Chapter 289 - Chapter 289: 120 End, Return (10K Subscription Request)_1

Chapter 289: 120 End, Return (10K Subscription Request)_1

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The moment he saw Huang Shengyi and Xu Changqing appear in Leiting Market, Su Yu had a premonition that they would attack him. This was a great opportunity as he had left the territory of the Yunjian Sect and was no longer under the ‘protection’ of Luo Qianyu.

Given Huang Shengyi’s hatred for the Su Family and the Yunjian Sect, she wouldn’t overlook the prey that suddenly appeared before her.

Three strongest were merely small fries at the ninth level of the Foundation Establishment Realm.

Years ago, many clansmen of the Su Family perished because of her, Xu Changqing, and Jiang Baiyu.

Now having the chance to kill three core figures of the Su Family, how could she and Xu Changqing not show up?

The Puppet Daoist took a step forward, took Huang Shengyi’s Qiankun Bag from her, and looked at the pulverized remains of Huang Shengyi, his eyes flickered as he quietly said: “If you had hidden quietly, enjoying the remainder of your life, you could have lived for another two or three hundred years.”

“But you chose the most miserable path to death.”

The Puppet Daoist’s arm extended, creating a shock wave of power.

Huang Shengyi’s pool of broken flesh and blood gradually turned into dust, falling to the ground. The only remains were fragments of her light yellow artifact robes scattered in the dense forest.

They were the last trace of her in this world.


The Puppet Daoist’s divine sense broke through the imprint on Huang Shengyi’s Qiankun Bag, and after destroying a pile of mess inside, there weren’t many items left in the bag.

The Mountain-shaped Dharma Seal, a top-grade magic artifact that had been swapped by Xu Changqing previously, returned to his hands.

Other than that, the Puppet Daoist also saw a jade slip.

In the distance.


One earth dragon after another emerged, exuding terrifying aura, shining with five-coloured mana light, and vicious dragon scales could be seen forming on their bodies. These enormous earth dragons, made from countless mud and soil, emerged from the ground, hitting Xu Changqing who wanted to escape, and thrust him into the ground not far away.

The ground trembled, the spectacle left the five newly freed cultivators at the ninth level of Foundation Establishment completely dumbfounded.

The True Man Xu, who had made them want to beg for mercy just a moment ago, was now being completely dominated.

They looked at Xu Changqing who was being suppressed by the terrifying earth dragons and then at Su Yu, feeling his Five Elements mana aura and an aura of domination more powerful than Xu Changqing.

The five of them felt their scalps tingling. In an instant, their legs went soft, and under the suppression of the aura, they all fell to the ground.

Even though the spell cast by Xu Changqing had dissolved, and they were free.

At this moment, none of the five dared to move, frightened out of their wits.

“Who exactly is this person? Gold, wood, water, fire, earth – he… he has actually cultivated the Five Elements, all five at once!” An elderly cultivator at the ninth level of the Foundation Establishment murmured with trembling heart.

“It’s over, it’s over. How could I have been so foolish to attempt to kill such a terrifying existence? At only the ninth level of Foundation Establishment, he has the same level of cultivation as me, but he can easily suppress True Man Xu Changqing, who is at the stage of Core Formation. Monster, he is a monster!” Another ninth realm cultivator’s eyes were dull, full of regret.

“Su Yu, the honorer of the Yunjian Sect? I had never heard of him before, and I’ve never seen him participate in the Leiting Market trade assembly. I originally thought he was a minor figure, a minor figure that could be easily manipulated.”

“But who would have thought, the clown was myself? Hahaha, perhaps, this is the cultivation world. Today, it’s my day of doom!”

A cultivator at the ninth level of Foundation Establishment closed his eyes, his face pale, feeling desolate.

He already despaired, waiting for death.

“Pft.” Buried under the ground, Xu Changqing, who was attacked by the earth dragons, felt as though his body was about to shatter. He spat out blood repeatedly, unable to defend against the fearful power that burst his hastily cast protective spell and shattered the defence of his top-grade artifact robe.

His body was hit from the air and plunged into the ground, bringing him to a halt.

Although he had made a strenuous effort to resist, he was still alive.

But recalling the terrifying aura and power of those earth dragons, Xu Changqing’s eyes were filled with fear.


Before he could continue his escape, the ground around Xu Changqing suddenly changed.

Chains filled with copious amounts of mana sprang out, trapping his limbs and body.

The next moment.

The chains were suddenly pulled taut, lifting Xu Changqing from the ground and drawing out his body in mid-air.

The terrifying force tore his body apart, giving him the sensation of being drawn and quartered.

The intense pain was unbearable for Xu Changqing, even as a cultivator at the second stage of Core Formation. His hair disheveled, covered in blood, he couldn’t help but let out a mournful scream: “Ah, it hurts!”

Xu Changqing tried to break free from the chains, but the force he exerted disappeared into them, like dropping a stone into the sea.

The chains absorbed his power, making them even more formidable and stable.

The spell – Xuanming Lock Dragon Technique!

Having trapped Xu Changqing, Su Yu took a deep breath. While Xu Changqing was desperately trying to break free from the Xuanming Lock Dragon Technique, Su Yu kept injecting mana to counteract him.

Feeling the rate of mana consumption, Su Yu thought it was manageable.

To trap a true person at the second stage of Core Formation, he could at least hold out for a quarter of an hour.