Chapter 12: If it’s hubby’s thing, I can eat anything

Chapter 12: If it's hubby's thing, I can eat anything

Bain trembled as he reached out to continue shooting, but before he could pull the trigger, Alexander was in front of him. In the next moment, Alexander's fist quickly enlarged in Bain's vision.


Accompanied by a loud noise, Alexander's punch landed on his face, and Bain's body flew more than ten meters directly, falling heavily to the ground, and passed out.

"You dare to use guns, don't blame me for being impolite." Alexander said calmly.

Seeing this scene, the faces of the people around changed dramatically.

The old man yelled, "Don't let him go!"

People around immediately rushed up, trying to establish an advantage by numbers.

Then Alexander saw various strange moves that can usually only be seen in martial arts movies.

Praying Mantis Fist!

Eagle Claw Technique!

Elephant-style Boxing!

Chain Kick!

Various dazzling moves all fell on Alexander's body.

One of the youths seemed to have some strength, and his speed was so fast that the eyes couldn't see clearly.

Da Da Da Da Da!

That fist fell on Alexander's body like a machine gun.

Unfortunately, under the effect of the "hardening" talent, Alexander's body strength has now reached the level of a steel plate.

Alexander opened his eyes, stood still, allowing them to attack, without any harm.

"This level of attack, are you giving me a massage?"

Alexander stretched out his hand directly, and slapped the nearest youth.


Under the extremely shocked gaze of everyone, the youth was directly slapped by Alexander and flew out more than ten meters.

Su Rong was shocked, "My God, this is real martial arts!"


Are you kidding me!

Su Rong knew very well that the youth who just attacked Alexander came from a very profound martial arts family.

It is said that he has been practicing a martial art similar to Japanese karate, which can split marble bricks with one punch!

His strength is very strong, and he is a very famous karate master.

But they were slapped and flown away by her own husband!

The old man saw this, was so angry that he directly spat out a mouthful of blood, pointed at Alexander with his hand, and said incredulously:


Alexander took off the suit that had been torn by them, and his face turned black, saying:

"Do you know how much this suit of mine costs? It's a global limited edition, and you've scratched it into a mess."

Alexander grabbed the old man's collar and raised him up, glaring at him:"You guys, are you like kittens, only have this little ability?"

The old man trembled and said, "Big brother, I...I know I was wrong, please, spare me, I promise I will never dare again!"

"Now you know to beg for mercy, don't you think it's a bit late?"

Under the horrified gaze of the old man, Alexander slapped him and flew him out more than ten meters.

The old man fell heavily to the ground, immediately spit out a mouthful of fresh blood, and passed out.

Then, Alexander waved at the bodyguards in the villa: "Alright, I have finished my body workout. You guys know what to do with these people, right?"

"Don't worry, we are all professionals." Said a burly bodyguard.

"Alright, in that case, I will go back first."

After that, Alexander turned around and walked towards the villa, and by the way, patted the bodyguard's shoulder.

Under everyone's gaze, Alexander came to Su Rong's side.

Su Rong looked at Alexander with worry on her face, and said, "Honey, you were just hit by a gun. Are you injured?"

"It seems a bit, but it's not a big problem."

Alexander stretched out his hand, and there was a long scratch at the place where the bullet was caught just now, and blood was dripping.

Seeing this, Su Rong was immediately distressed: "Honey! Don't move, I'll bandage you right away!"

Su Rong immediately began to search for medical supplies, but because she was anxious, she couldn't find them at all.

Su Rong was anxious and directly tore off a piece of silk from her cheongsam to bandage Alexander.

The moment the silk was torn off, Su Rong's beautiful and slender thighs were exposed, wrapped in flesh-colored stockings, fair and smooth, very attractive.

Her legs, although not of the long and thin type, have beautiful curves that give a strong visual impact.

At the same time, Alexander's gaze also fell on her white panties, which were printed with a cute Hello Kitty, forming a stark contrast with her mature woman's appearance, which was endearing.

He was stunned for a moment, then couldn't help but reach out his hand, lightly touching the mouth of the little kitty.

Feeling his action, Su Rong shyly lowered her head, her cheeks blushing. But she did not stop the action of her hand, instead more quickly wrapped the silk around Alexander's wound, fearing that his wound would get worse because of her mistake.

Alexander smiled and said, "It's okay, it's just a minor injury, don't worry."

Then Alexander directly took out a capsule from the rewards given by the system and swallowed it.

Shortly after swallowing it, Su Rong was shocked to see that the wound on Alexander's palm was healing at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Having never seen such a thing, Su Rong grabbed Alexander's wrist and exclaimed, "Honey, your wound is healing! What did you just eat! It's... it's amazing!"

Alexander smiled slightly, pulled Su Rong into his arms, took out another capsule, touched Su Rong's attractive lips, and said, "Open your mouth!"

Su Rong obediently opened her mouth and Alexander directly stuffed a capsule into it. When she bit down, Su Rong instantly felt her mouth was filled with a white liquid like yogurt, which flowed out of the corners of her mouth.

Su Rong immediately widened her eyes and said unclearly, "Honey... what, what is this?"

"Silly girl, can't you just swallow it directly? Who told you to bite it?" Alexander laughed and took out a tissue to wipe the liquid from the corners of her mouth.

The thing that Alexander and Su Rong had just consumed is called a "healing capsule". It contains the power of life and is absolutely a great tonic for ordinary people.

The best way is to swallow it directly into the stomach, so that its energy can be slowly absorbed in the body, rather than biting it like Su Rong did.

Looking at Su Rong's cute appearance with her face flushed from swallowing the "healing capsule", Alexander couldn't help but gently kiss her on the face.

"This is a good thing, if you want to eat it in the future, you can tell me at any time."

Su Rong shyly nodded her head, "If it's hubby's thing, I can eat anything."

"Anything?" Alexander smiled slightly.

"Yes." Su Rong's face turned even redder.

"In that case, I have something even more delicious here for you to taste. You will definitely like it."

After saying that, Alexander picked up Su Rong and returned to the bedroom.