Gu Yanshu snuggled against him and grunted in an almost inaudible tone, “Mm.” 

His lashes were dropping lazily, and his brows were slightly knitted. It was clear that his fever was so bad that he was in a daze. 

Yet, he still looked very handsome when he was sick. 

So handsome to a point where even Shen Jue felt it was unreasonable. 

He massaged Gu Yanshu’s ankle, then whispered, “How about this? Before I lock you up, I’ll pursue you first. I’ll seriously pursue you, just like how I am pursuing a boyfriend. And when I do that, you’re not allowed to be angry.” 


“Mmm!” Gu Yanshu appeared as though he was unsatisfied with Shen Jue only playing with his ankle and not hugging him, hence he pushed himself closer to Shen Jue, and only stopped when his face was resting on Shen Jue’s arm. 

Shen Jue moved his other arm and caressed his head, before sighing and saying, “Gu Yanshu, it’s the third time you provoked me, so if you’re going to renege on your words this time, I’m going to be really angry. 

All Gu Yanshu did was to bury himself deeper into Shen Jue’s arm, as he mumbled some incoherent words. 

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“Qw Zydpbw, es usw zkjl xl?”

Qw Zydpbw eked’v alrzu.

Qw Zydpbw, yal usw pnyale sq qyzzkdt kd zshl okvb xl?”

Gu Yanshu still didn’t reply. 


“Gu Yanshu, can I woo you?” 

Gu Yanshu still remained silent, and his brows knitted tightly this time, as though he wasn’t sleeping well. His mouth gaped open slightly, as though he wanted to say something. 

Shen Jue leaned in closer to him. 

Gu Yanshu stifled a sob as he said, “Mom.” 


“I’m cold. Hug me please.” 


Shen Jue looked down at the man in his arms and smiled helplessly. Then, he turned his body and laid down on the bed, before pulling Gu Yanshu into his embrace. “I didn’t manage to become someone’s boyfriend, but I became a mother instead.” 

Fine. Be it boyfriend or mother, all he wanted was for Gu Yanshu to have a peaceful and blissful lift. If possible, he wanted to be part of this blessed life. 

From the moment he saw Gu Yanshu breaking the chains on stage, a strong sense of determination grew within him. He really didn’t want to care too much anymore. 

It has been five years. Gu Yanshu has become outstanding enough, strong enough and even brave enough. As for himself, he was no longer just a brat. He already possessed enough abilities to protect him, to protect their relationship. 

There was no more need to be scared of what others said about them, to be worried about whether their futures would be affected. All he needed to consider was whether Gu Yanshu liked him. 


Because Gu Yanshu was so cool, and would coldly say that these binds did not mean anything. 

Hence, none of these really mattered to him. The only thing that mattered was whether Gu Yanshu liked him. 

“Gu Yanshu, do you like me?” 


“… Little brat, don’t rub your nose against my sleeve! This top is no longer sold anywhere!” 

Gu Yanshu had a dream. 

He dreamt that he was a vagrant cat who couldn’t find his mother. He ran, and ran, and ran into a small alley, and he was cold and hungry. There were even many fierce and large dogs which wanted to eat him up, so he continued running and running, and suddenly, he knocked into something warm. 

When he looked up, it was a big wolf. 

It looked even more frightening than the dogs, hence he turned around, wanting to run away. Unfortunately, the wolf opened its big mouth and scooped him up, then brought him back to its home. Then, he lay on the wolf’s busy tail and slept comfortably there. 

When he woke up and opened his eyes, all he saw was a bunch of obsidian hair, the same as the tail of the wolf. Reflexively, he raised his leg and kicked the object. 


Shen Jue had spent the entire night wiping Gu Yanshu’s perspiration, feeding him water, and cleaning his wounds. He had finally managed to fall asleep, yet he was suddenly kicked in the waist, and fell off the bed. 


He held his waist and stood up, feeling angry yet amused by Gu Yanshu, who looked as though he was on guard. 

“Why did you kick me?” 

“Why were you lying on my bed?” 

“You were the one who pulled my sleeve and refused to let me go last night.” 


Gu Yanshu pursed his lips, and his gaze was lowered, but he did not say another word. 

He looked almost sheepish. 

Shen Jue reached out to touch his head, but he instinctively dodged backwards. 

Shen Jue was going to be angered to death by him. If it wasn’t because his heart would ache, he really would want Gu Yanshu to continue staying sick. He was so obedient when he was sick!