Chapter 154 - Chapter 154 Chapter 121: Little Boy Cleans the Floor!

Chapter 154 Chapter 121: Little Boy Cleans the Floor!

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Izu Island.

In a dilapidated city.

Qin Zheng, Bai Jingqi, and two other young men had established a robust defense line using a building.

Hundreds to thousands of ordinary Inferior Tribe members were launching suicidal attacks at them.

Some of them were wielding various weapons, some were armed with firearms, while others were bare-handed, all charging fearlessly.

Inside the building, Li Zhen, Li Jiao, and three others were continuously using their skills to kill the Inferior Tribe members outside.

But their mental exhaustion was enormous. Their faces were pale, but they dared not stop.

Without their support, Qin Zheng, Bai Jingqi, and the others at the bottom of the building could possibly be exhausted to death by the swarm of Inferior Tribe members.

The outer area of the building was already littered with corpses, blood flowing like a river.

Among these ordinary Inferior Tribe members, there were strong Professionists who occasionally launched surprise attacks.

Just now, an Inferior Tribe Professionist had nearly injured Qin Zheng severely with a surprise attack.

The main issue was that they couldn’t tell the difference between ordinary Inferior Tribe members and Inferior Tribe Professionists, both of them looked equally eerie and disgusting.

Therefore, the four of them dared not be the least bit careless, afraid of being caught off-guard by the Inferior Tribe Professionists.

“Damn it! These Inferior Tribe members have gone mad!”

“It’s almost been an hour! Damn it!”

“Just how many of them are there…”

The noble descendants cursed out loud, while Qin Zheng and Bai Jingqi maintained their composure.

Compared to the half-beast people in Morea Mine, these Inferior Tribe members were not worth mentioning.

“Don’t get distracted!”

Qin Zheng shouted loudly, “As long as we hold this building, these Inferior Tribe members will collapse sooner or later!”

“I’m just afraid we might collapse first!”

A round-faced noble descendant shouted, “I’m covered in blood, can’t we retreat while fighting?!”

“I also agree with retreating while fighting, didn’t we come across many classmates on the way? Let them also share some of the burden…”


At that moment, in the distance, an incredibly bright light gate abruptly rose from the ground, instantly shooting up into the sky, obscuring everyone’s vision.

Even the deluded Inferior Tribe members, who were desperately attacking, subconsciously took a look back.

The blinding light bathed everyone’s faces.

Soon, wave after wave of intense shock waves spread like a tsunami across the entire ocean.

“What, what the hell is that?!”

“Forbidden curse? Is there an epic-level powerhouse here?”

“Damn! It’s a nuclear bomb! It’s a nuclear bomb!!”

Inside the building, Li Zhen’s face changed drastically, as he shouted loudly, “Someone has launched a nuclear bomb! Is it the Inferior Tribe, or us…”


A few moments later, another dazzling huge light explosion sounded, identical to the previous ones.

The scorching flames and explosive shock waves once again rushed crazily into the sea.

One after another, again and again, bomb after bomb…

Incessant fireworks exploded in the sky, one after another, endlessly.

Endless flames and shock waves almost engulfed the entire ocean and sky.

Countless Blue Star Professionists, countless Inferior Tribe members, subconsciously looked up.

But all they saw, filling their pupils, was nothing but endless white light!

Izu Island.

Around the city.

Over ten Blue Star Professionists have formed a defense line, resisting the onslaught of the Inferior Tribe.

Behind them, a few ranged attack Professionists were also fighting fiercely with the Inferior Tribe.

Among them, a young girl in a blue outfit with a blue Spring God mask on her face was dancing.

She had specially made wind chimes on her wrists and ankles.

With every move, every jump, every swing, and every step, a clear bell sound would be made.

The enchanting figure, accompanied by a charming dance and the sound of wind chimes, appeared extremely solemn and mysterious.

“When the crystal radiates, the sacred pond in the east becomes brilliant; the holy ones are summoned by the green youth.”

“Fire is thrown thousands of miles away, shaking the Zhen palace, the rain swiftly comes, covering everything…”

“The black flags fly in the void, hiding the sun and steaming the rain, filling the clouds.”

“The mighty Kunlun peak is disturbed, and the ghost turns the sea into a profound abyss…”

With the rhythm of her dance and the singing of her ballads, the area was soon filled with raging winds and dark clouds.

Rows of thin rain transformed into specks of ice falling from the sky, landing on the Inferior Tribe members.



They soon began to scream in agony. This rainwater carried a strong corrosive power which very easily corroded their skin, flesh, and even bones!

In contrast, when the misty downpour came in contact with the Blue Star rookie Professionists who were attending the college entrance examination, they could feel a rush of refreshing energy seeping into their skin.

Their physical strength and spirit were slowly recovering.

“My spirit, my spirit is recovering so quickly!”

“Sweet dew! It’s raining sweet dew!”

“Shrine Miko! An ancient religious post that governs the ceremonial etiquette of heaven and earth, sacrifices to the sky, rivers and mountains, and prays for rain!”

“Miss Jiang Muyun! You are the future of our Blue Star! Please let me become your follower!”

“Me too!”

“Jiang Muyun Miko…”

When the song ended and the dance stopped, the curtain of rain formed by her rain spell continued to pour down, even started turning into a downpour.

And finally, the Inferior Tribe members covered by the downpour could not hold on any longer, and began running around in panic, scrambling to escape.

Even the professionists hidden among these Inferior Tribe did not have the chance to launch any ambush attacks, as they were stopped by the heavy rain!

Jiang Muyun gently lifted the spring-mask from her face, quietly saying, “We’re all sons of the Xia Country, we should treat each other like brothers, like…”

“Boom, boom, boom!!!”

An intense rumble suddenly cut off Jiang Muyun’s voice.

With a horrified look, she turned her head around.

A massive mushroom cloud erupted into the sky, and a blinding white light dramatically exploded in the air.

A violent shock wave visibly rushed towards them at an incredible speed!

Her face turned pale and she gasped, “Is this…a nuclear bomb?!”

Izu Island.

On the beach.

A dragon, the size of a calf, flapped its wings and soared into the sky while Zhu Chengyu continued to rain down a barrage from the sky with his golden spear.

The golden spear in his hands, with just a gentle flick, was able to effortlessly slaughter several members of the Inferior Tribe.

Underneath him, nine other military professionalists who also graduated from affiliated military schools joined the battle.

Three of them rode creatures similar to a sub-dragon.

With these three leading the charge, the Inferior Tribe simply couldn’t put up a defense.

With each charge, with each violent clash, they left a battlefield littered with corpses.


In mid-air, Zhu Chengyu dived again. The dragon beneath him opened its mouth wide and let out a scorching flame from the sky, which slammed fiercely into the crowd of the Inferior Tribe.

Seven or eight members of the Inferior Tribe screamed in pain, their bodies charred, a sight too horrifying to behold.


A professionist hidden among the Inferior Tribe suddenly leapt up. A sharp bone spur protruded from the palm of his right hand as he lunged at the airborne Zhu Chengyu.


But before he could reach him, a long, thick golden spear protruded from Zhu Chengyu’s back, impaling the opponent in an instant.

With a slight shake, the professionist from the Inferior Tribe was thrown dozens of meters away, leaving behind a deep gash, with his internal organs falling from the sky.


Zhu Chengyu, who just killed a professionist from the Inferior Tribe as if it was nothing, lightly patted the dragon’s head, then swooped down again, leaving a trail of fresh blood behind him.

Finally, the Inferior Tribe couldn’t hold up anymore and began to scatter in retreat.

There were still a few professionists from the Inferior Tribe who tried to resist but were effortlessly slaughtered by Zhu Chengyu and the rest.


Zhu Chengyu said coldly, “Leave none alive!”

“Yes, sir!”

The remaining nine professionalists obediently replied, quickly mounted their mounts, and chased down the fleeing Inferior Tribe.

As soldiers, carrying out orders was their sacred responsibility.

“Boom, boom, boom!!!”

At that moment, an intense explosion echoed, as it abruptly erupted on the distant main island.

The soaring white light and mushroom cloud cast a shadow over the entire sky.

One after another, after another.

Their faces turned pale with shock, ecstasy, and disbelief.

Zhu Chengyu said in a deep voice, “Nuclear bomb… it’s our nuclear bomb.”

“The main island is over five hundred kilometers away from us, we won’t be affected.”

“Ignore them, keep hunting down the Inferior Tribe!”


A soldier dressed in camouflage clothes and riding a magical pet similar to a crocodile exclaimed, “After the nuclear explosion… there might be an earthquake, possibly triggering a tsunami!”


Zhu Chengyu’s face also changed dramatically, and he quickly ordered, “Quickly find buildings that are high and made of strong materials!”

“Yes, sir!!!”

Izu Island.

Inside the main city.

Xu Qingfeng, all by himself, broke into the main city of the Inferior Tribe, slaughtered masses inside what seemed to be the professionists’ guild of the Inferior Tribe.

None of the low-ranking or mid-ranking professionists present in the guild were a match for him!

“LV79 Breakthrough Mission, Sky Sacrifice, requires sufficient sacrifices to gain the power of the heavens and earth, to step into the Epic Level mysteriously.”

He looked indifferent, while his hands maintained steady movements.

With a grab, a long sword made entirely of energy appeared in his hand, easily killing a third-rate professionist from the Inferior Tribe who had rushed towards him.

“The higher the quality and quantity of sacrifices prepared, the higher the success rate of the breakthrough!”

“I wanted all the intelligent creatures of the Radiated Star as sacrifices, but those on the peak denied it. I don’t know what they’re planning.”


He snorted, “The Inferior Tribe deserved to die. I’ll first slaughter all the middle-rank professionists on Izu Island before heading to the Radiated Island.”

“Although I can’t sacrifice everyone on the Radiated Island, I still can sacrifice at least hundreds of LV69 and above professionists.”

“It would be great if I could find that left by the epic hunters of legends…”


While he was in action, several mushroom clouds were rising from the Radiated Island, attracting his attention.

Like the others, he was stunned by the frequent mushroom clouds and exclaimed, “Nuclear bomb… Which predecessor has the guts to launch a nuclear bomb on the Radiated Star’s territory!”

“No good… My sacrificial offering!”

His figure wavered, and a pair of wings made entirely of energy appeared on his back. He rushed towards the main island.

At the same time, with a flip of his hand, a sound transmission rune appeared and quickly burned:

“Dongzi, Haorzi, I’m going to the main island. You’re in charge here!”

“Beware of tsunami!”