Chapter 80 - Chapter 80: Chapter 80: Enna, you didn’t commit domestic violence, did you?

Chapter 80: Chapter 80: Enna, you didn’t commit domestic violence, did you?

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Just as William Sullivan was about to drag him over to break his hand.

Jasmine Clark stood in front of him with her arms outstretched, “Stop, Brother



Jasmine shook her head, did not move, bit her lip and said, “I won’t let you! I know what you’re up to. You can’t do this.”

Brother William, have you lost your mind? Young Master Smith is Mayor

Smith’s son. If you break his wrist, Mayor Smith won’t let this go!”

Finn Smith heard Jasmine Clark saying that William Sullivan wanted to break his left hand and his face turned pale in fear. He quickly said, quivering, “…Yes, that’s right. I am my father’s only son, if you break my hand, my father will definitely not let you off!”

Seeing William Sullivan’s eyes grow colder, Jasmine Clark silently scolded Finn

Smith for being stupid. But at this moment, she could only stand on Finn Smith’s side and go on, “I know that you, Brother William, are not afraid, but what about your uncle and aunt?”

“The Sullivan Corporation is a company that your uncle and aunt have spent their lifetime building. Can you bear to watch them take any more risk at this

William Sullivan’s eyes were filled with pain! His hand, which was grabbing Finn Smith’s collar, slowly closed. He stared at Jasmine Clark’s face and hoarsely said, “So, I should just let him go?”

Enna Clark…

It was because of Enna Clark…

Five years ago, he went abroad because of Enna Clark. Now, he had to stand up for Enna Clark again!

Jasmine Clark’s heart was bleeding as she said, “My sister will understand. Moreover, my sister has a boyfriend now, doesn’t she? Her boyfriend won’t just stand by and do nothing.”

She remembered the man who had rushed out earlier, her fists clenched tight. On one hand, she was jealous that Enna Clark had found such a remarkable man, and on the other hand she was glad that Enna had a man. She was feeling a mix of emotions, too complicated to decipher. She had too much on her mind, she continued, “Brother William, there’s also your grandpa. His health is not good lately, he can’t handle any more shocks. For the sake of your uncle and aunt, for grandpa’s sake, let Young Master Smith go…”

Although anger still lingered in William Sullivan’s eyes, his grip slowly loosened.

Seeing the opportunity, Finn Smith broke free from his restraint. Seemingly possessed, he ran out, followed by his little minions.

In the blink of an eye, only William Sullivan and Jasmine Clark were left in the large private room.

William Sullivan gave a pained look before smashing his fist on the coffee table, breaking his skin.

“Brother William!” Jasmine Clark exclaimed, hurriedly taking out a tissue to help him stop the bleeding.

However, William Sullivan seemed to not feel anything. He numbly let her help him stop the bleeding, his eyes staring blankly in the direction where Finn Smith had run off, crouching down in pain…

City Hospital.

A silver Maybach sped all the way and stopped at the entrance. Baron Lawrence stopped in a rush, carrying the unconscious girl inside.

He quickly reached the restricted area and kicked open the office door despite the nurse’s blockage.

“Adam Sinclair, get out here!”

In the office stood a good looking man, donned in a white coat, flirting with a pretty nurse over his desk.

When someone suddenly rushed in, the embarrassed nurse shot away from him like an electric shock.

“Dr. Sinclair, I’ll leave first.”

The well-cooked duck flew off, Adam Sinclair, feeling frustrated, was about to ask what was up when he saw Enna Clark in Baron Lawrence’s arms.

He quickly put away his playful demeanor, walked over seriously, frowned at the icy, murderous-looking man, and asked, “Baron, how did Enna get so badly hurt? You didn’t abuse her, did you?”

“Shut up! ”

Baron Lawrence’s thin lips were pressed into a straight line, his voice hoarse.

“Cure her, now!”

Adam Sinclair had never seen him like this before. The last hint of jest on his face disappeared, he nodded and said, “Follow me..”