The orienteering event concluded with all participants completing the task.

This is the first time in eight years that this has happened.

In most years, one team completes or everyone fails and before nightfall, a rescue operation is carried out by relying on the transmitters in the smoke bombs.


The coach told us that wild boar hunting was outside the ban period.

He said that since the boar was caught by hand and it was trespassing in the campground area, we will not be charged with any crime.

「I never thought that there would come a day I would teach about this.」

The coach was so surprised.

「You did it, Kazu! As expected of you!」

「Yeah! As expected of oniichan!」

Yui and Futaba hugged my arms from both sides.

One is very soft while the other is, well… has its own charm.

The bloodlust and questioning glances that pierced me that time was also twice as usual.


After the orienteering, we went down to the campsite halfway up the mountain and started barbecuing for an early dinner.

Of course, we had to start the fire.

「How quickly you lit fire is impressive, aniki! As expected of aniki desu!」

After we came down from the mountain and handed out the first prize, an assortment of delicacies from the mountain and matsutake beef, to all participants, Sanada started calling me aniki.

「What’s with that aniki thing?」

「It’s because you’re a survival expert that even hunted a wild boar! Even so, your heart is big enough to share food with everyone! If I won’t call you aniki, who else can I call aniki?」

「Just use the usual surname」

「No can do! You’re awe inspiring desu!」

What kind of standard do you really have? You’re making me embarrassed.

「Aniki! The meat over there looks delicious!」

「It’s still raw」

「I’ll be with Kazu. Sanada-kun, why don’t you eat with Futaba-chan? We’re a team after all.」

「No, we siblings will stay here. I think it would be better if Shiratori-san interacts with people you could only meet here.」

I’m already getting used to the sight of Yui and Futaba bickering.

「Hey there! This is aniki sponsored food! Eat it with care!」

「Ah, Sanada! You took first place, awesome!」

A slightly friendly boy, who seemed to be Sanada’s friend, poked him with his fist on his shoulder while he was in an embarrassingly high-strung mood.

「A baseball team comrade!….it’s all thanks to aniki and the others.」

「W-what’s wrong with you, Sanada? You are someone who makes fun of people who are bad at baseball even if they are a senpai. Is he good at baseball?」

「I don’t really know but he’s just amazing. He run over the trees and killed a wild boar without using a gun or a trap.」

「I can agree that Shiratori-san is amazing, as for that niichan, aren’t you overpraising him…..」

「It’s true!」

With all that commotion, the barbecue ended.

The campsite was in the mountains so there were no campfires but 40 men and women gathered around a small bonfire with the coach standing by it.

「This year’s “Fighting Spirit Award” goes to, without a doubt, Shiratori-Nanba team. Everyone, clap!」

A big round of applause enveloped the four of us.

I was somewhat embarrassed but the three of them were very confident. I guess they are used to this kind of situation.

Of course, I never experienced something like this when I was still a black company salary man and in the other world, I was fighting all the time and didn’t have any time to celebrate……..

「I would normally be here to talk about leadership to those who failed to complete the orienteering task but since you’ve already learned enough, I’ll try to keep it simple.」

Realizing that we didn’t have to listen to a long story, a few of us gave a thumbs up.

「Instead, I’m going to tell you a ghost story about this mountain.」

The coach’s scary story made everyone excited.

It is said that during the warring states period, hundreds of samurai holed up in this mountain after being betrayed by their subordinates and fought until they were all dead.

Since then, the mountain is said to be haunted by samurai spirits.

Well, it was a common type of ghost story but he received a lot of resentful stares from some people who are not good at scary stories.


The last part of the day seemed to be a test of courage.

What’s with this? Aside from orienteering, are we all here just for fun….?