many.

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