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Name:In Love Author:Jué Jué
Uncle Li has been in the Kang family for 20 years, and basically everyone in the villa area knows him.

Some people did not dare to ask Kang Xinhou after seeing the video of Kang Xinhou posted by Su Yanqing, so they went to Uncle Li.

Uncle Li was stunned when he saw this.

Both father Kang and Kang Xinhou are trying to cover up Kang Xinhou’s mental state.

Over the years, even if Kang Xinhou suffered, he would not go crazy in front of outsiders, and he continued to take medicine one after another.

But now…Su Yanqing actually told this to others directly, and even sent the video to others.

Su Yanqing is really unworthy of them, right?

Although his young master forced Su Yanqing, he never did anything to hurt Su Yanqing. Su Yanqing cheated but he was still reluctant to even hurt Su Yanqing’s finger, and he even took the initiative to break the engagement.

It might be okay for Su Yanqing to do this in order to get rid of his young master in the past, but now, Su Yanqing is free. Why did he still do this?

“What’s wrong?” Yan Jingze was puzzled. What did Su Yanqing do?

After he told Su Yanqing that he wanted to break up the engagement, he blocked Su Yanqing, lest Su Moxiu misunderstand. Therefore, he did not know Su Yanqing’s current situation.

Uncle Li quickly told what Su Yanqing had done.

Yan Jingze: “…” He knew that Su Yanqing was reborn, but he didn’t know what happened to Su Yanqing, so he didn’t think about what to do with Su Yanqing.

As a result…Su Yanqing did something wrong first?

Su Moxiu followed Yan Jingze and naturally heard what Uncle Li said clearly.

He knew why the people in the company all looked at him with strange gazes.

When Yan Jingze showed him the chat records between Kang Xinhou and Su Yanqing before, he was shocked when he looked closely. This is because he was overworked by Kang Xinhou before, so he knew more about Kang Xinhou than others.

Now those who didn’t know Kang Xinhou very well know these things…

President Kang, who is almost perfect in the eyes of outsiders, will beg his fiancé to return to him with various messages and even harm himself to force his fiancé.

Even getting engaged to his fiancé is by threatening him with suicide.

In the past, Kang Xinhou was a winner in life, but now he is ridiculed.

This matter is so big that even Kang Corporate stock may be affected.

Su Moxiu immediately looked at Yan Jingze. Yan Jingze should be very angry when he encounters such a thing, right?

Yan Jingze said to Uncle Li with a blank face: “Uncle Li, I already know about this matter. I will handle it.”

“Young master, do you want to tell old lady Ying about this?” Uncle Li asked.

Yan Jingze said: “Of course, Uncle Li, you go tell the old lady…You can go.”

“Okay.” Uncle Li agreed and left angrily.

Yan Jingze waited for Uncle Li to leave, then opened the door silently.

Su Moxiu entered after him, a little worried: “You…”

Then, he was hugged by Yan Jingze: “I’m so sad. That Su Yanqing ruined my reputation, I want to kiss, hug, and hold high.”

Su Moxiu: Just kiss and hug, what the hell is held high!

Also, you kissed me before I agreed, this…

Su Moxiu was kissed and hugged for a long while before Yan Jingze let go of him: “AXiu, what do you think of Su Yanqing?”

Yan Jingze stopped when he looked at him. Su Moxiu was a little disappointed, but when he heard Yan Jingze’s question, asking about Su Yanqing, he thought about it and said: “Although he and I are brothers, we are not familiar.” When he had a bad time in those years, he had always worried about Su Yanqing. He was afraid that Su Yanqing would encounter the same situation as him.

He thought many times that if he had insisted on staying with Su Yanqing and stayed in the orphanage together, he might have been better off.

At least, he can finish his compulsory education well, and then he can go to high school and university with the help of bursaries and scholarships…

When Su Moxiu spoke, he brought out a little sadness. Yan Jingze’s heart softened and hugged him: “AXiu, don’t care about such a brother. I will be your family in the future!”

Su Moxiu said: “Although he doesn’t like me very much, he is not bad to me and has helped me.”

When Yan Jingze heard this, he touched Su Moxiu’s head.

He didn’t know what was going on with Su Moxiu and Su Yanqing, but when he completely repaired this small world, he would naturally know the truth.

Now…let’s go and urge the private investigator first.

Yan Jingze went to a private investigator, who didn’t say anything and was very cold this time: “Boss, look at the email.”

Then there was no more sound, not a word of compliment like in the past.

Maybe…He’s afraid that he might accidentally provoke him.

Yan Jingze: “…” You think too much, I’m really not angry!

It’s Kang Xinhou whose reputation is ruined, what does it have to do with me, Yan Jingze?

However, it’s good that the private investigator does things like this! Yan Jingze opened the email and found that there was an email in it, the email was full of attachments.

Yan Jingze opened it and took a look…Good guy, Su Yanqing happened to be with Ying Jialang last night and was photographed.

Looking closely… Kang Xinhou committed suicide the night they went to open a room!

Although Kang Xinhou has problems, to be honest, he’s quite miserable too.

Yan Jingze thought for a while, then registered an anonymous email and sent the email to Su Yanqing. He then sent a message to remind Su Yanqing to check his email.

If the Ying family knew about Su Yanqing and Ying Jialang’s relationship, Su Yanqing would definitely be unlucky. With the photos found by private investigators, Su Yanqing could already be hit.

He is this kind of person, a gentleman who always gets his revenge in a day…

When Su Yanqing came home that day, old lady Ying stopped him: “Yanqing!”

“Grandma?” Su Yanqing was taken aback for a moment – old lady Ying’s tone was very bad, she seemed very angry?

Old lady Ying looked at her sternly, she no longer had the kind eyes she used to have: “Did you tell others of little Kang’s illness?”

“I…” Su Yanqing’s expression changed.

Su Yanqing also knew that his so-called friends all had plastic affections with him.

However, he likes to be surrounded and complimented, so he keeps in touch with them.

Ever since Kang Xinhou broke off his engagement with him, people have always ridiculed him…He had never experienced such a thing in his life.

In his last life, no one paid attention to him at all. As for this life…he was reborn, so he established a relationship with Kang Xinhou early on. No one dared to provoke him before.

He was angry and told others Kang Xinhou’s true face.

However, after telling them, he regretted it. Not because he was afraid of Kang Xinhou, but because he was worried that Ying Jialang would have a bad impression of him.

He liked Kang Xinhou in his last life. Although Kang Xinhou treated him badly, he still couldn’t let go of this person. Therefore, at the beginning of this life, he wanted to be with Kang Xinhou.

It’s just that Kang Xinhou has hurt him, so he let go of Kang Xinhou, wanting Kang Xinhou to chase after him more.

However, this chase…Kang Xinhou’s appearance made him disgusted with him!

But without Kang Xinhou, who else could he find? So although he was not reconciled, he still got engaged to Kang Xinhou.

Until Ying Jialang started to contact him because of sympathy…

In his last life, Ying Jialang also liked Su Moxiu, but he was very restrained. When Su Moxiu refused, he gave up. If he hadn’t been paying attention to Su Moxiu, he would never have found it.

He knew Ying Jialang’s hobbies, and he did what he liked, so Ying Jialang really liked him.

“If you really didn’t want it before, it’s okay to say it. Now that little Kang has broken the engagement, why do you still do this?” asked old lady Ying.

Su Yanqing said, “I was careless…”

“You were careless? You just want to save face, right?” After so many years of living, old lady Ying could raise a capable son, so how could she not see how careful Su Yanqing was.

Su Yanqing’s expression froze.

Old lady Ying sighed: “You go to Kang’s house to apologize later.”

At the beginning, though the engagement was said to be forced by the Kang family, if Su Yan didn’t nod his head, what would the Kang family do? What father Kang said at the beginning was to make Su Yanqing lose some money, not to go to Su Yanqing’s school to let others know about Su Yanqing’s true colors and so on.

Su Yanqing didn’t want to apologize.

Besides…Kang Xinhou couldn’t live without him at all, he would come to beg him in a few days, why should he apologize?

“Aren’t you going?” asked old lady Ying.

Su Yanqing stood still.

“You’re too old, I can’t take care of you anymore, you move out.” Old lady Ying said.

Su Yanqing suddenly looked at old lady Ying.

Old lady Ying…drive him away?

He didn’t know whether to be happy or angry.

He lives with old lady Ying so he can be with Ying Jialang. In fact, it is very inconvenient, and people outside also say that it’s good for him to move out.

But if he really moves out, in outsiders’ eyes, was he abandoned by the Ying family, what will others think of him?

“I have prepared a house for you. Someone will take you to the house tomorrow. I will also give you another two million.” Old lady Ying said again. She will pay back the life-saving grace he had helped her.

Although there were many people where she fainted at that time, and her condition was not serious, even without Su Yanqing she might not have died, but she was still grateful.

“Grandma, I will come back to see you.” Su Yanqing said.

After thinking about it, he still felt that it would be better to move out of the Ying family.

As for there may be some rumors outside…In a few days, Kang Xinhou will definitely not be able to stand without him so he will definitely come to him. When Kang Xinhou is there, what can others say?

The engagement has been broken, so there’s no problem with him being with Ying Jialang.

As for Kang Xinhou using Su Moxiu to heal his illness…that’s impossible.

In the previous life, when Kang Xinhou was still young, Su Moxiu forced him to see a psychiatrist. It was like that and it still took Kang Xinhou a lot of time to become normal. In this life, Kang Xinhou’s condition was so serious that it would be weird if he could become normal!

Although he decided to move out, he would definitely have to wait until tomorrow. Su Yanqing went back to his room and planned to pack his things.

When he was packing up, he glanced at his mobile phone, and suddenly he saw a message: “Su Yanqing, go check your email, there are good things in it.”

Su Yanqing opened the email and saw an intimate photo of him and Ying Jialang in it. In the photo, he and Ying Jialang were sitting in the car kissing and then entered the hotel together.

Su Yanqing felt a ‘thump’ in his heart, and quickly replied with a message: “What do you want to do?”

“Give me 50 million, or I’ll send the photo to Ying’s family.”

“You’re crazy! How could I have so much money!” Su Yanqing was furious.

“I know you have it! It’s best for you to give me the money. If you don’t give it…Soon everyone will know that it was you who cheated on Ying Jialang and Kang Xinhou did that. Guess what Ying’s family will think of you?”

Old lady Ying has always disliked him, father Ying and mother Ying were also normal to him…

Su Yanqing lost his mind for a while and wanted to find Ying Jialang.

However, the other person sent him another message: “Don’t try to find Ying Jialang, I have some other things here, such as how you treated your brother…Su Yanqing, you are not the only one who was reborn.”

Su Yanqing’s face changed greatly.

A few days later, Yan Jingze received 50 million from Su Yanqing.

Seeing the money, he was certain that Su Yanqing was reborn.

He doesn’t know what happened in his previous life, he has to continue to investigate, as for these 50 million…

Yan Jingze changed hands and donated it to some organizations that protect children, as a blessing to Kang Xinhou.

Turning his back to Su Moxiu, he knocked out a sum of money from Su Yanqing, then Yan Jingze happily went to sleep with Su Moxiu.

These days, he has slept with Su Moxiu.

“AXiu, it’s time to go to bed!” Yan Jingze said to Su Moxiu who was reading. Su Moxiu has been reading business management books recently, some of which are directly from university textbooks.

“Wait.” Su Moxiu said.

“AXiu, you can’t learn much just by reading books…Why don’t I introduce a teacher to you. If you have any questions, you can ask the teacher.” Yan Jingze said.

“You have a teacher you know?”

“I don’t have it but Kang Xinhou has it! Kang Xinhou knows someone who is very good at company management and knows a lot of things. You can ask him any questions you have.” Yan Jingze pushed his just registered trumpet account to Su Moxiu.

Su Moxiu added Yan Jingze’s trumpet account and looked at Yan Jingze again: “Do you…want to do something? I mean work or something.” These days Yan Jingze follows him to get off work and play games every day, will he feel tired?

Of course, it’s best if Yan Jingze doesn’t want to do anything.

Yan Jingze answered: “No.”

Su Moxiu breathed a sigh of relief and was very satisfied with such a life.

However, others don’t think so.

“Assistant Su has been staying in President Kang’s office every day recently, don’t know what he’s doing…”

“What else can he do besides being President Kang punching bag.”

“President Kang committed suicide and failed to stop Su Yanqing…He can’t do anything to Su Yanqing, but can’t he target Su Moxiu?”

“Why didn’t Su Moxiu resign?”

“I heard that Su Moxiu owes a lot of debts…”


Everyone looked at Su Moxiu with more sympathy.

Su Moxiu: “…”

But that’s fine too.

Only he needs to know what kind of person Yan Jingze is.

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