Chapter 95 - Chapter 95: Chapter 95: Underestimating the Foundation of Divine Sword Academy

Chapter 95: Chapter 95: Underestimating the Foundation of Divine Sword Academy

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Afterward, Wu Qi glanced at the Soul Ring behind Jiang Yu and said, “A

Thousand-year Soul Ring, just trash.”

The color of a Martial Soul’s Soul Ring varies depending on the age of the Soul Beast it devours.

If a ten-year Soul Beast is devoured, a white Ten-year Soul Ring will be produced.

If a hundred-year Soul Beast is devoured, a yellow Hundred-year Soul Ring will be produced.

The Soul Ring behind Jiang Yu, however, was a purple Thousand-year Soul Ring.

The older the Soul Ring, the more the strength of the Martial Soul is elevated. Generally speaking, a Thousand -Year Soul Ring is quite good, but in Wu Qi’s eyes, it is trash.

Tiang Yu. hearing his own Thousand-year Soul Ring which he took Dride in being called trash by Wu Qi, had an ugly look on his face. Though he opened his mouth to speak, he ultimately didn’t dare to say more.

“Young Master, how should we deal with this Jiang Yu?” Wu Qi turned his head and asked Yang Xiaotian.

Yang Xiaotian pondered for a moment and gave Wu Qi an elixir, instructing him to make Jiang Yu take it.

Wu Qi took the elixir, walked over to Jiang Yu, and fed it to him.

After swallowing the elixir, Jiang Yu felt something extra within his body and couldn’t help but feel shocked and angry as he glared at Yang Xiaotian, “What did you give me to eat?”

“A Control Elixir,” Yang Xiaotian said indifferently, “If you don’t get the antidote later, you will die from bleeding from all your orifices, and your internal organs will rot and decay, causing extreme pain.”

“You!” Jiang Yu’s complexion drastically changed.

“Don’t even think of concocting an antidote when the time comes. This elixir was refined using a lost method only I know the formula for,” Yang Xiaotian continued. “If you recklessly consume detoxifying drugs, it might trigger the elixir’s toxicity. At that point, not even I could save you.”

“Alright, you may leave now.”

“In half a year, bring a hundred premium Four Symbols Spirit Pills to exchange for the antidote.”

“Also, after you leave, it’s best you keep your mouth shut about today’s events.

Otherwise, if I hear any rumors, you won’t need to come for the antidote.”

Hearing Yang Xiaotian’s words, Jiang Yu’s expression turned unsightly, blending anger and annoyance with fury.

Half a year, to bring a hundred premium Four Symbols Spirit Pills in exchange?

Where was he supposed to find so many premium Four Symbols Spirit Pills?

Even as the legendary Alchemist of Tiandou Imperial Kingdom, he would find it difficult to refine a hundred in half a year, even if he did it himself.

Unless he worked day and night on the task, he might possibly accomplish it.

Yang Xiaotian was treating him like a beast of burden for Alchemy.

At this time, Cheng Long was leisurely drinking tribute tea inside the mansion.

As he was waiting for good news from his master, one of his men ran in, looking panicked. He was about to speak when he saw the incoming Jiang Yu.

Jiang Yu, who was always dressed in pristine white silk garments, now had them covered in bloodstains, his hair a disheveled mess, looking exceedingly wretched.

Cheng Long was astonished, “Master, are you alright?” Jiang Yu shook his hand without even bothering to speak.

“The Gale Torrential Rain?” Cheng Long hesitated before asking.

Upon hearing Cheng Long mention Gale Torrential Rain, Jiang Yu’s frustration and rage erupted like a volcano, and he slapped Cheng Long across the face, sending him tumbling to the ground.

“Shut your mouth!”

“If it weren’t for you, how could your master have ended up in such a state!” Jiang Yu pointed at Cheng Long angrily.

In his view, if it weren’t for Cheng Long, how could he have suffered such severe injuries? If it weren’t for Cheng Long, how could he have been fed poison by Yang Xiaotian, treated like a beast of burden?

The thought of having to hand over a hundred premium Four Symbols Spirit Pills after half a year was infuriating.

Actually, aware of Cheng Long’s ulterior motives, how could he not see that Cheng Long wanted to use him to get rid of Yang Xiaotian? Moreover, if he could obtain the Gale Torrential Rain technique, he might have the chance to learn it himself in the future.

Cheng Long, looking at a furious Jiang Yu who seemed as though he wanted nothing more than to crush him, bowed his head silently, not daring to speak.

“I need to rest,” Jiang Yu ordered Cheng Long to leave.

Cheng Long bowed and then withdrew.

After leaving, Cheng Long touched the five-finger slap mark on his face, a look of hatred and resentment coloring his features.

However, inside he still couldn’t help but feel shocked and puzzled. Who exactly had injured Jiang Yu? Was there someone even stronger than Chen Changqing and his four companions at Divine Sword Academy?

Although the matter of Jiang Yu was secretive, word of it still managed to spread through the grapevine. Many who had thoughts of challenging Yang Xiaotian with a storm of aggressive moves were greatly shocked.

The strength of Jiang Yu was more or less known to many forces.

Those capable of injuring Jiang Yu were at least of the Martial Emperor realm.

“It seems that many of us have underestimated the depth of Divine Sword Academy,” mused Peng Zhigang in the City Lord’s Mansion. “I had not expected that aside from Cao Shun, there exists another at the Emperor realm.”

“However, although this person was able to injure Jiang Yu, he was unable to kill him. This suggests his strength is likely at the first or second level of the Martial Emperor realm,” one of his subordinates surmised.

Peng Zhigang nodded.

A month quickly passed by.

Following the incident with Jiang Yu, the number of pharmacists who visited Yang Xiaotian under various pretexts had diminished significantly.

During the day, aside from practicing his swordsmanship, Yang Xiaotian spent time in the Sword Hall going over Cao Shun’s swordsmanship manuals and divine skills.

Sometimes he took an hour to instruct Wu Qi and others in alchemy.

At night, Yang Xiaotian was diligently practicing the Primordial Dragon Art.

The incident with Jiang Yu had made Yang Xiaotian all the more aware of the importance of his own strength.

Therefore, he spent two additional hours each day practicing the Primordial Dragon Art.

After a month, Yang Xiaotian had finally perfected the Hundred Swords Technique to the realm of Perfection.

He could now manipulate one hundred superior long swords to execute twenty sets of swordsmanship simultaneously.

At the same time, he had finished going over the swordsmanship manuals and divine skills left in the Sword Hall by Cao Shun.

His own cultivation level had also made a breakthrough, reaching the tenth level of the Innate realm.

Even though Liao Kun had broken through to the fourth level of the Martial King realm,

now, with just one hand, only ninety percent of his strength, and only using ordinary Innate Martial Arts, he could easily defeat Liao Kun and the group of five, including Zhang Jingrong.

“Martial King realm,” Yang Xiaotian murmured to himself in the night.

He was now not far from the Martial King realm.

Once he made the breakthrough to the Martial King realm, he would be able to practice various Divine Skills, and his strength was sure to surge dramatically.

What was most critical was that once he entered the Martial King realm, his Innate True Qi would transform into liquid True Yuan, and he would be able to concoct Treasure Pills.

The effects of Treasure Pills were many times better than the Innate Spirit Pills like the Four Symbols Spirit Pill.

With Treasure Pills, the strength of his subordinates would rapidly increase.

Therefore, he decided to go to the Royal City tomorrow and enter the medicinal bath for cultivation.

The medicinal bath, born from the essence of Heaven and Earth, would boost his cultivation. Ten days inside might just allow him to break through to the Martial King realm.

The next day, Yang Xiaotian set out early for the Royal City.

However, this time, he didn’t bring Liao Kun and the rest; he only took Wu Qi and Luo Qing with him.

To him, having Wu Qi and Luo Qing was sufficient. Too many people would actually draw more attention.

The three traveled swiftly during the day and stopped at a deserted village to rest at night.

Divine Sword City wasn’t far from the King’s city of Divine Sea Country, and at their speed, they should arrive by the next afternoon.

The campfire was lit, and the three sat around it, roasting meat, drinking wine, and chatting leisurely.

At that moment, a merchant caravan passed by.

By the looks of it, it was a trading party from the Wind Cloud Commerce Guild..