Chapter 369 - Chapter 369: Chapter 369: One Million in Hush Money

Chapter 369: Chapter 369: One Million in Hush Money

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“What do you mean?”

“Your whole family conspired to kill my sister, and all these years you’ve put the blame on my niece, bullying her. Well, now that I know this secret, do you think it’s a big gain for me?”

Jasmine was a bit flustered and scolded angrily, “Don’t talk nonsense, all those things you just said are fake!”

Michelle was a rascal who wouldn’t be afraid of her, “Oh, Miss Jasmine, just because you say they’re fake doesn’t mean they are. I still believe they’re true. Anyway, now that I know this secret, if you give me 150 thousand, I might consider keeping my mouth shut. What do you think, is this a good deal?”

“150 thousand, you’re really daring to ask!” Jasmine snarled, “I won’t give you any money, you’re dreaming!”

“Oh, really? If you don’t give, that’s fine. I’ll just tell the police about it. Or, maybe I should tell the media? I think a Gossip Magazine would definitely be willing to give me 150 thousand…” She dragged out her tone, looking like she was about to hang up.

Still young, Jasmine couldn’t bear it and immediately called out to her, “Wait,

I’ll give you 150 thousand, and you’ll shut up, right?”

Hearing that she was willing to give the money, Michelle’s attitude became even more ingratiating, “Of course, as long as you, Miss Jasmine, give me the money, my mouth will be tightly sealed and won’t tell anyone, including my niece.”

Well, even if she wanted to tell Enna, it would depend on whether Enna could hear her!

Jasmine’s eyes were covered with a shadow, “Fine, I will give you 150 thousand. It will be transferred to your account tomorrow, but you must remember what you promised. If you reveal it… ”

“I won’t, absolutely won’t.” Michelle promised faster than a fart, “Miss Jasmine, go ahead with your business, I’ll hang up. I’ll be waiting for your money tomorrow.”

With the busy tone sounding on the other end of the phone, Jasmine sat down on a chair, feeling drained.

Suddenly, a deep male voice came from behind her, “Jasmine, what are you doing?

Jasmine was startled, and her hand slipped, dropping the phone. She quickly picked it up, her eyes panicked as she exclaimed, “Uncle.”

The person who came was Gilbert Jordan.

He had just sent Juliet Jordan away.

“Hmm.” Gilbert responded and sat down on the swivel chair. He affectionately stroked Jasmine’s head, saying, “Jasmine, don’t worry, I’ve already found some connections for you. The worst you’ll get is a suspended sentence. Just wait another six months, and I’ll find a way to get rid of your suspended sentence.”

Upon hearing she wouldn’t have to go to jail, Jasmine happily grabbed his arm, “Really?”

“Really. When has your uncle ever lied to you?” Gilbert now transferred all his affection for his sister to his niece, wishing he could give her the stars and the moon, “By the way, didn’t you say you wanted to teach that illegitimate daughter a lesson? I’ve already had someone catch her. When the time comes, you can take your anger out on her!”

Jasmine immediately hugged his neck and cheered, “Thank you, Uncle, you’re always the best to me.”

“Of course, I’m your uncle and I have to treat you well. But don’t tell your mom that I took you out from the police station and hid you in my house, or she’ll scold me again.”

“Okay, I know.”

Now, Jasmine’s heart and eyes were filled with the thought of catching Enna and getting revenge. She had already forgotten the shocking secret she had just heard, focusing solely on waiting for her chance to get back at her.

Jasmine gritted her teeth, thinking to herself that after all, everything was because of that troublemaker. If only that troublemaker wasn’t there…

But before that, she needed to make Michelle shut up!