Chapter 95 - Chapter 95: Chapter 95 The Jade Pendant Unites

Chapter 95: Chapter 95 The Jade Pendant Unites

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As soon as Huang Qingling finished speaking, Little Sparrow hung her head and walked out.

Looking at Little Sparrow, Huang Qingling scolded,

“This Little Sparrow, right after I returned from Old Man Bai, I saw it holding something in its beak, flying from my yard over here to you. I knew this creature’s gluttony hasn’t changed.”

“To think it would steal from me, it really needs a lesson.”

“Speak, what were you holding in your beak just now?”

Huang Qingling stood with her hands on her hips, poised high above, staring fiercely at Little Sparrow as she spoke.

At that moment, Lin Jing spoke up, asking Huang Qingling,

“Qing Ling, don’t you have a Golden Core Magic Treasure, a Jade Pendant with a hiding function?”

Huang Qingling nodded, ‘Yes, I have one. It was a gift from Elder Bai.”

After she said this, Huang Qingling immediately realized something, “Could it be that it stole that Jade Pendant?”

“Did you bring that Jade Pendant here?” Huang Qingling looked at Little Sparrow and asked.

Little Sparrow did not dare to lift her head, hanging it low, and nodded slightly.

“You’ve done well, not stealing from outsiders, but becoming a thief within your own home.”

At that moment, Huang Qingling stood with a stern face, looking straight at Little Sparrow, the pressure undeniable.

“Where is that lade Pendant?”

Little Sparrow cocked her head, glancing at Lin Jing.


Lin Jing coughed lightly and then said with some embarrassment, “My apologies, Qing Ling, the Jade Pendant has undergone some changes.” “What changes?” Huang Qingling looked up, puzzled, at Lin Jing.

Lin Jing then pointed at the ball of light and said,

“This is your Jade Pendant, along with mine.”

After hearing Lin Jing’s explanation, Huang Qingling was even more confused.

“Qing Ling, the thing is…”

Lin Jing hurried to explain.

Then, he recounted to Huang Qingling the whole process of how Little Sparrow had brought over the Jade Pendant, including what happened after.


Lin Jing still concealed the part at the beginning when Little Sparrow had brought the undergarments, as that was too private.

Besides, those undergarments were still in Lin Jing’s Storage Bag; he wasn’t in a position to explain.

He could only hope that once this matter was over, he could have Little

Sparrow return the undergarments without Huang Qingling finding out.

After listening to the explanation, Huang Qingling looked incredulously at the ball of light floating in the air.

“These are the two Jade Pendants?”

“But how did they end up like this?” Huang Qingling asked, puzzled.

Lin Jing explained, “My Jade Pendant, I obtained it just a few days ago. The vendor told me that there was another one and that the two Pendants could be fused together to become even more powerful.”

“I just never expected that the other Jade Pendant would be with you, and that Little Sparrow would bring it here.”

As soon as Huang Qingling heard that the two Jade Pendants could be fused, her eyes sparkled, and she quickly asked, looking at the ball of light,

“Become more powerful? Once the Jade Pendants are fused, what will they become? Will there be any new functions?”

“It still only has the hiding function, no change, but the effect is much stronger now,” Lin Jing replied honestly.

Huang Qingling, upon hearing this, instantly lost the excitement she had before.

“I thought there would be some new function. What’s the use of more powerful hiding if it doesn’t help in a fight or anything?”

“Boring. ”

While they were speaking, the ball of light grew dimmer, clearly nearing the completion of the fusion.

After a short wait, the glow from the Jade Pendants faded, and then they fell to the ground.

Seeing this, Huang Qingling reached out her hand, and the Jade Pendants flew towards her.

She caught the Jade Pendants and examined them closely.

Lin Jing also looked intently from the side, noticing that the two Jade Pendants fit together seamlessly, indeed much thicker than before.

At the spot where the two Jade Pendants were joined, not even a seam was visible, looking as though they formed a single entity.

After watching for a while, Huang Qingling poured her Spiritual Power into the Jade Pendants to test them.

Having done all this, Huang Qingling’s eyes shifted, and holding the Jade

Pendants, she turned to Lin Jing and said,

Lin Jing

“I just tested it out, and our jade pendants have now fused into one. They definitely can’t be separated now.”

“Look, since the jade pendant cannot be separated, from now on, only one person can wear it. How about this, the jade pendant is yours now.”

“From now on, every month, you make me two extra delicious meals, how’s that?”

Huang Qingling fluttered her big eyes, looking towards Lin Jing.

Lin Jing, however, was dumbfounded and couldn’t help but mutter to himself.

“Just two delicious meals, and I get a Golden Core Magic Treasure like this?” At this moment, Lin Jing almost felt like it was too good to be true.

“Qing Ling, my friend, this jade pendant is a Golden Core Magic Treasure…” Lin Jing reminded.

“So what if it’s a Golden Core Magic Treasure? It’s just a hiding treasure, and I don’t like it.”

“Besides, who am I?”

“Do I need to hide myself in Fang Market?”

“When Old Man Bai gave me this Jade Pendant, I only accepted it because it looked nice. Now that the two pendants have merged, they look too ugly. I

don’t want it anymore, and I’d rather trade it for two delicious meals.”

After hearing Huang Qingling’s words, Lin Jing was caught between laughter and tears.

Ugly, that was Huang Qingling’s evaluation of the Jade Pendant.

At this point, Huang Qingling looked at the Jade Pendant and suddenly asked:

“By the way, can this Jade Pendant mimic the cultivation of a higher-level cultivator? For instance, after I refine this Jade Pendant, can I disguise my cultivation as if it’s at the Golden Core Stage?”

Lin Jing thought for a moment and said:

“I don’t think so. The vendor didn’t say anything about that either. Besides, just the function of concealing one’s cultivation is already very impressive.”

“Right, it’s yours then. Our deal is settled.”

Huang Qingling spoke and without waiting for Lin Jing to object, she promptly stuffed the Jade Pendant into Lin Jing’s hands.

In this way, Lin Jing received a hiding treasure equivalent to a Nascent Soul Magic Treasure.

“Now, it’s time to talk about Little Sparrow’s business…” Huang Qingling stretched out her arm and said to Little Sparrow:

“Little Sparrow, come here…”

Little Sparrow, hearing this and seeing the disapproval on Huang Qingling’s face, didn’t dare to resist and flew onto Huang Qingling’s outstretched arm.

It seemed that however Huang Qingling had trained Little Sparrow, despite its occasional rebelliousness, it dared not disobey her.

Then, Huang Qingling turned back, smiled at Lin Jing, and asked:

“Lin Jing, are you busy today?”

“Look, how about today we…”

Lin Jing, of course, understood Huang Qingling’s implication and couldn’t help but chortle.

“This Huang Qingling…”

Lin Jing even suspected that Little Sparrow’s gluttony was all learned from her.

Having obtained the complete Hidden Dragon Pendant of the Azure Moon, Lin Jing was in a very good mood that day and immediately expressed his consent.

“No problem.”

“I’ll go prepare some ingredients first.” “There’s no need… no need…”

“I’ve brought the ingredients.” Huang Qingling said.

“So this was premeditated…”

Lin Jing looked at Huang Qingling and spoke.

Huang Qingling’s cheeks reddened, then she said, “Well, I knew you had just finished collecting materials when I returned from Old Man Bai’s place, so I figured you wouldn’t be busy today…”


“Indeed, it’s been a while since I last cooked…” Lin Jing nodded and then said to Huang Qingling:

“Bring out all the ingredients.”

After that, Huang Qingling took a big pile of ingredients out of the Storage Bag.

Lin Jing took all the ingredients to the kitchen.

He then went inside the house, found the fish that Little Sparrow had hidden under the bed, and also brought it back to the kitchen to start getting busy. Meanwhile, Huang Qingling began to scold Little Sparrow in the courtyard..