Chapter 187 Fight Me, Are You Worthy?

In the novel, after Zirix challenged Leon and when they were about to fight, Amelia would come to stop them. But then Edward and Lincoln who recognized Leon too, would fan the flames from the side a little, making Leon more angry. Rebecca would then come forward to stop the fights, as their arguments were getting the attraction of everyone around them.

Zirix, who saw many top rankers and top students standing near them, followed his God's advice to wreak havoc and start a brawl. In his eyes this situation was even better as he could now fight and defeat many rankers, and show off even more to his god. Thus he started attacking Leon, and when Rebecca interfered, her too. Amelia came to help her and pushed Zirix aside. While Lincoln and Edward took the chance in chaos to beat Leon from behind.

Surprised by the action, Leon got pushed into Zirix and it became a 3 to 1 fight for him. Amelia and Rebecca, seeing this, tried to stop them, as they reminded them that fights were not allowed or how they were late for class, but no one listened.

Zirix was enjoying his battle, as his God was happy with it. While Lincoln and Edward simply wanted to beat Leon to take out their anger. They had recognized Leon at the entrance ceremony and were just waiting to teach him another lesson, so he doesn't get any thoughts of telling anyone anything.

Leon, on the other hand, simply lost his cool after being called a cripple again and again, and seeing the 2 guys responsible for making his life hell fighting him.

Thus the silent canteen soon turned into the fighting ring of a brawl. No one used their mana as it was prohibited, but their strength was enough to cause enough ruckus in the cafeteria. The tables, chairs and even the floors or the walls bore the signs of their fight.

Obviously soon enough, someone reported it to the staff and wardens of the dorms came forward to stop them.

Due to all this, the 6 of them were late for the class on their first day. And when the news of what happened got around the class, it only made more reports and rumours.

This little fight scene not only made Leon familiar with Amelia and Rebecca again. But also helped him get 2 lackeys later in the form of Kevin and Zirix.

If you're wondering how, then it's simple, Zirix being the haughty one he is, wasn't satisfied with just one fight, and always came to challenge Leon whenever he got the chance. Be it normal training exercises, sparring sessions or later duels, he fought against him many times and as one could guess lost many times. This only made him more interested in beating Leon next time, and through this constant cycle they somehow became friends and partners. Later Zirix even joined Leon's party too.

As for Kevin, that's even simpler. After getting adopted into Blake family, he had always tried to get along well with everyone. And in the academy, since Amelia became friends with Leon, he followed behind her and joined team Leon too.

<If you're wondering what Rio was doing at that time, well he was sitting in his class. The rumours of him being the Devil were starting to spread again once he joined the academy, and his relationship with Rebecca, Amelia or Kevin wasn't good at that point. So he just tried to avoid them.>

But now, in reality, Rio didn't want to take part in this event, as he would get nothing out of it. Since they're all in the same academy, it was impossible for him to keep Amelia or Rebecca away from the protagonist, so he just wanted to keep their contact with this cockroach to the minimum in all events of the novel. But due to all those nightmares and him being late, he couldn't reach here on time and now, everyone was looking at the fight that was about to break out.

Even though Amelia never met Leon or Rebecca who didn't have a positive impression of him in their first meeting, Rio didn't want to take a chance to let them be. With Rebecca's habits of following the rules, there was a chance that she still might stand up to stop them if they started fighting. So he had no choice but to go in.

But before he opened the door, he heard a mellow voice in his head. It was Hela, the first goddess who chose him as her avatar.

[Teach that guy a lesson. Father would love that.]

Hearing her reminder, Rio remembered about some plotlines and nodded his head. The monkey king was also a little trickster in his ways, and Loki always hated competition to his title. So it made sense that beating his avatar might get Loki's attention.

Clearing his thoughts, Rio walked inside the canteen. Zirix was preparing to swing his staff at Leon, but he grabbed it in his hands.

"Who _" Zirix turned around puzzled at who stopped him, when he heard an arrogant remark "Stop blocking the door, monkey."

"What did you say?" Zirix said angrily, his eyes glaring at the white haired boy who dared to make fun of him.

"I said, get out of my way." Rio said and pulled his staff and threw it in the corner.

Ignoring the fuming face of Zirix and the curious eyes of other students he started leaving towards the table where Amelia and others were sitting.

"That's him right, Rio."

"Tsk, he stopped a fun fight."

"Who cares. Rio vs Zirix might be more fun to watch."

"Humph. Rio can beat that guy in a minute. Didn't you see the look on Zirix's face, he hasn't even realised what happened."

The few remaining students who stayed to watch the drama, started gossiping among themselves. Hearing their murmurs Zirix looked at his empty hand and then at Rio's leaving back.

A smile came to his face as he remembered Rio's reputation and rumours of his talent. Since his chosen God said to set a target and surpass that, won't this guy be a nice target too. So he went forward and grabbed Rio's shoulder "Where're you going after ruining my fun."

Rio slapped his hand away and ignored him. Seeing this guy ignoring him too, he clenched his fists -

[You aren't his opponent, boy.]

[Let him be.]

Zirix read the notification and it only fueled his anger. Ignoring it he sped up and appeared in front of Rio, "Why don't we have a fight. Let's see if your reputation is real or just a hoax."

Rio looked at Zirix's face like he was looking at some idiot. This is why he wanted to avoid this guy, he's simply an idiot in earlier times, and now he was blocking his way again.

"Come on, no need to be afraid I'm _ "

Zirix was saying his dialogues when Rio muttered something with an annoyed expression "Are you worthy?"

"What _ "

Zirix was asking something, when he felt a powerful kick to his stomach that knocked the air out of his lungs. He took 2 steps back and looked up, only to see two black eyes staring down at him.

"I said, I hate repeating stuff. Now out of my way monkey."

Rio said, and pushed Zirix away with his hands. Leaving him bewildered. Zirix tried to move and punch him, but to his horror he found he couldn't move his hands or feet at all. It was like someone tied them and he could just stay like that - a statue.

He flared his mana, trying to break free from whatever was holding him, but the more he tried, the tighter he felt the restrains on him. Soon enough marks of strings appeared on his hands and feet, threatening to cut his skin, if he didn't stop forcing them.

"Was that necessary?" Rebecca said, when Rio came to their table.

"He's the one who needed a fight." Rio said and ignored her "Let's go. We're getting late for class."

He said and started leaving again. Amelia and Ayla stood up to leave too. While Rubina cast a glance at Leon and soon followed behind them too. Zirix felt the strings lose and disappear, and he could move his body again.

[You should listen to my advice boy. Don't set targets you couldn't cross.]

'Hehehe it's gonna be fun.' Zirix said, as he massaged his wrists.

Leon, the protagonist, just kept standing there, looking at the backs of everyone, feeling a little lost and wrong.


A/N - To anyone who forgot, Rio used his blessing Strings of Mana(lvl 1), the one he got from Skuld, to hold Zirix in place. His mastery of the strings has increased a lot over the years. And he has unlocked the blessing to next level - Threads of Mana(lvl 2)