CH 140

Name:In Love Author:Jué Jué
When Su Moxiu saw Cai Jinchun, he looked like he didn’t take Cai Jinchun seriously.

However, in his heart, he was somewhat unhappy.

When he got into the car with Ji Ziqiu, this displeasure was magnified.

No, this can’t be called displeasure…it should be called jealousy.

It has been more than ten days since he and Ji Ziqiu confirmed their relationship.

These days, whenever he was free, he would chat with Ji Ziqiu and have at least one meal with Ji Ziqiu every day.

Today, he even brought Ji Ziqiu to his company.

He approached Ji Ziqiu step by step, and planned to bring Ji Ziqiu to meet his parents after a few months of getting along, and then get engaged and married.

Although they were all men, he felt that they should still follow the normal steps.

Besides, because he didn’t want to make Ji Ziqiu displease, he didn’t investigate Ji Ziqiu.

Ji Ziqiu told him that he had a boyfriend before, and the two had broken up because of their disagreement.

When Ji Ziqiu was talking about it, he obviously had no feelings for that boyfriend, so he didn’t care too much, but now Ji Ziqiu’s ex-boyfriend came to the door. Judging from his appearance, he clearly still had feelings for Ji Ziqiu.

Su Moxiu suddenly and clearly realized what ‘had an ex-boyfriend’ meant.

Before Ji Ziqiu fell in love with him, he used to be with other people, doing all kinds of intimacy!

When Su Moxiu thought about it, he couldn’t help but get angry.

But he knew very well that it was unreasonable for him to get angry like this.

Although he doesn’t have an ex-boyfriend himself, it’s normal for others to have one. He shouldn’t be angry because of this kind of thing, it’s too disrespectful.

However, he just couldn’t restrain himself!

Sitting in the car, Su Moxiu looked at Ji Ziqiu’s perfect side profile, thinking that someone else might have kissed Ji Ziqiu…he hadn’t even kissed him yet!

When Su Moxiu faced Yan Jingze before, he never hid his love for Yan Jingze, and because of this, Yan Jingze could clearly feel Su Moxiu’s love for him.

But now, Su Moxiu suppressed that jealousy in his heart.

Yan Jingze didn’t realize Su Moxiu’s mood, he just felt…it was necessary to tell Su Moxiu about his relationship with Cai Jinchun in detail.

This is actually the original owner’s experience, so he can only bear it.

“I met Cai Jinchun a year ago. He is the son of the owner of the entertainment company I signed with before. I liked him very much at the time, so I took the initiative to pursue him, and it was successful. But I didn’t know what happened to him later. Our relationship got worse…we broke up.” Yan Jingze first briefly talked about the situation of the two of them, and then said, “There are still some things that I need to confess.”

“What?” Su Moxiu looked very calm.

Yan Jingze said: “Part of the reason why I’m with him is because he is rich. In addition…we just broke up not long ago.”

Yan Jingze talked about the original owner’s mental journey and what happened before the breakup.

Although the original owner had no money in his family, he had not suffered much.

He is very lazy and a bit squeamish, so naturally he can’t do things like ‘make money’ by bearing the burden of humiliation.

So after three or four years in the entertainment industry, many people fell in love with him, but he never agreed — women don’t match his sexual orientation, men…Those who hinted at him are all too ugly.

At the same time, he wanted money…so he didn’t like those handsome guys around him who had no money.

The original owner wanted to be a canary raised by others.

For the original owner, Cai Jinchun, who is handsome and rich, is naturally the best choice.

At that time, he really liked Cai Jinchun.

The more Su Moxiu listened, the more jealous he became.

This person used to really like that person named Cai Jinchun, he even did so many things for him!

Unfortunately, that Cai Jinchun didn’t know what was good!

Su Moxiu looked at Yan Jingze: “Since the past has passed, there is no need to mention it again. Our life depends on the future.”

“Yes.” Yan Jingze smile, “I only like you now, and I will only love you in the future.”

“Of course, I’m better than him.” Su Moxiu said.

Yan Jingze laughed. He wanted to kiss Su Moxiu a little bit, but he didn’t continue — he was a little afraid that Su Moxiu would be unhappy.

Su Moxiu trusted the person opposite him, but he still felt a little uncomfortable.

Ji Ziqiu and Cai Jinchun spent much longer time together than him!

He wanted to be with Ji Ziqiu step by step before, but now, should he change his plan?

The two had dinner together and returned to the company to work overtime.

When Su Moxiu was working overtime, Yan Jingze was reading various periodicals that Su Moxiu revised.

For those who engage in financial investment, reading books is not enough. If they want to keep up with the times, they also need to read various periodicals and news on the Internet.

Yan Jingze read it slowly, turning over the unimportant information directly, and keeping the important information firmly in his heart.

When Su Moxiu was working overtime, he looked up at him from time to time, the more he looked…the more he liked him.

Ji Ziqiu no longer has feelings for that Cai Jinchun, but Cai Jinchun is different, he obviously still likes Ji Ziqiu.

But Ji Ziqiu…is his!

At ten o’clock in the evening, Su Moxiu finished all the work in hand. He took Yan Jingze to the underground garage, and suddenly said: “It’s very late today, and it may be too late to take you home…do you want to stay at my place tonight?”

Yan Jingze was stunned for a moment, then asked with a smile, “Can I sleep with President Su?”

Su Moxiu nodded: “Yes!”

Yan Jingze looked at Su Moxiu in surprise, just in time to meet Su Moxiu’s gaze.

Yan Jingze didn’t know why, he liked Su Moxiu from the first time he saw him.

However, Su Moxiu was older than him, better than him in every aspect, and was very proactive, which made him a little at a loss and didn’t dare to be too abrupt.

But now…Yan Jingze suddenly asked: “Can I kiss you?”

Su Moxiu pulled Yan Jingze over and kissed Yan Jingze directly on the lips: “You are my boyfriend.”

Yan Jingze didn’t expect that he would be ‘surprised’ by Su Moxiu.

Su Moxiu is really the domineering president among the domineering presidents! These days when Su Moxiu was courting him, he even had the feeling that…Su Moxiu will wall slam him at any time!

It’s about the same now.

Yan Jingze looked at Su Moxiu, but…Su Moxiu didn’t even look at him, he looked away.

Not only that, but Su Moxiu’s neck…is a little red?

Yan Jingze suddenly laughed.

The previous Su Moxiu actually gave people a sense of distance.

Such a big guy…he didn’t dare to get close to him casually.

But at this moment…this sense of distance almost disappeared at once.

In his heart, there is something…ready to move.