They were surprised by the horror of the scene.

"He's just one person. Kill him for me, kill him, and reward him with a thousand top quality spirit stones." An elder came here and immediately took out the seductive wealth.


Money moves people's hearts. A thousand top-quality spirit stones are nothing to shangguanyun, but for ordinary warriors, they are a lot of wealth. They take out their treasures, raise their weapons, burst out their spirit power, and rush to shangguanyun.

In front of shangguanyun, there are many warriors. They wave their weapons ferociously and want to be the first to kill shangguanyun.

However, they soon found a thing that they were afraid of. Their bodies could not move, and they were completely bound in the air. No matter how they struggled, they could only move their limbs, just like a turtle turning over.

"Hiss ~"

a terrible threat broke out. Suddenly, the sound of poop poop poop sounded. The warrior in the air, like popcorn, burst out in an instant. Within a few hundred meters, all of them turned into a bloody ocean.

"Ouch ~"

the disciples of Fushan sect usually bully the weak and commit many evils by virtue of their clan identity. How can they see such a terrible picture? Looking into shangguanyun's eyes, it's like seeing death and fleeing one after another.

"He's not human."

"This is the devil. Run away."

Come and go in a hurry.

"Now that you're here, stay."

Shangguanyun came to the sky in an instant, and took out ten flags of different colors. Shangguanyun inserted one of them into the whole clan of Fushan sect. Suddenly, a shield appeared, accompanied by a series of terrible light waves, which constantly appeared from the ground.


The golden light came out from the ground, and instantly penetrated the escaped people. The whole clan was attacked by all kinds of energy.

The golden light pierced them.

A wisp of flame, stained with a little, will turn into ashes in an instant.

Strange water, entangled them, let them in the water package, instantly became a part of this pool of water.

One by one, death vines appear from nowhere, pierce their bodies and suck them dry.

Boulders fell from the sky, smashed the houses and buried them in the dust.

There was a great disaster here. Countless warriors were killed and no trace could be found.

"Who are you? Why do you want to attack our clan?"

Finally, some strong people came out. They were the leaders of the Fushan sect, the major elders, and even the supreme elders who could not be found in the world.

"You are the culprits. "Shangguanyun saw them and sneered.

"I wonder if you can tell me where we have offended you?" They see that shangguanyun is not a layman, so we should first find out the reason.

"A person who doesn't like your behavior, as a warrior, even the lowest level farmers will not let go, but also oppress them. You are really a disgrace for the warrior. If you have this ability, you should go to rob a stronger sect than you."

Shangguanyun is murderous, which makes the other party marvel. It's too murderous.

"I don't know what it is. It turns out that it's just these little things. They're all lowly mole ants and poor people who are sheltered by us. We protect one side and let them live in peace. Naturally, their right to life and death is under our control."

"We just take what belongs to us. What's more, they should be dedicated to us, including life."

these people should say the reason is that they has the final say that the rules are all in their hands.

"Yes, the strong are respected. That's the truth." Shangguanyun also understands that there are too many such things in this world. The weak in this world are not very different from ants.

The strong can make rules for the weak and deprive them of everything that belongs to them, because they are better than each other.

"I don't know which holy land you come from, and who is your name?" They want to find out the identity of shangguanyun.

"Listen, my name is shangguanyun." Shangguanyun replied.


"Who is it?"

Many people do not understand, and asked: "do not know which holy land?"

Shangguanyun shakes his head. These ignorant countrymen have never heard of his name. They are really frogs in the bottom of the well.

"You'll know when you go to hell." Shangguan cloud instantly turned into a God's palm and suppressed them.

"No, hide!"

"Hateful, space is bound, we can't move, who is this in the end, the strength is so strong."

"This is Emperor Wu. Young emperor Wu must be a member of a large family."

"We are willing to be honest. We hope you will not be a killer. We will do whatever you want us to do."

"What do you want?" Shangguanyun mercilessly refused them, which made them pale.Among them, there is Emperor Wu, but the most powerful one is an elder of Emperor Wu's triple heaven. He is old and almost dead.

Where can they resist shangguanyun? They are so powerful that they can suppress everything. They don't even give them the chance to beg for mercy. They are suppressed by shangguanyun's move.


The earth shakes and the mountains shake, destroying half of the palace of Fushan school. A huge palm mark can be seen clearly.

Shangguan cloud burst into the sky and took away the treasure house of Fushan sect and the medicine field one after another.

Shangguanyun made a seal with both hands, and the whole Fushan sect turned into Purgatory in an instant. From then on, there will be no such sect as Fushan sect.

Shangguanyun left here and explored the target within ten thousand li.

He soon heard the news, so he flew out of the city.

Shangguanyun saw a man from a distance, who turned into him. He looked at the strength of the other side, but it was just the level of Emperor Wu. He saw that the other side was arranging the array.

He wanted to see what the other party was going to do. He followed all the way. Soon, he knew that this bastard used his identity to plunder and steal small and medium-sized clan treasure.

This time, he's trying to attract people who are after him, trying to pit each other to death.

"It's too weak." Shangguanyun followed.

Soon, this man was chased by hundreds of strong men, and they all threatened to "shangguanyun, don't you have a big defense? How can you run?"

"If you have the ability to fight with me for 300 rounds, I'll blow your head."

"Boy, don't run away, give me back the fruit."

"That's disgusting. I even stole my space ring."

"Come if you have the ability. Your grandfather shangguanyun is here. Come on." The other side kept shouting, attracting them to the ambush.

Shangguanyun is very funny. This man really has some means. He is very fast and can arrange arrays. His combat effectiveness is also good, but his realm is too low. Shangguanyun doesn't look up to him at all.

Soon, these people fell into the ambush of fake shangguanyun, and they fell into the array.

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