Chapter 5946: another sword master

Chapter 5946 Another Sword Master

Now that this task has fallen to Su Yan, the next step is to finalize some details.

Mu Nianqing gave Qin Feng great convenience, and at the same time sent three thousand elite Taoist soldiers to him, and at the same time sent two gods, Emperor Dragon and Yaoyang, to assist Su Yan.

He wants to make sure nothing goes wrong.

But Su Yan always felt a little uncomfortable. These four masters seemed to treat him like a baby, and they were afraid that something would happen to him.

Although I can understand their mood and position of treating the sword master as a treasure, it will always feel strange for this kind of thing to happen to me.

The Sword Spirit of Heaven's Punishment was extremely excited, and kept chattering in his ears since he set off.

"Do you know that I haven't killed a **** for a long time, and the happiness brought by killing a **** far surpasses all other happiness!"

"Killing those gods will definitely make you happy, Su Yan!"

Her words were filled with a strange sense of anticipation, as if she couldn't wait for the upcoming battle.

Of course, in her eyes, the so-called battle was just an inevitable massacre.

Although Xuanyang Tianzhi was very polite to Su Yan on the surface, he was actually very worried in his heart.

Although Su Yan showed a crushing level of sword intent just now, like a turbulent wave, he had to bow his head and surrender.

But his Su Yan's strength is only that of the Supreme Being.

The gap in realm has not been smoothed out because of this, this is the most terrible thing.

But since it was a matter for the four masters to decide, he didn't dare to say anything more.

When they came to the back of the Qingfeng God Realm, they had already seen a strong black aura completely wrapping the upper part of the God Realm before they arrived.

Even the Divine Sense of the God Venerable could not penetrate this darkness and reach the realm of the gods...

God Emperor Emperor Dragon couldn't help frowning and said: "The old thief Hidden Dragon may have already arranged an infinite formation on the God's Domain, just waiting for us to break in easily..."

"The darkness here is not only extremely dense, but also interlocking. There must be something hidden inside!"

Even the two gods felt that the darkness was so intense that it was very difficult to handle.

But Su Yan just smiled slightly, and then said: "I can easily break this dark aura."

"Really?" Yaoyang God Venerable showed a very unbelievable expression on his face.

He said this not to doubt the power of Su Yan and the sword master, but what Su Yan said was somewhat contrary to common sense.

Then I saw Su Yan let out a breath, and then a powerful sword intent rose from his body.

Although Heaven's Punishment is still in the scabbard, it is also starting to shine with crimson light...

Whether it is a person or a sword, they are already eager to try.

Afterwards, Su Yan put his hand on the long sword.

He didn't sway the sword light immediately, but stood there without saying a word.

I saw circles of crimson light swaying from Su Yan's body.

The two gods and Xuanyang Tianzhi unconsciously opened the distance between them and Su Yan.

Because even they, when they feel the crimson light, their skin will feel a tingling sensation.

An inconceivable expression gradually appeared on the face of God Venerable Yaoyang.

Su Yan is still just a Great Supreme Being, and there is a big difference in realm between them and them, yet he can already make them feel such a direct threat.

This point is really too exaggerated!

Moreover, the powerful sword intent rising from Su Yan's body not only made them feel extremely stressed, but also stirred up the dense darkness above the God's Domain.

It's like a raging wave suddenly born in the raging sea.

Although Su Yan hadn't made a formal move yet, his strength and aura had already reached an unimaginable peak.

The power of the sword of Heaven's Punishment is indeed far superior to other artifacts.

Su Yan could clearly feel the surging power constantly swimming in his body. As long as he had this sword in his hand, he would not feel any pressure to challenge the Supreme Being...

It seems that there is nothing in this world that he can keep chopping with his sword!

This kind of extreme self-confidence is very important for sword cultivators.

If a swordsman does not have absolute confidence in himself, then he will definitely not be able to reach the ultimate peak of the sword.

The sword spirit of Heaven's Punishment is usually very noisy, but at this time, the sword spirit became very quiet instead. She did not disturb Su Yan's momentum, but cooperated with Su Yan excitedly.

It seems that she has seen the blood flow in the God Realm below...

Finally, Su Yan suddenly activated the hand that was holding down the punishment of heaven, this time there was no warning, and the speed of Su Yan's sword was too fast to be ridiculous.

I saw a **** light that shook the world, and then slashed heavily on the God Realm below!

The extremely intense darkness immediately turned into more than 20 different ancient symbols, and these symbols were arranged and combined to form countless formations.

These formations seem to be naturally generated by the darkness and operate automatically... The inner thread contains countless mysteries and opportunities, and it is really exquisite to the extreme.

The person who arranges these formations must be the formation master.

But in the face of the overwhelming power of Heaven's Punishment, no matter how many changes there are in these formations, they are useless, or should be said to be meaningless!

After the **** sword light slashed down, those dark symbols collapsed in half!

The power contained in Su Yan's **** sword light is also very pure, it is a power of direct destruction.

Apart from destruction itself, it does not contain any other impurities.

After such pure destruction is shrouded, no matter the darkness or the light, in fact, both will be completely destroyed!

At this moment, the **** sword light actually devoured Su Yan in reverse!

I can't see everything in front of me clearly, I can only see some light and shadows that are so intense that they are blood-colored!

The two gods were still shocked by Su Yan's power, especially the Emperor Dragon, who brought Su Yan back to the Zixiao Sword Domain.

Even he didn't expect that Su Yan would grow to such an exaggerated level in such a short period of time! !

Such a destructive power is hard to match even for him!

The blood-colored sword light brings an almost infinite sense of terror and oppression!

And the darkness below also began to shrink violently.

In the end, there was only darkness left, and it seemed that even the surrounding light was distorted by the darkness.

This is already the last defensive formation of Qingfeng God Realm.

As long as this last formation is broken, they will even attack the Qingfeng God Realm!

This speed and efficiency are really too fast!

The picture seen on Qingfeng Shenyu at this time was also horrifying.

Most of the sky is bloody, and the other half is dark. These two forces distort the light of the sky.

It makes the whole God's Domain look like a terrible distortion!

Above God's Domain, some dark gods have become very panicked.

They were very aware of what was happening above, especially after sensing Su Yan's sword intent, they felt that their lives were under great threat!

They probably wouldn't have the slightest resistance in front of this **** sword light!

As long as you are swept by this **** sword light, you may end up dying, there will be no second possibility!

"What about Patriarch, don't hurry up and invite Patriarch!"

"Now the defense above God's Domain is about to fail, and the people from the Four Great Sword Domains have fought back!"

"If we don't invite the ancestor to come back, I'm afraid we will all lose our heads!"

"Hey, where did the Four Great Sword Realms invite such a **** of killing, and the sword intent is so cruel!!"

Now those dark gods in God's Domain are all terrified, shocked by Su Yan's destructive power and that shocking killing intent!

The order of the entire Divine Realm has also become extremely chaotic, and many people are already thinking about how to escape.

At this time, Su Yan had already raised the **** long sword in his hands.

The power of Heaven's Punishment condensed again, and then suddenly fell down!

Su Yan's purpose is very obvious, that is to wipe out the last piece of dark formation above the Qingfeng God Realm with one sword!

After the power of Heaven's Punishment fell from the sky, the sky above the God's Domain was suddenly filled with blood!

Followed by the sky is also shaking up...

Amidst the violent shaking, more than a dozen openings were opened in the sky, and blood flowed out from these openings.

The mouths of these **** waters were more than a hundred miles wide at their widest point, and the **** waters formed waterfalls in the sky, falling towards the God's Domain below.

Even Su Yan didn't know what alien world the blood came from, but there was no doubt that when the blood appeared, the aura of punishment and destruction in his hand became more and more terrifying!

At this moment, even he himself had a strange feeling that he couldn't hold this sword!

And the setting sun above God's Domain is like blood, and the sky is cracked with countless holes!

Those dark gods have already begun to worry. If this continues, won't the entire God's Domain be split in the middle by the opponent with a sword? ?

They have never seen such a powerful sword, nor have they seen such a powerful sword repairer.

The voices of crying father and mother were everywhere in the entire God's Domain.

"It must be the sword master! It must be the sword master of the four major sword domains!"

"Only the sword master has such exaggerated lethality!"

They were already terrified, but they became even more terrified when they heard the words "Sword Master".

And at this time, a powerful spiritual consciousness finally rose from the depths of the Qingfeng God Realm.

This powerful consciousness turned into a huge black aura in the air...

"It's the ancestor who came!"

"The ancestor is here! We are saved!"

This powerful dark consciousness opened its eyes in the air, and suddenly looked up, just in time to see Su Yan who was surrounded by a mass of blood.

This dark consciousness also fell into a great shock.

He could feel the outrageously strong sword intent and power in that mass of blood...

But for a while, he didn't know the origin of this **** power.

Suddenly, he suddenly said: "Could it be that there is another sword master in the four major sword domains?!"