Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine Ch 133 Pt. 1

Translated by gingercat

Edited by gingercat

Yaoniang walked forward at a hurried pace when a low husky laugh suddenly sounded.

The sound had a magnetic quality to it. With the end tapering off to a higher pitch, the laugh was like a hook, scratching at people’s hearts.

Yaoniang automatically thought of Consort Yong. And it indeed was Consort Yong who was standing under the apricot tree at the side of the road. With a smile on her face, she was looking her way.

Wearing a golden silk pleated skirt with peonies embroidered on it, her beauty was both dignified and graceful. Yaoniang had only met Consort Yong a few times, but every time she saw this person, she couldn’t help feeling stunned. It was also because Consort Yong loved wearing bright colours with exquisite and complicated embroidery and gold embellishments. People couldn’t help noticing the luxury and dazzle.

“Never thought Side Consort Su had such a sharp tongue. The capability to render the young miss from the Wang Family so speechless is truly unexpected.”

Yaoniang had no desire to talk with this person, especially after what Jin Wang had told her. Knowing the complicated relationship between Consort Yong and Consort Jin, she couldn’t help but raise her guard. She tightened her grip on the handkerchief in her hand.

“Is something the matter with Consort Yong? If not, I still have matters to attend to. I’m afraid I won’t be able to keep you company any longer.”

Consort Yong’s seductive eyes lingered on Yaoniang. This girl was truly a stunner. Although she seemed both pure and charming, she leaned more towards the charming side. With looks like hers, very few men would be able to withstand it.

Consort Yong wasn’t like many other women. Yong Wang appeared to be gentle and elegant on the surface but was actually depraved on the inside. Yong Wang liked women while Consort Yong enjoyed both men and women. Together, the husband and wife have even engaged in debauchery with a man and two women. What kind of methods have they not played, what kind of skill have they not seen? Their experience was far beyond the realm of what ordinary people experience.

Without needing much effort, she could imagine how enchanting this woman would be in bed. It’s no wonder that even men like Jin Wang would fall into the jaws of desire, unable to extricate himself. Even though she wasn’t fond of this type of woman, her heart couldn’t help feeling itchy. If it weren’t for…

Thinking of Consort Jin, Consort Yong’s eyes grew cold but she maintained the smile on her face. “I’m fine. It’s only because I came out for a breather that I accidentally bumped into what I shouldn’t have seen. But Side Consort Su, please don’t worry. I won’t say any nonsense.”

Yaoniang lowered her head and didn’t speak.

Consort Yong spoke up again. “Since Side Consort Su rarely goes out, you’re probably unaware of this woman’s background? This woman is the granddaughter of Elder Wang, who has been an official for two dynasties. Just the current generation alone, four people have passed the highest imperial examination. They have groomed countless students throughout the years. Some of their students became great scholars while others became high-ranking officials. With their influence, the Wang Family is on par with those other noble families.”

Yaoniang still didn’t say a word.

Consort Yong looked at her curiously. “Is Side Consort Su not curious why the miss from the Wang Family blocked your way and uttered such bold words?”

Yaoniang then raised her head and looked at her. “I’m not curious. Since Consort Yong is fine, I’ll be on my way.” It was obvious that Consort Yong had no good intentions, and she was in no mood to play with the other party.

There was another chuckle. Consort Yong stopped beating around the bush and cut straight to the point. “His Majesty’s original intention was to marry the Wang Family miss to the former crown prince heir, the present Hui Wang heir. Unfortunately, she was not interested in marrying the eldest imperial grandson and kicked up a huge fuss, so His Majesty dropped the idea. With her noble background, even An Wang, Dai Wang, Yong Wang and the others wish to take her as their wife.”

“Having so many noble and dignified sons of heaven being so interested in her, it’s truly enviable.” At this point, Consort Yong paused and looked at Yaoniang with a meaningful gaze. Seeing that she still remained silent, a hint of frustration flashed in her eyes.

She smiled even wider. “I can’t help but wonder if His Highness Jin Wang is also one of them? With the Wang Family young miss saying such words, Side Consort Su should be more careful of your behaviour. If you end up offending the future consort, I’m afraid your days won’t be easy.”

Yaoniang interrupted, “Consort Yong, with your words, where are you putting Consort Jin? Unless I’m mistaken, you two used to be good friends.”

Consort Yong was stunned. She looked in the other woman’s eyes and saw her clear disbelief, then let out a series of chuckles. “So Side Consort Su still doesn’t know.”

Yaoniang couldn’t help but follow her words and ask: “What don’t I know?”

“You’re unaware of what His Highness Jin Wang said to His Majesty about divorcing his wife a few days ago? Nowadays, who isn’t discussing this matter? His Highness is truly sincere. He even wishes to vacate the seat of the consort to show his sincerity…”

As for the rest of what Consort Yong said, Yaoniang didn’t pay attention at all. With chaotic thoughts running through her mind, she took a few steps before hearing a series of rapid footsteps that seemed to belong to Hong Chou.

“Your Highness, this servant finally found you. It was just a blink of an eye before you had disappeared. This servant even wondered whether this servant should ask those from Qing Wang Manor to help.” Noticing Yaoniang’s mood was a bit off, Hong Chou couldn’t help asking, “Your Highness, what’s the matter with you?”

Yaoniang returned to her senses. She looked behind her and realized she didn’t even notice Consort Yong leaving.

“It’s nothing. I’m fine. By the way, where are Yu Chan and the eldest young master?”

“Sister Yu Chan and the eldest young master are with Young Master Yan and Young Miss Zhuzhu. They seemed to have followed Consort Qing back to the main courtyard.”

“Then let’s go find them.”

Neither of them was familiar with the way, so they could only have the servants from Qing Wang Manor lead the way back. Before even entering the threshold, they could hear the sound of a child crying from outside.

It was Xiao Zhuzhu who was crying.

Yaoniang hurried in and saw Yan Ge’er, Zhuzhu and Xiaobao all in the side room. The door to the main room was closed. Zhuzhu, who had always been obedient and sensible, suddenly threw a tantrum. No matter how the maids coaxed her, she ignored them all. Lying on the big Kang with her limbs waving around, tears poured from her eyes.

“What’s wrong?”

She took a few steps forward and reached to carry Zhuzhu in her arms. Then she went to see Yan Ge’er and Xiaobao. Yan Ge’er’s face was a little pale, and his eyes were filled with pain that an average three-year-old infant wouldn’t have. Xiaobao, who was standing next to him, was also not in good spirits.

Observing the looks on the maids of wanting to speak but not daring to then looking at the closed door, what else couldn’t Yaoniang understand? She sighed in her heart, patted Zhuzhu comfortingly and coaxed her in a low voice.

But this time Yaoniang’s charm around children appeared to be ineffective. No matter how she coaxed the child, Zhuzhu refused to listen and kept on calling for her mother. Inexplicably, Yaoniang felt the urge to cry too. Not only out of pity for the child, but for Consort Qing and even herself.

Holding Zhuzhu, she approached the door of the main room and knocked on it.

“If you still acknowledge me as your little fifth sister-in-law, you better open the door! I know you’re sad and unhappy, but this is the child you gave birth to yourself! Does your heart not ache?”

Before her voice fell, the door suddenly opened from inside, revealing Consort Qing’s pale face covered in tears.

She immediately rushed up and hugged Yaoniang, who was holding Zhuzhu. Sobs broke from her mouth.

“Fifth sister-in-law, my heart feels so bitter…”

With both the mother and daughter weeping so close to her, Yaoniang nearly turned faint-headed from all the crying. Finally, when Consort Qing was no longer so agitated, Yaoniang gave a pointed look at Yu Chan and Hong Chou, asking them to assist Consort Qing to the big Kang.

She sat down opposite Consort Qing, now holding Xiaobao in her arms. Consort Qing sat down facing her, holding Zhuzhu. Sitting next to them was Yan Ge’er.

Before long, Consort Qing regained her calm and asked for a maid to fetch some water to cleanse herself.

After a short amount of time, besides the redness and swelling of the eyes, Consort Qing appeared much better.

“I’ve let little fifth sister-in-law see a joke. Please don’t blame me for dragging you along. I didn’t mean to use you to provoke her.” The words of Consort Qing were referring to what she had said to Side Consort Han earlier. That the reason they were late was because Qing Wang had asked her to entertain Yaoniang properly.

Actually, Qing Wang did ask Consort Qing to entertain Yaoniang well. But when it was brought up during that kind of situation, one couldn’t help but wonder whether there had been any intentions to drag her down with her.

Yaoniang shook her head indifferently. “It’s okay. No need to worry about it.”

“You’re right. No matter how aggrieved I feel, I shouldn’t take it out on a child.”

Yaoniang sighed, not knowing what to say.

“That woman surnamed Han is not anyone good. In front of His Highness, she acts all meek and subservient. But in front of me, she doesn’t hesitate to flaunt her power. The worst part is His Highness doesn’t believe me when I tell him. He doesn’t believe she’s that kind of person and thinks I’m the one maligning her out of jealousy.”

Yaoniang hesitated before saying, “Jirou, I’m not the most appropriate person to be told this kind of thing…” She paused, “After all, I’m in no position to judge her because I’m also only a concubine.”

There was a touch of embarrassment on her face. Xiaobao felt a little distressed and reached out towards his mother’s face to comfort her. Yaoniang grabbed her son’s little hand, patted it, and raised her head to look at Consort Qing. “She and I are both only concubines. I’m not any nobler than her. I hope you can understand that it’s not because of any dissatisfaction I have towards you. But it’s because I’m truly not in the right position to make any comments.”

Consort Qing was stunned for a moment, before saying anxiously, “Little fifth sister-in-law, have you misunderstood something? You’re different from that one surnamed Han.”

“There is nothing different about us. She is a concubine and I’m also a concubine…”