Chapter 248: Ancestors gather together! Is Lin Xuan worthy?

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Amid everyone's discussion, the Xiao family's chariot stopped outside the valley.

Subsequently. Everyone got out of the chariot and walked into the valley.

After entering, there were already many people waiting inside. They were people from the other four major families.

Several families came over with smiles. They cupped their hands and said: Chief Xiao, long time no see.

The leader of the Sword Dragon Clan, the leader of the White Dragon Clan, and the leader of the Dragon Niu Clan. Long time no see, Patriarch Xiao also clasped his fists and smiled.

Although they are all in a competitive relationship, when meeting each other, courtesy is still indispensable.

Several families greeted each other here, but the people from the Molong family in the distance did not come over. They were high up, overlooking everything.

In their opinion, the other four families are not worthy of being compared with them.

This time, it was still the Molong clan who received the Dragon King's order.

The patriarchs of several families in front were chatting there. Chief Bailong said in surprise: Where is Elder Qiu Shui, why didn't you see her?

Yes, the other clan leaders were also surprised,

They discovered that there were two people standing next to the Xiao clan leader. One was Xiao Tianjian, the ancestor of the Xiao family.

They know this,

But the other one was a young man, whom they didn't recognize.

Is this the younger generation of the Xiao family?

I heard that the strongest young genius in the Xiao family is Xiao Tian'er, a woman.

So who is this young man?

Being able to stay by the clan leader's side must be a great status, right?

The head of the Xiao family said with a smile: This is Mr. Lin, a helper invited by our Xiao family.

This time, Young Master Lin will take the place of Elder Qiu Shui and participate in the Battle of the Dragon King.


When they heard this, the patriarchs of several major families around were shocked.

The ancestors of those families were also deceived.

A dull look appeared on their faces.

Did they hear it correctly?

Elder Qiu Shui, are you not going to participate?

Instead, a young man participated?

Is it possible that this young man is more powerful than Ancestor Qiushui?

Thinking of this, they all looked at Lin Xuan.

But the next moment, they were all stunned.

They discovered that Lin Xuanxuan only had an 18th level cultivation level.

A young man of the 18th level, a peerless **** king, wants to participate in the battle of the Dragon King. Are you kidding me?

Patriarch Jianlong said: Patriarch Xiao, aren’t you kidding us?

Yes, the leader of the White Dragon clan also shook his head and said: His cultivation level can only be regarded as average among the younger generation, not top-notch.

How is it possible to participate in the Dragon King's battle?

I guess he can't even stop me from looking at him.

What the White Dragon Clan is good at is the power of the soul, and their eyes are sharper than divine swords!

The leader of the Longniu clan also grinned. It was obvious that he didn't take Lin Xuan seriously either.

Don't underestimate Mr. Lin. Although Mr. Lin's cultivation level is only 18th level, he is very powerful. Even Elder Qiu Shui is no match for him.

When he said this, the head of the Xiao family raised a smile.

When they heard this, the patriarchs of other families were shocked.


Xiao Qiushui was defeated at the hands of the opponent, was it true or not?

Are you kidding me?

Xiao Qiushui is also an ancestor of the 55th level, and the Qiushui Divine Light he cultivates is very powerful.

Even they have to go all out to be able to block Qiushui's divine light.

How could this young man be able to stop him?

They don't believe it.

Because this is so outrageous,

They have never seen such a defiant young man, unless this young man is the Young Emperor of Heaven

But an existence like the Young Heavenly Emperor may not appear even in billions of years.

In front of me, this kid is definitely not it.

After exchanging a few words, they left.

The leader of the Sword Dragon clan went back and said: What are the Xiao family thinking, giving up a great advantage.

The White Dragon Clan Chief said: The Xiao family is nothing to be afraid of. They are no longer worthy of being our opponents this time.

The leader of the Longniu clan said even more disdainfully: The leader of the Xiao clan is out of his mind, and he actually let a young man go into battle!

Many people from other families also came. In addition to the powerful ancestors, there were also some elders and some top-level geniuses.

For example, the previous great talents are also here.

Like Bai Linglong, Jian Yunfei, Golden Dragon Niu, they are all here too.

They were also surprised when they heard about it.

Especially when they found out that Mr. Lin was Lin Xuan, they were even more confused.

Isn't this guy from the younger generation?

He is more powerful than them, but he is not qualified to participate in the Dragon King's battle.

Is this kid going to die?

Why did the Xiao family agree?

They looked confused.

On the other side, the Molong family also learned the news, and they all laughed disdainfully.

The Xiao family are really idiots!

I heard before that the head of the Xiao family had increased in strength and might threaten them, but now it seems that this is completely impossible.

The Xiao family actually asked a young man to fight, which was obviously giving up on this Dragon King battle.

But when they learned that this young man was the one who killed Mo Lingtian, the Xiao family gritted their teeth again.

An ancestor of the Xiao family said that he really wanted to shoot this kid to death right now.

Another ancestor said: Forget it, don’t cause too much trouble.

Anyway, this kid is going to participate in the Dragon King's battle. As long as he steps on the battlefield, he will definitely die.

Just let him live for a while, and it won't be too late to kill him on the battlefield.

Humph, that guy is better off. The leader of the Molong clan snorted coldly,

Mo Lingtian was his grandson, so he naturally wanted to kill Lin Xuan immediately.

But the situation didn't allow it, so he could only endure it for now.

I wanted to see if that boy had the guts to kill my brother. At this time, another figure came out,

This is a tall man, his name is Mo Lingyun, he is also the grandson of the leader of the Molong clan, and also the brother of Mo Lingtian.

Some time ago, he was not in the family.

Now that he is back during the Dragon King's battle,

After he came back, he learned that his brother had been beheaded, which made him extremely angry.

Mo Lingyun walked towards the Xiao family.

Some people in the Molong family are worried, will Mo Lingyun be in danger?

Chief Molong said, let him go, no one dares to touch Ling Yun.

He is not only my grandson, but also the apprentice of Ancestor Youlong.

Who dares to touch him?

Even the head of the Xiao family wouldn’t dare!

On the other side, Mo Lingyun walked towards the Xiao family very arrogantly,

He came to the vicinity of Xiao's house, stared at Lin Xuan, and said coldly: Are you the one who killed my brother?

The murderous aura in his body filled the air, making the whole world tremble.

The people of the Xiao family feel like they are facing a formidable enemy.

When Lin Xuan felt this power, he frowned and glanced at the other person, asking: Who are you?

My name is Mo Lingyun, a disciple of the Molong clan,

Mo Lingtian is my younger brother.

Oh I got it. Lin Xuan suddenly realized, and then said: Yes, I was the one who killed Mo Lingtian. Why, don't you accept it?

you wanna die!

Mo Lingyun's face turned gloomy when he came to Shuyuanom.

He has never seen such an arrogant person before.

They, the Molong clan, have always bullied others, but now someone dares to bully them, the Molong clan.

Seek death!

Boy, you are dead, I will never let you go, look for Shuyuan Mo Lingyun's face was full of killing intent, he stared at Lin Xuan,

If you want to die, I will help you. Lin Xuan's face also darkened,

He also stood up and prepared to take action,

However, Patriarch Mo Long on the side stopped him and said: Mr. Lin, you can't do anything, this man has an unusual background.

Unusual? Lin Xuan said disdainfully, is there anything unusual?

Isn’t Mo Lingtian’s status unusual? Wouldn't he still be sent to hell?

What other identity could this Mo Lingyun have?


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