Chapter 565 - Ch. 565

Ch. 565

Released: 08/04/23

Translator: Ziru

Bridegroom TrainingA Date With Nerune (1)

“… No bed head, no beard, clothes are… yup, perfectly clean.”

I am Hero Wataru. Today, I am going to face the most important battle of my life…

… Yes, my date with Nerune-san!

It’s no exaggeration to say that this date would decide my future.

Originally, it was supposed to be a guaranteed win assigned by Kehma-san to achieve a milestone for the park, but thanks to Leona-san’s meddling, the outcome’s now left to Nerune-san’s discretion.

However, that’s what a real confession is!

Even if she had said yes to the confession as planned, I would have been left wondering if Nerune-san only agreed because Kehma-san and Rokuko-san told her to.

Yes, that’s why this is even better! While it’s a harder mode with a higher hurdle than usual where my confession won’t be successful unless it’s more important than her interest in magic!

What’s a hero if he doesn’t face challenges!

“… Alright! I’ll win Nerune-san’s favor! I won’t lose to Leona-san’s magic scrolls!”

With a slap to my cheeks to pump myself up, I left the room at the [Dancing Doll’s Pavilion] and headed towards the staff dormitory where Nerune-san was waiting.

The staff dormitory is attached to the inn, so I can move without going outside.

Usually, only staff can enter, but today I had permission.

I checked the nameplate and knocked on Nerune-san’s door.

“Nerune-san, it’s Wataru. I’ve come to pick you up.”

… I waited for a while, but there was no response.

Huh? Is she not in? Let’s try knocking again.

“Nerune-san? Are you there?”

I should be right on time.

I pulled out a pocket watch I got in the dungeon here to check the time.

… Yup, it’s exactly the scheduled time.

“Did she go out for breakfast? Maybe I should wait a little longer… Huh?”

Suddenly, I heard a loud thud from inside the room.

“Nerune-san? Are you alright?”

“Ow~… W-Wataru, sorry~, I just woke up~”

It seems she was sleeping. Very like Nerune-san. The door opened with a creak.

“Yawn~… Good morning, Wataru~”

“Good morni—…! Wh-ah—I-I—sorry, I didn’t see anything—”

A very lightly dressed Nerune-san appeared, yawning.

Seeing her in nothing but a white shirt with a button undone at her chest and her hair all over the place, I quickly turned around.

… Even if she just woke up, she’s too careless… Please put on a skirt!

“Mmm~? Ah~, I’ll get ready~, so please wait a bit longer~”


I quietly stood in front of the door and waited. About five minutes later, Nerune-san opened the door and peeked out.

She was in her usual robe and pointed witch hat.

Incidentally, I caught a glimpse of her discarded shirt carelessly thrown onto the bed inside her room.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, Wataru-san… Yawn~… So sleepy…”

“Didn’t get much sleep? Oh, maybe because you were excited for the date?”

“Ah~… I got caught up in some research~… Yawn~”

It looks like I was the only one who couldn’t sleep much from excitement for the date.

Nerune-san was rubbing her eyes and blinking.

… She carefully reached into her robe and pulled out a pair of black-rimmed glasses.

She put the glasses on her freckled face.

The convex lenses of the glasses made her eyes look slightly larger.

“… ~Hmm. Shall we go with this look today~?”

“Your glasses suit you well, Nerune-san.”

“Ah~. You did like glasses, didn’t you~? That’s convenient then~”

Why would she say that!?

“Ichika-san told me about it in our conversation at the bar the other day~”

“Ichika-san did?”

“She also chose my outfit for today. How do you like it?”

She took a leisurely twirl. Her witch’s robe and dress floated up slightly.

“It’s very you, and quite cute, Nerune-san.”

“Hehe~ thank you~. And Wataru-san, you… um… look different from usual~?”

“Ah, you noticed? This shirt is actually new.”

“I can tell. There’s a [Purification] magic on it, right? That’s wonderful.”

Nerune-san nodded her head in agreement.

She’s only interested in things like that, but I find that endearing.

“Ah~, I also performed [Purification] on myself earlier~. I don’t smell of sweat, right~?”

“No, you smell really good. Are you wearing any perfume?”

“Ah, it might be from the herbs I use for potions~. I’ve been learning how to make potions from Leona-san~, it’s very advanced~”

Nerune-san spoke proudly. Someone who was, in some sense, a rival for him came up.

… But I’m a man of composure! I’m not going to be jealous about every little thing.

“Leona-san is good at making potions, isn’t she?”

“Yes~, it’s almost godlike, you know~? She gives that sort of feeling~”

“She’s not a hero for nothing.”

“Right~… Ah~, I’m hungry, shall we go have breakfast~?”

With that, Nerune-san started walking towards the inn’s dining hall. Finding her relaxed pace endearing, I followed along.