Chapter 24: After tonight, you will definitely fall in love with me.[R18]

Chapter 24: After tonight, you will definitely fall in love with me.[R18]

Three days later, Alexander's beachfront villa once again bustled with activity, with the priest having grown numb to the frequent festivities.

Although this world didn't prohibit polygamy, he had never seen someone get married so frequently. Could this be the world of the rich?

Alexander seemed indifferent to the priest's confusion. Dressed in a flawless white suit, courteous and elegant, today he was welcoming his new bride into his life, the beautiful and talented Anna.

Anna was equally radiant. She wore a dress that shimmered under the sunlight, youthful and vibrant.

The guests were friends of Alexander, celebrities from various fields, and representatives from important families. They were all curious about who Alexander had chosen this time. Upon seeing Anna, many were stunned by her beauty and charm.

During this extravagant ceremony, the priest couldn't help but reflect on Alexander's unique lifestyle. To him, marriage was a sacred commitment, not a transaction.

Perhaps, he thought, love can blossom in the most unexpected situations.

At night, Alexander made his way to Anna's room.

He slowly lifted Anna's long dress, revealing her smooth, white back, followed by her round buttocks, and then a pair of flawless and slender legs with perfect curves.

She was wearing a set of pink lingerie, which made her look even more petite and cute.

As it was still early, Alexander was not in a rush. He watched as Anna changed into a nightgown.

The nightgown was a strappy one, very sexy, showing off most of her back!

Alexander couldn't help but praise, "Darling, your back is really beautiful!"

Alexander's hands began to caress Anna's back. He started kissing her neck lightly, but Anna began to resist.

However, how could Alexander allow her to resist? He caught Anna's hands, hugged her tightly, and even wrapped his legs around hers.

After all, Anna was only an 18-year-old girl, how could she match Alexander's strength?

Alexander began to touch Anna's chest through her lingerie and bra. Anna seemed to struggle hard, "No, please don't do this to me! I was forced to marry you by my father. There is no love between us."

"You're right, but aren't we slowly cultivating feelings now? Trust me, after tonight, you will surely fall in love with me." Alexander smiled and said.

Alexander caught Anna's hands and continued to kiss her earlobes. Anna seemed very sensitive, and her face was even redder. Her throat seemed to be panting, and her resistance weakened a lot.

Alexander took this opportunity to reach into her bra and began to caress her breasts, his mouth also kissing her cheeks.

Anna had begun to show signs of sexual desire, but she still kept saying no. However, her whole body had already slumped onto Alexander's body.

Alexander put Anna on the bed, took off her nightgown, and removed her bra.

Her high breasts immediately appeared in front of him! The pink nipples in the middle were so small that Alexander was surprised. He gently nibbled on them while slowly stroking Anna's lower body.

Although Anna had been resistant all along, her panties were already wet.

Alexander took off his pants and placed Anna's hand on his penis.

Anna, who had been biting her lips and closing her eyes, suddenly opened her eyes and quickly withdrew her hand. She looked at the thick and large penis in disbelief.

At this point, Alexander increased the strength of his hands, one hand squeezing her breasts, and the other hand pulling off her panties to delve deep into her forest.

Anna had never experienced such stimulation before and couldn't help but open her mouth, gasping for breath.

She started grabbing blindly, and unexpectedly touched Alexander's penis again. This time, she did not withdraw her hand, but held it tightly, as if this thing could bring her a sense of security.

Her labia, like her breasts, were still red and tender, and there was already some love juice that had seeped out, but not much.

Alexander used his teeth to bite her labia and clitoris, gently tearing and gnawing. He could hear her continuously moaning softly, her snow-white buttocks writhing restlessly, and her love juice was increasing.

Suddenly, Alexander heard Anna let out an "Ah" sound, and he could clearly feel her thighs suddenly tighten, and her buttocks lifted up. After several minutes, her buttocks and thighs finally relaxed.

Alexander knew that with his tongue alone, he had already brought Anna to the climax of sexual desire.

Alexander climbed up with a smile and looked at Anna after her climax. Her face was red to the tip of her nose due to the stimulation.

Seeing Alexander's teasing eyes, Anna turned her head away shyly, her beautiful eyelashes trembling slightly.

Alexander turned her head back and asked with a smile, "Did you enjoy it?" Anna didn't answer and continued to shy away from Alexander's gaze.

Alexander's penis had already become very hard and he wanted to insert it directly!

Alexander gently rubbed his penis against Anna's vagina, and she continued to enjoy the wonderful feeling without realizing that she was about to be penetrated.

Anna finally began to moan, no longer suppressing her feelings! However, she still groaned softly and quietly.

Suddenly, Alexander pushed all the way in! Anna clearly felt Alexander enter her body and was so painful that she sat up in surprise.

Alexander hugged her and said gently, "I'm sorry, did I hurt you?"

"No, no, please don't move, you're too big and it hurts!" Anna quickly replied.

Anna's vagina was indeed very tight, squeezing very tightly! Alexander continued to kiss her earlobes and neck, and touched her breasts, feeling every inch of her skin.

After a while, Anna couldn't help but moan again, and the water inside her vagina became more and more.

Alexander began to try to thrust gently, but Anna frowned again! However, Alexander couldn't hold back anymore, and could only try to keep the speed and strength of the thrusts relatively small.

During this process, Anna finally began to scream loudly, "Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah..."

It was unclear whether it was a cry of pain or pleasure. Anna also became more active, her hands hooked around Alexander's neck, her hair scattered, waving like waves with the up and down thrusts.

Alexander saw this scene and unconsciously increased the speed and strength of his thrusts!

Then Anna couldn't take it anymore and started screaming, "Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, I can't take it anymore!"

At this point, her charming and cute appearance, high breasts bouncing up and down. Anna's nipples clearly grew a lot during sex, and Alexander used his hands to support her waist and continued to massage her breasts.

Alexander felt Anna's vagina contracting again, and the hot vagina tightly wrapped around his penis, feeling very comfortable. Alexander's penis also gradually felt a surge, as if he was about to reach orgasm.

So Alexander put Anna flat on the bed, adjusted the missionary position, and prepared to insert again.

Anna began to look at Alexander with a pleading gaze, apparently very eager for him to penetrate her.

Alexander deliberately stopped his penis at the entrance, grinding up and down the seam, and asked, "Do you want it?"

Due to shyness, Anna still didn't want to nod or say anything.

Alexander had the patience to not insert, and continued to caress her vagina on both sides, finding her sensitive areas. Anna's body began to actively lean against Alexander's penis, wanting to take the initiative to let him insert.

Seeing this scene, Alexander asked, "Do you want it? If not, I'll leave!" As he said this, Alexander acted as if he was going to pull up his pants.

Anna finally gave in and pulled Alexander's hand, saying, "Don't go, please insert it!"

Alexander smiled slightly and quickly inserted it all the way in.


Anna moaned and then closed her eyes to enjoy the pleasure!

Her high breasts were still so big and round when lying flat. With every thrust from Alexander, her breasts also moved up and down like two undulating mountains.

As Alexander thrust in deeply again, Anna's moaning frequency became faster and faster, her vagina becoming tighter and tighter, her buttocks starting to sway slowly, and her nose emitting "mm-mm" sounds.

After less than ten minutes, Anna couldn't take it anymore and shouted, "I can't take it anymore, ah, ah, ah...!" She collapsed completely.

However, Alexander did not stop, he continued to maintain this position and thrust for half an hour, giving Anna more than three orgasms.

Alexander's still hard penis remained in her vagina, and he gently pinched Anna's red face and asked, "Do you feel comfortable?"

Anna opened her misty eyes, nodded gently, and then took the initiative to kiss Alexander's face. Alexander immediately felt that he had conquered Anna!

After this night, their relationship became even more intimate.

The next day, Alexander walked out of Anna's room.

After a night of passion, Anna had transitioned from a girl into a woman, and a sense of reliance on Alexander had also grown in her heart.

Because the number of women in his harem had increased once again, Alexander had become five years younger, and his physical fitness had become even more robust.

However, it was a pity that Anna's latent superpowers had not yet been unlocked.

It seemed that in the future, Alexander would need to employ the Supreme Yin-Yang Dual Cultivation method to provide more assistance to Anna. Only in this way could her latent talents be activated.