Chapter 23 - Chapter 23: Chapter 21: The Three-Chapter Agreement on a Huge Amount of Money

Chapter 23: Chapter 21: The Three-Chapter Agreement on a Huge Amount of Money

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“Second Sister-in-law, just yesterday, didn’t the Land Officer say you could give us some more time? You agreed to it yourself. How come it’s only been a day, and you’re asking for the money again?” Liu Sisi instinctively said.

“What do you mean I’m asking for the money? This silver is clearly mine, mine! I’m just taking back what belongs to me. Who dares to say anything? Huh? Who dares?”

Ms. Wang’s face was full of madness as she gestured wildly towards the onlookers hiding in the corners, looking very smug.

When she returned home yesterday after being scolded by the Land Officer, she felt humiliated. After thinking about it for a while, she couldn’t understand why she, as the creditor, was being criticized, while the ones in debt were acting as if they were right.

She tossed and turned all night, but due to the Land Officer’s warning, she hesitated before causing another scene at their door. Today, when the two of them came to her, it was like a dream come true!

The onlookers who were secretly watching the commotion saw Ms. Wang’s rash behavior and dispersed like birds to avoid being targeted by her.

With her hands on her hips, Ms. Wang looked haughty as she glanced over the two. Di Yelei’s face was full of anxiety, while Liu Sisi looked calm, unaware of what she was thinking!

Inwardly, she sneered at them. They were both phonies, and Liu was nothing more than an unwanted, worn-out shoe!

She brought her illegitimate child and married into the Di family without any shame!

“So, what have you decided? Even as siblings, we have to keep things clear. It’s not that I, as your Second Sister-in-law, am being unreasonable. It’s just that you’ve been dragging this debt on for too long. You…”

“Within half a year, we will definitely repay you in full!”

The one who said this was Liu Sisi herself.

Ms. Wang was taken aback, her mouth wide open, unable to close it.

The neighbors hidden in the shadows were shocked too, whispering amongst themselves that the Di Family’s new wife seemed unreliable.

Di Yelei was also startled by Liu Sisi’s words!

He almost jumped up and hurriedly wanted to cover Liu Sisi’s mouth, “Sisi, our home has no money…”

It was true they had no money!

Di Yelei felt his heart aching like being scratched by a cat’s claw.

When Ms. Qiao was pregnant and brought her child Xuan’er to their home, she and Di Yelei lived harmoniously because she was not well. They worked together and were very ambitious, with him going hunting on the mountain every two or three days, trying to catch more game to pay off their debt.

But Ms. Qiao, eight months pregnant, fell down the hillside and was discovered too late.

When Di Yelei returned from hunting, he received the news and rushed to gather silvers to buy the best wild ginseng the doctor suggested to save her life. He searched among the fellow villagers for large sums of silver, but no one could offer that much.

For ordinary families, working hard in the fields for a year barely earned them enough to make ends meet, let alone see any silver. Under such circumstances, if he asked anyone for money, they could only offer around ten copper coins. Compared to medical expenses, this was a drop in the ocean.

He did not want to borrow money from the bank, so he had no choice but to swallow his pride and go to his Second Brother’s house.

After saying numerous good words, he reluctantly borrowed another 20 taels of silver.

In the end, things dragged on for too long. Ms. Qiao gave her life when she gave birth to YingEr, leaving this world.

Now, a widower, he had to take care of two young children and manage his deceased wife’s funeral affairs.

Because Ms. Qiao died from complications during childbirth, local superstition dictated that she couldn’t be buried in the Di family’s ancestral tomb. He had to borrow another three and a half taels of silver from Second Brother, buy a plot of land near the Di family’s tomb, and hurriedly buried Ms. Qiao in a thin coffin…

Over the years, he’s been working hard hunting to earn money to support his family and repay debts. However, due to his children being too young, he still couldn’t repay the 20 taels of silver owed.

Now, when he heard that Liu Sisi promised to repay the debt within half a year, how could he not worry?

“Sisi, we really don’t have any money at home. I…”

Liu Sisi naturally saw Di Yelei’s anxiety and frustration, but Ms. Wang’s behavior was just too irritating. Although Liu Sisi did set a six-month deadline out of anger, she was also confident that she could repay the 20 taels within half a year.

“Ye Lei, don’t worry about the money. As the saying goes, ‘a couple united can accomplish anything.’ As long as we work together, we’ll succeed.”

Indeed, it’s true that heroes can be tripped up by money. Mere 20 taels of silver nearly crushed the family; it’s not a lie that this has been true throughout history!

Di Yelei still hesitated: “That’s 20 taels of silver, not 20 copper coins. Even if we don’t eat or drink, we can’t repay it in ten years…!” He didn’t say the last part, but everyone understood.

Ms. Wang finally recovered from her shock and was immediately overjoyed!

She announced to the surrounding villagers, “This is what Third Sister-in-law herself said, not me forcing her! We have so many witnesses here; everyone must testify for me in the future!”

Ms. Wang’s happy expression contrasted sharply with Di Yelei’s furrowed eyebrows and dark expression.

Liu Sisi laughed, and her initially wavering heart inexplicably steadied.

“That’s right! I said that. However, I have one condition. If Second Sister-in-law agrees, we’ll put it down in black and white, in front of everyone here. If you don’t agree…”

Ms. Wang’s smile stretched thin, and she glared fiercely at Liu Sisi: “What are the conditions? Hurry up and let everyone hear.”

Liu Sisi confidently smiled, “It’s simple: you agree not to come to our home to demand money nor to steal food from us under any pretext during this half-year period. If you break any of these promises, the six-month deadline is void!”

As soon as Liu Sisi finished speaking, the surrounding villagers immediately began discussing the matter.

Ms. Wang’s face was full of various colors, making her look incredibly interesting!

After a long time, Di Yelei finally managed to pull Liu Sisi out of the crowd and hurried back to the Di family home. He wore a dark expression and remained silent throughout.

Liu Sisi didn’t mind, she carefully read the written agreement in her hand once more, before carefully tucking it away.

“What’s the matter? Are you worried that we won’t be able to repay this debt?” Liu Sisi sat across from Di Yelei, smiling at the gloomy man.

Di Yelei had a suffocating anger in his chest that he couldn’t vent. He couldn’t bear to vent his anger on his little wife, so he suppressed it in his heart.

Liu Sisi stifled a laugh, “Don’t you think that the terms I wrote are quite reasonable? At least we don’t have to worry about your Second Sister-in-law causing trouble for us during these six months, and the two children won’t be bullied. Isn’t that great?”

Those words finally cracked Di Yelei’s face, and he helplessly looked at Liu Sisi. He softened his tone, “Although you’re right, where will the money come from? That’s 20 taels of silver.”