Chapter 19: God, spare me!

System: "Host, it seems someone wants to assassinate you. The target is one kilometer away from you, I've pinpointed the exact location for you."

Alexander cricked his neck, the crunching sound echoed in the room. Clenching his teeth, he said, "These people always like to disrupt my peaceful life, they really piss me off! Damn it! Watch me tear him apart today!"

At the same time, atop a mountain one kilometer away, a man lying on the ground, holding a large-caliber anti-materiel sniper rifle in his hand, suddenly looked up with an incredulous expression on his face.

"What the hell! What a joke! A head that can't even be penetrated by a bullet! Am I seeing things?"

He knew that the sniper rifle in his hand was a Barrett M82A1 anti-materiel sniper rifle, capable of effortlessly piercing several centimeters of steel from a kilometer away. A human head in front of this sniper rifle is as fragile as paper.

But the scene just now overturned his cognition of human capabilities!

Fuck! Is this still a human?

He immediately looked towards the target direction through the scope, and instantly, he was horrified. He saw Alexander lightly leaping over the villa's several meters high fence, staring at him with cold eyes, and approaching him at an exaggerated speed.

His brain quickly calculated and he was terrified to find that Alexander's running speed actually reached 50 meters per second!

Fuck! Fifty meters per second, that's a kilometer in twenty seconds!

What kind of speed is this?

That's a speed of 180 kilometers per hour!

Is this really a speed that humans can achieve?

In the panic, the sniper gritted his teeth, took aim at Alexander once again, and then suddenly pulled the trigger.


A loud noise.

A bullet instantly shot out from the gun barrel, speeding towards Alexander's direction.

As a top-notch assassin, he precisely predicted Alexander's trajectory. This shot was aimed directly at Alexander's chest.

However, the instant that bullet got close to Alexander, he was horrified to see that Alexander suddenly stretched out his hand. Just like swatting a fly, with a "pap" sound, he slapped the bullet away.

He could even clearly see that the deflected bullet heavily hit the wall, penetrating the cement surface directly.

"Holy crap! Is this Superman?!"

The sniper panicked.

This time, he was really panicked.

He gritted his teeth, quickly packed up his Barrett sniper rifle, and was about to move.

At this moment, a steady voice came through his earpiece.

"George, how's it going? Has that Alexander been killed by you?"

The man named George roared:

"Killed? Damn it! When you hired me, you didn't tell me I'd be facing a superhuman uncle! Damn you all!"

Hearing George's curse, the voice in the earpiece obviously paused, saying:

"What happened? Did the mission fail?"

George gritted his teeth and quickly fled. He had a small paraglider on his back, and he leaped off the top of the mountain, flying towards the city.

Soon, George landed on the top floor of a high-rise building.

He turned and looked behind him. He couldn't see Alexander anymore, but he still didn't dare to let his guard down.

George stood on the rooftop, took out a mechanical device, and pressed a button. A long steel wire burst out from the device instantly.

A claw was installed at the front of the steel wire, and it quickly grabbed the railing of the rooftop of the adjacent building.

He grabbed the steel wire and quickly swung towards another building.

At this moment, a voice came through the earpiece again.

"Tell me what happened, did the mission fail? Is this the strength of you Shadows? You can't even kill a 90-year-old man?"

Hearing the voice on the other end, George almost laughed out of anger.

"Failed? Have you ever seen a 90-year-old man get shot in the head with a Barrett and act as if nothing happened? Have you ever seen a 90-year-old man catch a bullet with his bare hands? Have you ever seen a 90-year-old man run at a speed of 180 kilometers per hour?"

"You only gave me two million to kill an elderly superman! I'll tell you, luckily I was well-prepared. If I died this time, our Shadows organization will absolutely not let you go!"

With a "crack" sound.

George directly crushed the earpiece.

"Hello! Hello!"

In a building in Washington, Simba angrily threw his phone onto the floor.

"Damn it!"

As George swung to the edge of another skyscraper on the steel wire, he suddenly felt something and looked down at the base of the skyscraper.

Immediately, a look of terror appeared in his eyes.

"God, spare me!"

He saw Alexander suddenly lift his head beneath the skyscraper. A trace of cold humor flashed in his eyes, saying:

"I've found you!"

Since it was morning, there were not many pedestrians on the street.

However, as this place was already in the downtown area, there were already some pedestrians and vehicles on the street.

Alexander quickly arrived beneath the skyscraper, looked up at the building that was at least fifty stories high, and said:

"System, do you think I can climb this building in ten seconds?"

System: "Host, you have cultivated the 'Supreme Yin-Yang' dual cultivation method. What does this challenge mean to you?"

"Oh, yes! You're now in the city. If you don't want to attract too much attention, I advise you to cover your face."

Alexander nodded, looked around, wanting to find something to cover his face.

At this moment, he suddenly saw a graceful and dignified young girl walking out of a shop not far away. The girl also saw him, and they both paused.


"You are..." Isabella paused, looking at Alexander's mature and steady face, and said,

"Are you Alexander? Why do you look younger after a few days?"

However, Isabella quickly shook her head, denying her own thoughts.

"No, I must have recognized the wrong person. The Alexander in my memory is an old man full of wrinkles who has a hard time walking. Although this man looks somewhat similar to Alexander, it's just a resemblance. He definitely can't be the same person."

Isabella was leading a little girl who looked about thirteen or fourteen years old. The little girl was holding a cup of iced cola, innocently looking at Isabella, then turned her head and curiously looked at Alexander. Her eyes brightened instantly, and she said,

"Wow! This uncle is really manly! Sister, do you know this uncle?"

Isabella didn't know what to say for a moment.

The next moment, Alexander quickly ran to her and greeted,

"Isabella, long time no see."