Chapter 2615 Inscrutable! I

Chapter 2615 Inscrutable! I

2615 Inscrutable! I

The grand and auspicious changes that occurred within the Haven of Dissolution were spread out to the main forces of all Inheritances and Clans.

In all other Havens, the risen Extremity Vein seemed to only be flowing with authority at this moment as the Vein Rifts only bloomed within Dissolution, and with the information being sent out that there were thousands of Vein Rifts showing Hyperversal Extremities at Tier 3 along with Legions of Leviathan Lineages...

Such a development caused even more segments of Inheritances and Clans to move as they realized they had truly underestimated the last Extremity Sanctification!

The Hyperversal Extremities who had led and guided the Scions and Elders currently within Dissolution were those considered in the middle of lower ranks of power within the Clans and Inheritances.

At this moment, the most powerful upper-tier Hyperversal Extremities began to move- their souls smelling change and opportunity as they made their way into Dissolution!

Within the Haven of Oceanus.

The figure of Extremity Blue stared at the risen Extremity Vein in the distance as her soul received waves of information from the forces of the Avernus Clan.

Hair fair hands rose as she reached out towards the pulsing Vein, almost as if she could grasp it in her very hands...but she knew this was only an illusion.

She had to grasp power herself.

She had to always make the right choice.

And with Lunacy by her side, even the wrong choices would always be made right!

[Alright, let's see what the Havens have in store...maybe I shall finally grasp Zenith with this.]

Her dazzling visage rose as she glimmered with a blue light.

She then looked at the risen Extremity Vein and how it extended past the broken Walls Between Haven as she chose a direction and began rushing towards Dissolution!

She was only a glimmer of blue light in the vast expanse of Oceanus as in another region of this Haven, the figure of Emperor Shao could be seen surrounded by tendrils of dense Absolute Dynamis of Extremity by the dozens.

He was also gazing at the risen Extremity Vein in the distance as streams of information flowed into his mind from his own sources.

He assumed a contemplating look as the strands of Authority around him talked to each other.

And after a certain time passed, the authorities seemingly came to a conclusion as soon after, the countenance of Emperor Shao rose!


This was the stage he had reached.

But even this wasn't enough.

What he needed to attain was something exceeding Tier 3.

Something most others only dreamt of, but had long given up on.

His figure vanished into the vastness of Oceanus as he left to seek what his soul wanted the most!

Extremity Rubino vanished into the Temporal Field of Dissolution along with a Cataclysmic Megalodon that stood resonantly at Tier 3 Hyperversal Extremity.n).o).v--e-(1-(b.-I()n

Into a Field where the passage of months or even a year was akin to the passage of a second from the words of the leading Cataclysmic Megalodon!

They had seen the shocking difference in power when the Maiden of Orientis faced the Minor Apocalyptic Megalodon, the main point being that even if one was in the same Boundary Layer of a Concept of Extremity- it did not necessarily mean they were at the same level of power!

But the existence who was taking up the challenge now was a being from the Orientis Clan.

A man of stature and power that against these unknown Entities...


The thoughts of all beings theorizing what would happen came to a halt when the Temporal Field of Dissolution pulsed and spat out an existence that was pulsing with unstable waves of power, his hand missing up to his shoulder as golden blood spurted out freely!

His dark hair seemed withered as his eyes were dimmer than before, this existence being none other than Extremity Rubino!


An immense silence descended.


The Temporal Field of Dissolution shook again as the massive figure of the Cataclysmic Megalodon also came out, its sleek obsidian skin spotless and without any injuries as nobody knew just how shocking the battle within the Temporal Field of Dissolution was, nor how long it truly lasted.

They didn't know whether Extremity Rubino had been reduced to this state after the passage of months, days, hours...or even seconds since time worked differently within the Temporal Field of Dissolution!

But for a Level 3 Hyperversal Extremity from one of the Seven Clans to return in such a rugged manner...

The wills watching became utterly somber.

Mind you, this was the Culmination Step of Extremity Sanctification.

It was meant for Apex Aeonic Lifeforms for all past Culmination Steps in previous Havens!

And yet the Culmination Step of far, even a Level 3 Hyperversal Extremity wasn't able to even gain entry!

Extremity Rubino felt as if all the wills watching were gathered around him as his eyes were filled with anger and veiled traces of fear, his figure moving back from the Vein Rift without even being told as the expressions of other Extremities from the Orientis Clan were dark.

Sensing the atmosphere, Extremity Rubino snorted out with anger.

[If you all think it is so easy, why don't you give it a go? Let's see which one you gains entry!]


He felt like he could see the mocking gazes of other Transcendent Masters from the other 6 Clans and Major Inheritances.

He felt as if they were looking down on him!

But they didn't know the terror he faced within.

The Cataclysmic Megalodon that he faced...for a total of 10 seconds.

10 seconds!

Battles against Transcendent Masters could take nanoseconds to finish if there was a large discrepancy in power- like say a Level 3 Hyperversal Extremity fighting against a Tier 1 Hyperversal Extremity.

But when both were at the same Tier...such battles could take days or weeks!

And yet, his battle had ended in 10 seconds.

It showed just how much more overpowered the other side was!

All of those mocking gazes on him...didn't know the terror of the genuine Hyperversal Extremity Authority of Dissolution!

So his words thundered out.

And the masses of Scions, Elders, and Extremities couldn't help but look at their own Vein Rifts before their eyes holding terrific Entities within!