Chapter 159 Gut

The wind mage, John, had instinctively answered when Alex asked if someone could cook it. But, a moment later, he realised the problem. He raised his head immediately and walked towards Alex.

"Are you sure you want to cook it?" He asked in a doubtful tone.

The fish was a magical beast—a giant blue tuna. It was worth more than all his wealth. Is it okay if they cooked it? This doubt sprung up in John's mind, quelling his excitement.

"Don't you know how to cook it?" Alex asked back.

"Yes, I know how to prepare it. It can be prepared in many different ways. The tuna is most delicious when we eat it raw. But that's not the problem. It's too precious to be consumed by us." John wanted to say more.

"You don't have to worry about that. Let's enjoy the evening with this meal." Alex interjected.

He was not even interested in hearing the price of the fish. The amount of wealth he had was astronomical when compared to the cost of the tuna. It didn't matter to him if he sold the tuna or not. But, it would matter to him if he couldn't eat such fresh fish.

"Then, I will prepare it for dinner." Finally, John gave up. He realised that Alex might have accumulated much wealth as a master mage. In reality, Alex earned his wealth through an interdimensional farm and business. However, John could have never guessed that.

The crew and the captain were too stunned to speak or even understand what was happening around them. They looked at the giant blue tuna inside a frozen block of ice and salivated.

However, John's word 'dinner' rang inside their head.




The crew exclaimed.

"Is it okay for us to eat that?"

"Is he allowing us to eat that?"

As the people of the sea, the ship crew knew the value of the giant blue tuna. They knew its meat was precious and worth thousands of gold coins. So, they couldn't believe that they were allowed to eat that.

Their eyes glowed when they finally realised the truth. A smile bloomed on their face. The same was true for Captain Will. n-.O)/V-/E-)l/-b)-I-(n

Alex was curious about how John was going to prepare the magical beast. So, he hung around nearby. Seeing that, the crew members brought him a chair to sit on. They had unknowingly begun to treat Alex better.

Other than the few who were tasked with controlling the ship, the rest of the crew, even those who were sleeping, came to see the spectacle of John preparing the fish.

John didn't mind the presence of the crew. He had known them for years. So, he didn't mind them watching him. But he was mindful of Alex's eyes watching from the side. It somehow looked imposing to him.

"Hm. Sir Meru, can you help me with something before we begin?" He called out to Alex.


"Can you help me create an ice bed on the table? I am not well versed in creating ice spells." He said while pointing at a table.

"No problem," Alex replied nonchalantly and helped create a block of ice on the table. First, he developed a layer of water and froze it with an icy spell. It was a two-step process which looked like a single spell to the layman.

Everyone was amazed by the spells Alex displayed.

'Is making ice that rare?' Alex thought in his heart. Then he quickly went back to sit on his chair. He was excited to observe how John was going to prepare the tuna.

"First, I am going to remove the ice layers," John informed the audience.

Alex had covered the entire fish to maintain its freshness. Now, John had to remove it to access the tuna inside.

The giant blue tuna was about four meters long. Slightly longer than two people stacked on top.

The ice covering around it extended from the head to the tip of the tail. And it had a thickness of three inches. To cut this apart, John took out a sharp. He mumbled something, and a rune appeared on top of the knife. He walked forward towards the tuna.

Without delay, he plunged the knife into the ice layer. The blade cut the ice like it was cutting through butter. It might have been a magical instrument to display such sharpness.

John slid the knife across the tuna's body, starting from the head and ending at the tail. He sliced the ice that was near the dorsal fin.

After that, he pulled the ice apart and cracked it like cracking an egg. The ice cracked and fell to the deck of the ship. The tuna was then turned sideways and laid on the ice-covered floor.

Now, the entire tuna became visible to the audience. It was long and blue with giant beady eyes. It was a beast capable of killing any crew members on the ship.

The crew, who saw the tuna, gulped nervously.

Fortunately, the tuna didn't bite their line. Fortunately, they didn't have to dive into the ocean to catch it.

Then they looked at Alex in awe of his strength.

It didn't even take Alex ten seconds to kill the beast and come back.

'He is strong.' A thought resounded in their heart.

Meanwhile, John prepared a neat table nearby to move the sliced parts of the fish.

"Gutting the fish is difficult. I will try my best not to puncture the gut inside." Like a professional, John said before moving on to gutting the fish.

The tuna was propped up by the icy bed beneath. It was lying on its side, in the perfect position to gut.

John walked towards the stomach of the fish and touched it. He activated his mana vision at the same time to visualise the internal parts of the fish. But, this was a challenging skill. Even among the mages, there were different types of mana vision. Not everyone had the talent to gauge the depth of internal organs accurately.

Even to John, a journeyman-ranked mage, it was impossible if the fish was not dead.