Chapter 144 - Chapter 144: Chapter 144: Killing You… No Need for Tricks! (4 more)

Chapter 144: Chapter 144: Killing You… No Need for Tricks! (4 more)

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Shi Xueqing was stunned.

So was everyone else.

What was this man going to do?

Did he also plan to take the stage?

Xue An glanced at his two daughters whose Divine Senses he had shielded with a secret technique, and smiled faintly.

“Daddy is going to fight the bad guys, wait here for a moment, and I’ll be back soon!”

“Mmm! Daddy, come back soon! It’s so boring waiting here!” his two daughters said obediently.

Xue An nodded, then slowly walked onto the stage.

The expression on the face of the son who killed turned gloomy.

He had planned to fight Shi Xueqing, then subdue her with force and finally take her back to Shura Island for his own enjoyment.

But he hadn’t expected someone to interrupt halfway.

And it was just an ordinary-looking man.

“Boy, I want to fight someone from Lingying Palace, who the hell are you? Get off the stage now, and I will pretend nothing happened. Otherwise, I will take your life!” said the son with disdain.

Xue An cracked his knuckles, creating a popping sound, and then twisted his neck with force, saying indifferently, “Are you done talking?”

The son who killed was taken aback, then roared in anger, “Good, you’ve successfully angered me. I am going to torture you bit by bit until you die!”

Xue An smiled. “I’m sorry for having angered you, unfortunately… you no longer have the chance.”

Having said that, Xue An lifted the seal on his own strength.

A surge of power so immense it sent shivers down one’s spine rose to the heavens.

Everyone’s complexion changed all at once.

The White Dragon Elder and Yuan Zongfeng among others couldn’t help but look solemn.

The son who killed was also shocked, and was just about to speak when Xue An raised his hand and threw a punch.

There was no name, no flashiness to it, just an ordinary punch.

Then the son who killed froze as if someone had struck a pressure point, immobile.

After three blinks, the son who killed finally made a croaking sound from his throat, looking at Xue An with eyes filled with despair and fear.

Many people were perplexed about what was happening.

The chest of the son who killed suddenly caved in, and he began to vomit blood in great gasps.

“What… what kind of move is this?” the son who killed said intermittently.

Xue An shook his head. “No move, killing you… doesn’t require any moves.”

Anguish and despair appeared on the face of the son who killed, and then he fell to the ground with a thud, dead.

The entire place went quiet.

Many people looked at Xue An with eyes full of disbelief and confusion.

Shi Xueqing’s eyes sparkled continuously and she glanced over at Kong Yuandai with a demonstration of power.

Kong Yuandai looked upset at the moment.

She had thought Xue An was just an ordinary person, but she had not expected him to be so formidable!

But while everyone was still uncertain, Xue An looked around calmly and then shook his head.

“One by one is too slow, and I still have to watch cartoons with my daughters, so… all of you, come at me together!”

His words were like a bolt from the blue, making everyone think they had heard wrong.

Then the White Dragon Elder was the first to scoff.

“Having killed a young master of Shura Island, do you really think you’re invincible? You have no idea how high the sky is or how deep the earth is! I….”

The White Dragon Elder couldn’t finish his sentence, because Xue An smiled grimly.

“Fine, since you’re not convinced, take this punch from me first!”

As he spoke, Xue An raised his hand—another punch thundered out.

The White Dragon Elder, attempting to show off in front of Shu Ying’er, announced with supreme confidence, “Good! Let me show you the might of the White Dragon Sect!”

Shu Ying’er watched the White Dragon Elder standing proudly, her heart racing.

But in the next second, the scene turned into a nightmare.

Because before the White Dragon Elder could react, Xue An’s punch, like a massive hammer, had already struck his head.


The White Dragon Elder’s handsome face still bore a trace of arrogance as it was pulverized into a mist of blood by Xue An’s punch.

The corpse fell to the ground.

The hall was stricken with horror.

The White Dragon Elder was not some insignificant figure like those who slew young masters, but an entity one step away from the pinnacle.

Yet, Xue An’s fist had just shattered his skull!

As the people were stirring.

Hui Nian’s eyes blazed with divine light, and he rose, taking three steps forward!

With each step, the golden light radiating from his body grew stronger.

After three steps, Hui Nian was bathed in resplendent golden light, looking just like a god or Buddha!

Someone cried out in amazement, “The Undying Golden Body, that’s the Bitter Zen Temple’s Undying Golden Body!”

The Undying Golden Body, touted as the strongest physique in Buddhism, second only to the Bodhisattva Golden Body and the Tathagata’s Dharma Body!

It was an extremely domineering protective cultivation technique!

Moreover, Hui Nian’s eyebrows were raised in anger, his face filled with wrath.

“Vajra’s Furious Gaze!”

Another great divine skill of the Buddhist Sect!

But faced with the awe-inspiring Hui Nian, Xue An just smiled faintly, “Bring it on!”

Having said that, Xue An raised his hand, “Now take my punch, let’s see which is tougher, my fist or your Undying Golden Body!”


The entire Fulong Mountain seemed to be quaking.

Hui Nian staggered back seven or eight steps, his golden light flickering, and a pained expression crept onto his face.

Xue An laughed heartily, “Good! You actually took one of my punches, now witness this move!”

“Move Heaven and Earth!”

This was Xue An unleashing his killing move for real!

As this punch that could move heaven and earth was unleashed, Hui Nian’s face grew solemn, and he lowered his eyes, bringing his hands together in prayer.

“Bodhisattva’s Humble Brow!”

It seemed Hui Nian had already practiced all the great divine skills of the Buddhist Sect. With the release of Bodhisattva’s Humble Brow, his entire being seemed to vanish from the world.

Though he still stood there!

His presence had disappeared!

This feeling was unbearably uncomfortable for onlookers!

But Xue An’s mouth curled into a slight smirk, “Quite impressive, but still not enough!”


This punch once again landed firmly on Hui Nian.

Hui Nian, like a ball, was sent flying by the punch, and it wasn’t until he hit the ground that a cracking sound was heard.

It turned out the iron chains binding him had broken!

The sutra stone hit the ground.

At this moment, Hui Nian spat out another mouthful of blood and then nodded at Xue An, “Mr. Xue truly has divine cultivation! This monk admires you!”

Xue An stood with his hands behind his back, looking at Hui Nian, “Being able to heal your Divine Sense’s injury within a day suggests that your Buddhist Sect’s divine skills do have their merits!”

Hui Nian’s gaze was clear; he had certainly realized that the person who had erased his Divine Sense last night was Xue An!

Meanwhile, many people had started to whisper amongst themselves.

“Heaven above, is this man the same Mr. Xue that killed Yu Yuanyi?”

“It can’t be anyone else! How else could he be so powerful?”

“But he’s too arrogant! Is he really challenging everyone?”

“Shh, just watch!”

And Xue An bowed his head to look at the sutra stone and smiled faintly, “Using a sutra stone to suppress the Heart Demon inside you, eh?”

This statement caused Hui Nian’s expression to change drastically.

Xue An then said, “Unfortunately, the more you suppress the Heart Demon, the stronger it becomes. I guess… you must have fallen into demonic ways by now!”

As expected!

Hui Nian’s eyes instantly turned blood red.

His aura increased not by a double, but tenfold!

“Heeheeheehee,” after a spine-chilling and bizarre laughter, a voice cold as the grave followed, “You have good insight, but you still have to die!”