Chapter 190 - Chapter 190: Chapter 190: Break His Both Legs, Let Him Kneel All Night!

Chapter 190: Chapter 190: Break His Both Legs, Let Him Kneel All Night!

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Upon hearing this, Dominic Anderson’s heart immediately rejoiced, completely neglecting to notice Messiah Anderson’s enraged expression and April’s somewhat playful smirk.

Even when he was preparing to speak, he gave April a severe, provocative look.

But upon seeing this, April shot him a cold laugh and a look that seemed as if he was a fool.

Dominic sneered inwardly, let you gloat now, you’ll have your turn to cry later!

After sneering, Dominic quickly opened his mouth and said, “Dad, I want to clarify first, I am not targeting anyone deliberately, nor am I trying to stir up internal strife, I am merely discussing facts.

Currently in our Green Family, the one who has the most contact with The Patrol is my younger sister April, and her operations and legal departments .

I think, maybe April isn’t handling her subordinates well, and they ended up offending Director Ayden, which led to Thaw Mall being shut down.”

Having analyzed this much, a triumphant smile involuntarily bloomed on Dominic Anderson’s face. Even in his mind, images of April being questioned later on and her downfall started to pop up.

But just when he was getting carried away, Messiah Anderson, seeing that he was distracted, raised his hand like a fan and slammed it across Dominic Anderson’s face.

With a smack, Dominic spun around on the spot twice, the triumphant smile that had been hanging on his face was instantly smacked away.

In its place was an utterly surprised expression.

What on earth was going on?

Why did his father suddenly slap him?

Did he say something wrong?

That shouldn’t be the case, he had analyzed everything rigorously, even if he was wrong, there was no need for his father to flare up like that!

Dominic, having come to his senses, stared at Messiah Anderson in confusion. His entire being twitched like a frightened bird as he subconsciously covered his face.

“Dad… what… what are you doing?! Why would you…”

Just as Dominic tried to speak, Messiah Anderson raised his other hand.

Dominic froze, quickly shrunk back, but what met him was Messiah Anderson’s foot.

With a bang, a loud noise sounded. Dominic was kicked against the wall by Messiah Anderson, crashing into it hard.

The entire Green Family, it felt like, shook.

At this point, Dominic had been completely dazed. What on earth was going on, what on earth was happening!!!

Dominic struggled to his feet, crawling on the floor like a dead dog, desperately trying to make his way to Messiah Anderson.

“Dad, why is this happening? What did I do wrong? Why are you hitting me? Everything I said had been well reasoned, why…” Dominic pleaded desperately, his speech full of grievance.

However, facing a disheveled Dominic, Messiah Anderson seemed wholly indifferent.

Even after hearing his words, Messiah Anderson’s face brimmed with even more rage.

With another bang, Messiah Anderson remorselessly kicked Dominic again. The force and ruthlessness behind his kick were as if Dominic was not his own flesh and blood.

Dominic felt incredibly wronged and before he could stand, Messiah Anderson rebukingly scolded, “Ungrateful child! You have no idea who you’ve provoked!

And now you dare to deface others here? Are you aware, whom you’ve provoked this time, even Bentley refrains from messing with that person!

You ungrateful child! I should kick you to death! You ungrateful child, keeping you around will only be a disaster, ungrateful child, ungrateful child, ungrateful child!!!”


An ashen expression instantly appeared on Dominic’s face.

No wonder Messiah Anderson was so enraged, so it turned out that he already knew that the one who had provoked Emmanuel was him.

If he was in that situation, he probably wouldn’t let his current self off either.

However, Dominic Anderson had no idea who he had offended. Who on earth was this big shot, so influential that even Bentley needed to please him?

“Dad, I’m innocent, I really am. I don’t know anything, I really don’t know…” Dominic pleaded desperately.

However, at this point, Messiah Anderson was furious. Hearing these words only increased his anger.

This rebellious son who he had painstakingly raised for so many years ended up being such a fool. He didn’t even know who he had offended.

He deserved a beating! Indeed, a good beating!

Messiah grew angrier the more he thought about it, and ruthlessly kicked Dominic a few more times.

Dominic was crying out for mercy in his heart. He looked absolutely pathetic now, with fresh blood smeared across his mouth.

At this moment, April, who had been enjoying the spectacle from the side, seeing Dominic being beaten to a pulp, calmly said, “Dad, calm down, have a drink of water, you need to rehydrate.”

“April! You!”

Hearing these words, Dominic had the urge to tear April’s face apart.

“What do you mean ‘you’? How dare you talk back!” Messiah snapped at Dominic, who immediately shrank back in fear, obedient as a quail.

Seeing this, a cold smile spread across April’s face and she continued, “Dad, let it go. Remember what Director Ayden reminded us of just now.

I think, as Director Ayden suggested, we should break his legs and make him kneel in front of Thaw Mall and apologize to that big shot.

I believe if that big shot knows what we’ve done, he should forgive us this one time.”

What… what big shot?

Break my legs and make me kneel at Thaw Mall?


After hearing April’s words, Dominic was rooted to the spot, the face of a man despising all before him flashing through his mind.

“No, no, it can’t be,” Dominic thought, over and over again, he couldn’t snap back to reality.

At this point, Dominic couldn’t help thinking about White Mitchell, his mind filled with their conversation at noon.

Kneel in front of Thaw Mall!

Could it really just be a coincidence?

Dominic didn’t want to believe it. He couldn’t accept that he was reduced to such a pitiful state by a brat who was just released from prison.

This must be a coincidence. It must be!!!

The more Dominic thought about it, the deeper his resentment towards White Mitchell.

But before he could collect his thoughts, Messiah coldly ordered, “Someone! Drag him away! Break his legs! Make him kneel at the doorway of Thaw Mall!

Starting now, no food, no drink, he must kneel until that big shot is satisfied!

Without my command, no one is allowed to help this rebel! Do you all hear me!?”


Dominic felt as though he was struck by lightning. Seemingly paralyzed, he could already visualize himself kneeling in Thaw square the next day.

By then, everyone in Sayon would see him.

They would see his humiliation, his downfall, his most embarrassing moment.

Most importantly, that bastard White Mitchell would see him kneeling before everyone tomorrow.

Thinking of this, Dominic almost lost it. He felt as if all his strength was drained from his body. He fell to the ground and was unable to compose himself for a long time.