Chapter 287 - Chapter 294: Why Bother Coming! (First Update)

Chapter 294: Why Bother Coming! (First Update)

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Everyone was terrified by the horrific scene in front of them, their faces drained of color, especially those men who had just been displaying vicious expressions. They were now struggling desperately, shouting and cursing.

Chains of soil and stones, similar to long snakes, crawled up everyone’s legs, covering their knees in the blink of an eye. No matter how hard they struggled, they couldn’t break this layer of prohibition.

Especially the young practitioner who had poked Yang Zhen with a sword, his face wild with fury while he cursed Yang Zhen the fiercest.

Yang Zhen turned his face to look at the young practitioner. With a flicker of spiritual intent, a spear of soil and stone suddenly darted upwards, charging toward the young practitioner’s thigh.


A painful scream echoed, the young practitioner’s mouth instantly shut as he struggled desperately to extricate himself from the soil and stone serpent.

However, all of this was in vain, accompanied by a strange eerie song.

“…Flowers withered, hurt everywhere, your smile is now in panic…”

“Bastard, what…what have you done to me!” the young practitioner roared in grief and anger, his eyes glaring fiercely, and his expression vicious, filled with humiliation and pain.

Yang Zhen clicked his tongue, leisurely saying, “If I were you, I would be a little quieter, because the thing on your thigh isn’t easy to control. If I accidentally lose control and growth some thorns, oh dear, just thinking about it hurts!”

All those who heard this shivered, glancing sidelong at the young practitioner.

“Young Master, no good, Young Master is hurt!”

“Bastard, what have you done to Young Master!”

“Young…Young Master don’t struggle anymore!”


The crowd’s expressions kept changing, hurriedly trying to stop the Young Master from moving!

Yang Zhen shivered all over, turned to lookback, and said to the two women with a pause, “Why are you two still here?”

The women paused and the younger one glanced strangely at the pain-stricken Young Master. She stepped forward to Yang Zhen and knelt down with a thump. Yang Zhen was startled and hurriedly stomped his foot. Two hands made of soil and stones conjured out to support the woman to her feet. He asked in surprise, “Miss, what are you doing!”

Ablush crossed the woman’s face and tears gushed out. She tried to kneel again but couldn’t move, tears clouding her view. She said, “To repay the kindness of the Young Master, Yang Jiang wishes to serve you as a servant or maidservant in the next life!”

Yang Zhen was stunned. He approached Yang Jiang, pointed at his own face and asked, “Am I not handsome?”

“….” Yang Jiang was taken aback and asked in confusion, “Young Master, what does it mean by ‘handsome’?”

“Am I not dashing?” Yang Zhen, staring at Yang Jiang, rephrased his question.

Hearing this, Yang Jiang hesitated, turned her head away and nodded, “Young Master is indeed charming, the most handsome man I have ever seen in my life!”

Yang Zhen gave an indifferent response, turned and walked away, mumbling to himself, “It’s not supposed to be like this in the scripts, fairy tales are all lies after all!”

Yang Jiang, who saw Yang Zhen leaving abruptly, was stunned. After hearing Yang Zhen’s muttering, she wanted to say something, but couldn’t. She just stood on the spot.

The middle-aged woman came up and pulled Yang Jiang’s hand, giving Yang Zhen a meaningful look.

Yang Zhen didn’t care for the two women. Compared to them, he was more interested in these fiendish men because they should have good stuff on them. Moreover, taking their stuff was guilt-free, and quite satisfying.

Arriving in front of the middle-aged man, Yang Zhen glared at him maliciously, “Did someone named Yang eat rice from your family?”

“…” The middle-aged man confusedly shook his head.


Yang Zhen slapped the middle-aged man’s head hard, causing the man’s eyes to roll back in his head.

“Did someone named Yang sleep in your family’s bed?”

The middle-aged man gave Yang Zhen a sinister look before shaking his head with gritted teeth.


Another heavy slap rang out, “I didn’t eat your rice, nor did I sleep in your bed. I, Sao Saint, merely landed here by accident, and merely for having the surname Yang, you want to kill me?”

The middle-aged man asked in confusion, “You have no connection with the Yang family?”

“Which Yang family?”

“The Yang family of Ice Martial City!” the middle-aged man responded with gritted teeth.

Upon hearing the five words ‘Yang family of Ice Martial City,’ the two women behind Yang Zhen shook violently, staring at the middle – aged man with grief and rage on their faces.

Yang Zhen looked around at the surrounding environment, mumbling in astonishment, “Ice Martial City? Oh lords, did I end up in North Cold Country?” How was that possible?

The distance from the Spirit Road to the North Cold Country was well over a thousand miles. How on earth had Yang Zhen randomly scampered so far underground?

Thank god he hadn’t scampered straight into the magma layer, otherwise he would have gone up in smoke, leaving nothing behind, not even ashes.

Thinking about this, Yang Zhen shuddered, resolving to use the Ksitigarbha Skill less and avoid scampering underground so recklessly in the future. It was too unpredictable.

Seeing the confusion on Yang Zhen’s face, the middle-aged man appeared to assume Yang Zhen was afraid of Ice Martial City, and, with a cloudy expression, said in a low voice, “lam from the Fang family in Ice Martial City. Kid, since you’ve heard of Ice Martial City, you should know about the influence that my Fang family has…”

Yang Zhen looked at the man as if he were an idiot. He wondered which eye had seen him recognizing Ice Martial City before.

“Erm…” Yang Zhen casually waved his hand, silencing the middle-aged man, who could no longer speak. He turned to look at the two women and asked, “What happened? Do your families have a grudge?”

At his question, the tears of the two women began to flow. The middle-aged woman looked furious as she said through grit fat teeth, “For some unknown reason, the Fang family got involved with the Spiritual Studies Palace on Northern Island. As the old Palace Master of the Spiritual Studies Palace is about to have his birthday, and they wanted to prepare grand gifts. This was a happy event for Ice Martial City, and if the Fang family became close with the Spiritual Studies Palace, the entire North Cold Country would benefit. But…”

She choked on her words. The young an delicate woman said calmly, “However, the Fang family somehow found out that the old Palace Master of the Spiritual Studies Palace adores ink treasures. The more intense the spirit contained within the ink treasure, the more likely the old Palace Master is to favor it…”

Yang Zhen seemed to understand and asked with a strange expression, “By any chance, does your Yang family have such an ink treasure?”

The two women froze at this and nodded their heads bitterly.

Rites and wrongs of the world, why bother?

Yang Zhen sighed and snapped his fingers. The seal on the middle-aged man’s face shattered.

He did not wait for the middle-aged man to speak up, instead turning and asking, “When is the old Palace Master of the Spiritual Studies Palace celebrating his birthday?”

The middle-aged man, with a grim expression, stared at Yang Zhen. Suddenly, he felt something round and rolling press against his butt, and his face changed dramatically. He exclaimed in shock, “In half a month!”

“When will you be setting off?” Yang Zhen asked with an enthusiastic look.

The middle-aged man looked puzzled and replied coldly, “We leave the day after tomorrow.”

Upon hearing this, the two women, Yang and Jiang, breathed a sigh of relief. With two days left, hopefully, the Fang family would not be too murderous.

Hearing this, Yang Zhen laughed outright. He waved his hand to remove the restrictions on everyone present, and, draping his arm over the middle-aged man’s shoulder, said, “Oh my, sometimes adversity brings people together. At first sight, we seemed to hit it off, oh, pardon me, I mean we are kindred spirits. Come on, take me to your place!”

“To… to my place?” The middle-aged man stared at Yang Zhen suspiciously, asking, “What do you want to do at my house?”

“To eat your rice…” Yang Zhen started, before quickly correcting himself, “Sorry, I misspoke. Actually, I want to go to the Northern Island, and since our paths align, I could hitch a ride with you!”

The middle-aged man looked dumbfounded and asked in wonder, “Are you sure you want to go?”

The face of Yang’s and Jiang’s faces changed dramatically, and they advised quickly, “Master, you must not! The ancestor of the Fang family is a practitioner of the Divine Travel Realm!”