Chapter 20 - Chapter 20: Chapter 18: Liu Sisi’s Counterattack!

Chapter 20: Chapter 18: Liu Sisi’s Counterattack!

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While talking, Liu Sisi reached out again to help Ms. Zhao.

“You vicious-hearted woman, wishing for me to be bedridden!”

Ms. Zhao, in pain and barely able to speak, finally realized she had been taken for a fool. Seeing Liu Sisi reaching out her hands again, she blamed herself for being deceived by the person she had been hunting all along!

She had actually been manipulated! Ms. Zhao’s anger surged upwards.

With a roar, she said: “You little wretch, don’t you want to live anymore? How dare you deceive me! Get away from me!”

During the talk, she angrily slapped towards Liu Sisi’s chest with her hand!

Di Yelei’s eyes widened in disbelief, and he instinctively shouted, “Mom! Don’t…”

As Di Yelei roared, he instinctively reached out to block the slap from Ms. Zhao, but he was too late due to the distance.

Liu Sisi sneered in her heart. Such a shameless stepmother was really too much! How could she allow herself to be slapped like this!

As soon as Ms. Zhao raised her hand, Liu Sisi screamed in sync with her slapping motion!

With that scream, she suddenly retreated several steps and fell under the eaves a few steps away. She stared with wide eyes, her mouth open in shock, and her face filled with disbelief.

She whispered, “Mom, why did you hit me?”

Tears welled up in her beautiful face, but they didn’t fall.

“Mom!” “Sisi!”

Two shouts came from Di Yelei and Ms. Wang. They rushed to Ms. Zhao and Liu Sisi.

“Sisi, are you okay?”

Di Yelei, heartbroken, helped Liu Sisi up from the ground and glared at Ms. Zhao: “Mom, I respect you as an elder, but you can’t treat my wife like this today. I married her to cherish her, not for her to be at your disposal to take your anger on.”

Ms. Zhao was also obviously angered: “What do you mean, ‘treat her like this?’ Now that you have a wife, you’re forgetting me, your mother? She was clearly cursing me earlier! Although I’m not your birth mother, I’ve raised you through hardships for many years, and now you actually… ”

As she spoke, sadness overwhelmed her, and her fake crying turned into genuine tears, her face a mess with tears and mucus.

Di Yelei’s fists clenched, veins straining. Was he really thought to be a fool, hearing Ms. Zhao’s complaints all these years?

Ms. Wang, to make matters worse, said, “Third Son, you actually helped an outsider to bully your mother-in-law. How can you do such a shameless thing? What exactly are you plotting?”

“I know I can’t please you, Mom. We’ve been separated for many years, and I’ve never given less than my utmost respect and financial support. Rest assured! We won’t bother you again. I’ll leave now and take Sisi with me. Just forget that you ever raised me!”

His strong arms, used to pulling a large bow, showed bulging veins like dragons and vipers. Di Yelei’s voice deepened, but he firmly protected Liu Sisi in his arms.

Upon hearing this, Ms. Zhao, who had been wailing, realized that her third son intended to settle her with just the yearly support money. However, Ah-Bao wasn’t married yet; the money was far from enough.

It would be a problem if Elderly Mr. Di returned. How would she explain this?

“You dare! You dare to leave? You unfilial son, forgetting your parents’ love now that you have a wife! If you leave today, I… I’ll ask your father to disown you!”

Di Yelei firmly protected Liu Sisi with no sign of relenting!

“Whether or not my father recognizes me, I, Di Yelei, am still his son! Get out of the way!”

“Don’t let him! Everyone, look! We have such a disrespectful, unfilial son here. Oh, Heavens! Why don’t you strike him down dead with a thunderbolt?” Ms. Zhao cursed and cried out, her face covered in tears and mucus.

Liu Sisi gently released Di Yelei’s protective arm, her face showing a faint smile and a cold light flashing in her eyes.

“Mom, please don’t say that. Today is the first time I’ve come to pay my respects to my in-laws. How dare I offend you? If I have done something wrong since I came here, please point it out. This unfilial person, Sisi, dares not admit to, and can’t bear the consequences!”

Seeing more and more onlookers gathering around, Ms. Zhao resorted to her last tactic: crying, making a scene, threatening suicide, cursing, and wailing at the top of her lungs.

“You, you, an unwanted piece of trash, dare to question me here? I, I don’t want to live anymore, wuu…”

This chaotic scene was witnessed by Elderly Mr. Di and Di Defu, who had just returned from the fields.

“What’s going on? Is this a revolt against Heaven?”

No wonder Elderly Di was angry. He had just been working in the fields when he heard that his third son had taken the bride to the old house. Thinking that Ms. Zhao had always disliked Di Yelei, he hurried back home with his hoe in hand.

Before he could enter the house, he saw many neighbors peeping in. He squeezed through the crowd, only to see such a ridiculous scene!

On the day the new bride came to pay respect to her in-laws, she was beaten by her own mother-in-law! With that kind of reputation, Ah-Bao wouldn’t need to find a wife either!