It all started when I found this magic stone. A magic stone that can transcend on other world.


I will be a freshman in high school after this spring break, and I use the last time after school to say goodbye to my classmates, whom I will meet less and less.

As usual when I'm alone I always take unusual roads and going home later than usual.

But for some reason I always feel something lacking. In order to control those feelings, I distracted myself into video games and novels, that surprisingly I got hooked into.

I have wealthy family filled with the things I wanted. A strict but righteous parents, a twin brother and sister who I can expose my feelings to without hesitation. I myself had good grades, popular enough with the ladies, and could do most things as I wished. That's why, I think I'm more fortunate than others around me.

And yet, I always craved for something. It's something difficult to say, but there was always something that could not be satisfied, not family, things, or money.

Something that I want was filled by the world of games and novels.

And then, one day I somehow understood it. I want my existence to be recognize.

I know I'm not a chuunibyou, but if that's the case, I have no choice but to accept it. Then, let's admit it from the beginning. I want to be the hero of a story.