Chapter 10 - 10 Chapter 8: Love Fiercely Over and Over Again

10 Chapter 8: Love Fiercely Over and Over Again

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Although she was not sure if the original body knew how to embroider, even if her cross-stitches were decent, having her hold an embroidery needle all day long would bore her to death!

“If you don’t want to embroider, then don’t. You can still wear the clothes without embroidery. On the other hand, you should remember to take a straw hat to cover yourself when you go out. The sun is intense, and it will be uncomfortable if you stay under it for too long.”

Di Yelei cooked the food today and went out hunting early in the morning. He was always thinking about his delicate wife at home, which made him lose focus and even almost hurt an innocent person!

After pondering for a moment, he decided to return home earlier today.

What he didn’t expect was that when he hurried home in anxiety, she was not there! His playful little wife wasn’t waiting for him at home, which truly stabbed his heart.

Had she run away again?

That was the first thought that crossed his mind!

Then, he heard from the two children about what happened in the morning, and he felt regretful again. He wasn’t by her side when she needed him the most, which was extremely hateful! Thinking that his Second Sister-in-law had once again taken advantage of his absence to steal food from his home, he was even more annoyed!

He didn’t have a wife before, so if the Second Sister-in-law took something, he let it be. But now that he had a wife, if she wanted to come and rob again…

Liu Sisi didn’t know about his struggles. She shook her sore arms and legs: “It’s fine. After lying in bed for a few days, I felt like rust was growing all over me, and it was so uncomfortable. Going out for a walk actually makes me feel much better.”

“Xuan’er and YingEr told me that Second Sister-in-law humiliated you in the morning, I…” Di Yelei’s voice was very hoarse. As a man, he couldn’t even protect his own woman, which made him feel very angry.

“She said you owe her 20 taels of silver, what’s the story?” Liu Sisi didn’t care and followed Di Yelei closely.

His steps were large but slow, almost the same speed as Liu Sisi’s small steps. It was obvious that he deliberately slowed down to wait for her.

This man seemed strong and cold, but he was actually quite considerate! Liu Sisi couldn’t help but chuckle inside.

“That silver was borrowed in installments, and I still owe 20 taels. But don’t worry, after settling down at home for a while, I’ll go into the deep mountains to hunt for more game. This way, we can sell them for more silver and pay off the debt sooner.”

Di Yelei turned to look at Liu Sisi, then gently stretched out his hand to hold hers. His scorching palm encased her small hand in an instant, startling her, and she hurriedly tried to withdraw her hand. But after several attempts, it still remained firmly clasped in his palm.

“Let go! It’s not proper if someone sees us.”

A low laugh escaped from his rolling Adam’s apple, making Liu Sisi feel even more embarrassed. Her little face turned red, and she shyly glared at Di Yelei.

But that made him clasp her hand even tighter!

“Don’t worry, there’s no one around. Even if someone sees us, it doesn’t matter. We’re husband and wife. Let those who want to gossip do so; we won’t lose a piece of meat.”

“No, let go now! Walking like this, all the pulling and dragging, is hard.”

Liu Sisi’s mind was filled with dark lines. How was she supposed to walk like this? She rolled her eyes fiercely, looking at the tall, cold-faced man. She never would have imagined that he would actually be so… rogue when no one was looking!

Her actions caused Di Yelei’s heart to jump wildly and skip several beats! He wished he could immediately push her down and love her fiercely again and again…

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