Chapter 164 - Chapter 164: 163 chapter The Gathering of the Five Rivers 1

Chapter 164: 163 chapter The Gathering of the Five Rivers 1

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Five-river Province, Domenico Building.

This is one of the landmark buildings in Five-river Province and also the most bustling office building in the province.

On the forty-third floor, the conference room.

The conference room was full of people, all with serious expressions, each with a bodyguard standing behind them. “This matter must be resolved!”

Stanislaus Potter was the first to speak.

He surveyed the powerful figures of Five-river Province and said, “At first, when he hurt my Potter Family and opposed me, everyone chose to wait and see! Now, I really want to see what you all have to say!”

During the financial war that ensued, although various magnates lent their support, they withdrew their funds and fled when the tide turned unfavorable.

And Stanislaus Potter, the chairman of Golden Eagle Group, suffered a hefty loss due to being caught off guard.

That’s why he especially hated these fair-weather friends, who not only caused Golden Eagle Group’s market value to plummet but also left him with an indigestible grudge that he could never vent.

Harlan Potter met a tragic death, while Quamaine Potter lay in a hospital bed, possibly crippled for life.

Now, Atlas Leopold of the Leopold Family had also had a leg broken by the same man.

This couldn’t help but bring a dark sense of satisfaction to Stanislaus Potter’s heart.

This meeting was organized by the Leopold Family, calling together the magnates to unite against the Abbott Family and that man who had repeatedly made the bigwigs of Five-river Province stumble.

“Three Blade Group had learned the hard way! Excuse my bluntness, but this matter shouldn’t be approached recklessly! You know, due to my underestimating the enemy, I lost a significant amount of ransom money!” Maurice Yarrow snorted coldly, seeming rather irritated.

And beside him, Bridger Davenport appeared somewhat embarrassed.

After all, the massive ransom had practically been for him.

Later, during that encounter in Gonzalez City, Bridger Davenport risked offending Cesar Pendleton and chose to stand by and watch.

As it turned out, his decision was incredibly wise.

As the bigwigs of Five-river Province stumbled one after another, Bridger Davenport discussed with Maurice Yarrow and decided to watch from the sidelines, not muddying the waters themselves.

Thus, from start to finish, Three Blade Group made no moves.

But that doesn’t mean they did nothing; during this time, they were gauging Julius Reed’s true strength, including the assassinations by the Shadow Warriors.

The results shocked Bridger Davenport.

The Shadow Warriors vanished without a trace as if swallowed up by the sea, never to return.

This included some well-known Shadow Warriors who disappeared one after another.

But Julius Reed remained lively and active, appearing before everyone as if he had never experienced anything at all.

This further firmed up Three Blade Group’s resolve.

They must not become enemies with him!

“Ridiculous! We, the prominent figures of Five-river Province, gather here to discuss how to deal with a young man!”

Cesar Pendleton slammed his fist on the table, roaring in anger, “Back in

Gonzalez City, when I had a confrontation with this kid, Bridger Davenport of Three Blade Group actually stood by and watched! He came with over a hundred men from Three Blade Group and just stared as I was humiliated, without lifting a finger!”

Whenever he thought of this, it infuriated him.

For a prominent figure from Five-river Province to trip up in a small place like Gonzalez City.

Since rising to power, when had Cesar Pendleton ever suffered such an insult?

He even placed all his resentment on Bridger Davenport.

After all, with so many from Three Blade Group present at the time, if they had forcefully taken action, Cesar Pendleton didn’t believe that Aron Jackson could have dealt with it so easily!

“There’s such a story?”

Hearing Cesar Pendleton’s words, everyone turned their gaze toward Three Blade Group.

They found it hard to believe.

Cesar Pendleton had good private relations with Three Blade Group, and even addressed Bridger Davenport as a brother.

On normal days, the two had related interests, and with Three Blade Group’s presence in Gonzalez City, opposing Aron Jackson wouldn’t have been difficult.

Could it be that Three Blade Group did nothing but watch as Cesar Pendleton was subjected to shame?

This went completely against common sense!

“Ha! That day Mr. Pendleton was drunk and even harassed someone’s wife! What could I say if I went over there! While Three Blade Group is indeed powerful, we have our own code of conduct! A magnate from Five-river Province ran to a small place to harass someone else’s wife! Excuse me for speaking frankly, but what would you do if your wife was harassed?”

Maurice Yarrow retorted back directly.

There were some words Bridger Davenport couldn’t comfortably say, and he had to have his boss step in to resolve the issue.


Cesar Pendleton was so furious he couldn’t find the words to speak.

It was completely illogical and unreasonable.

Who didn’t know what kind of organization Three Blade Group was? They committed all kinds of evil on a regular basis.

And now, they had the audacity to talk about justice, acting as if they were the righteous enforcers of the heavens.

But on that day, he had indeed harassed someone else’s wife, which was indeed embarrassing to admit.

“Mr. Pendleton! With all your wealth, if you wanted to play around, couldn’t you find someone elsewhere? It’s not like you’ve not been with your fair share of young starlets, and now you’ve gone to a small place like Gonzalez City to harass someone’s wife!”

“You can’t blame Bridger Davenport for this; you went too far! If it had been for something else, I might have condemned Bridger Davenport, but in this case, he did the right thing!”

“After three bottles of alcohol, have you lost all your self-control, Mr.


Everyone has a wife, and they all expressed empathy,

If their own wives had been harassed, they too would have wanted to deal with the culprit.

So, they all came out in support of Bridger Davenport, leaving Cesar Pendleton with nothing to say.

What could he say?

Like a mute tasting bitter herbs, he had misery but no way to express it.

“Fine! It’s my fault!”

He took a deep breath, his eyes filled with irate frustration.

“Enough! Stop arguing! We didn’t come here to fight today, but to discuss how to deal with this young man who has suddenly burst onto the scene!”

An elder of the Leopold Family slammed the table forcefully, and the room instantly fell silent.

The person the Leopold Family had dispatched today was an elder in charge of overseeing finances, a person with a very high level of influence within the family.

As for Atlas Leopold’s grandfather and father, they were at his bedside at this moment, with no desire to come here.

The elder sighed deeply.

“The future hope of the Leopold Family has been nearly destroyed! If you continue to fight amongst yourselves, the next to suffer might very well be you!”

He shook his head, his face full of sorrow.

Atlas Leopold was the hopeful star of the Leopold Family, a universally recognized prodigy!

In terms of financial management and leading the family, he demonstrated impressive talent.

People even believed that in ten years, Five-river Province would be Atlas Leopold’s dominion!

Compared to the Leopold Family, the children of other families were simply inadequate!

But now!

Atlas Leopold had one leg amputated and was currently in a coma.

The entire family was shrouded in darkness.

The elder was entrusted by the family to gather the bigwigs of Five-river Province here, ready to avenge Atlas Leopold!

“If the Leopold Family wants to take action, I, Cesar Pendleton, am in!” Cesar Pendleton said venomously.

The humiliation he had suffered was no less than that of the Leopold Family.

Especially that day in the park, he had lost face in front of countless employees!

“What about you all?”

The elder looked around, waiting for others to declare their stance.

“Same here!”

Stanislaus Potter said coldly.

He had been fighting alone, and now that he had allies, he was naturally happy to join.

But just then, a discordant voice rang out.

“I object!”