Chapter 4: I’m afraid my husband will misunderstand!

Chapter 4: I'm afraid my husband will misunderstand!

"Jessica, how is that old man doing? Is he about to..."

Mr. and Mrs. Smith cut straight to the chase, they were still waiting for Alexander to pass away so they could move into this seaside villa through their daughter's connection.

Upon hearing this, Jessica frowned, coldly saying, "Watch your words. Alexander is my husband. If he hears you, do you want to die?"

"Uh huh, we know, we know..."

The Smiths seemed not to notice their daughter's abnormality, thinking that she was concerned about them.

"Your father means, how has Alexander's health been recently?" Smith continued, suggesting wildly.

Jessica, expressionless, flashed a hint of disgust in her eyes. "My husband is in great health, and I am now pregnant."


The Smiths looked shocked, and then tentatively asked.


"Nonsense, of course it's Alexander's." At this point, Jessica flashed a hint of shyness in her eyes.

My God!

The Smiths were stunned on the spot. Alexander's private doctor had said that he had at most three months left to live. How could he now make their daughter Jessica pregnant?

This is too crazy!

Even novels wouldn't dare write it like this!

Their original plan had suddenly gone up in smoke.

"Jessica, how could you be so careless?" Smith's wife stomped her foot in anger, then her face suddenly changed and she began to laugh.

"This is good too, your position in this family will be even more stable, and once Alexander dies..."

"Enough!" Jessica's cold shout interrupted her, and then she took out a check from her bag, wrote the number 20 million on it.

"Take this money and leave here. From now on, I do not want to see you at Alexander's house!"

"I'm afraid my husband will misunderstand!"

At this, their faces changed, incredulous as they looked at Jessica.

"What do you mean?"

Jessica took a deep breath, straightened her back, and looked at them firmly, "The care and warmth I've received in my time with Alexander is beyond your understanding.

He may be old, but his heart is younger than yours. You see his wealth, but I see the man. He's kind, gentle, generous, and the most respectable person I've ever met."

She widened her eyes, showing a determined resolve, "I've decided to stay with Alexander, not for his money, but because I like him, and I want to be with him. I'm an adult, and I have the right to make my own choices. If you can't accept that, then please leave here and stop interfering with our lives."

This resolute attitude left the Smiths dumbfounded. They never expected their once meek daughter to have such a major change, to so decisively defend an old man.

"You..." Mrs. Smith's mouth twitched, her face pale. She looked at Jessica, unable to believe this was her daughter.

Jessica looked at them, didn't say anything more, just handed over the check, then turned and left.

As Alexander's former business competitors, although the Smith family lost quite thoroughly, their remaining wealth still amounted to billions.

And the money that Jessica brought out, the ironic meaning was far greater than the actual significance.

From that day on, the Smiths no longer appeared in Alexander's home.


Previously, when he made love to Jessica, Alexander would always practice the dual cultivation method of "Supreme Yin-Yang". This process not only enhances his own qualities, but also subtly changes Jessica's body.

Jessica became increasingly sensitive, and her body gradually became soft, ruddy, and glossy.

Since Jessica was already pregnant, Alexander could no longer appear in her bedroom at night.

Next, Alexander began to look for new candidates, setting marriage as the first strategic goal of the family.

Although the Alexander family was very rich, Alexander's requirements for a marriage partner were also very high. She not only needed to be young and beautiful, but she also had to be a virgin who had not experienced adult matters.

Therefore, this was undoubtedly going to be a long process.

After a month of cultivation, Alexander had memorized the dual cultivation method of "Supreme Yin-Yang" by heart, and finally reached the minimum standard for awakening his unique ability.

Being able to awaken a unique ability at the age of ninety made him a little excited.

Although such a thing was extremely rare at his age, Alexander believed that all of this was thanks to the "Supreme Yin-Yang" method.

He closed his eyes and practiced, feeling as if something deep inside was churning, like a volcano about to erupt, waiting for a chance, waiting to erupt.

With a slight concentration of mind, Alexander began to prepare for awakening. He didn't know what his unique ability would be, but he was looking forward to it because he knew this would be a new chapter in his life.

With the system's prompt, to complete the breakthrough, he needed to find a large enough pool of water. Only in this way could the energy inside him be suppressed to ensure that he would not die during the breakthrough process.

Although there was a swimming pool in the seaside villa, Alexander felt that the pool was not big enough, and if he chose to break through in the sea directly, he would inevitably be seen by others and cause unnecessary trouble.

For safety's sake, Alexander decided to go out.

"Someone!" he yelled out of the door.

The next moment, Alexander heard the hurried footsteps, and with a bang, five exquisite and cute maids broke in.

"Sir! What can we do for you!"

Alexander immediately stood up and said, "I need to go out for a while, you guys come with me!"

"Yes, sir!"

Ten minutes later, the largest hot spring hotel in the city center.

A stretched Rolls-Royce slowly stopped in front of the hotel's main entrance, followed by more than a dozen top sports cars.

The pedestrians on the street all looked at this scene with immense envy. Every car in this fleet was worth more than ten million!

The fleet came to a stop, and a maid quickly got out of a Porsche in the back, respectfully opening the door of the Rolls-Royce.

"Sir, we've arrived!"

Alexander, dressed in a suit and wearing sunglasses, walked out of the Rolls-Royce.

As soon as he walked into the hotel's main entrance, the manager, who had already received the news, rushed over with his staff.

Upon seeing Alexander, the hotel manager's eyes lit up.

He recognized him instantly. Wasn't this the famous richest man in America, Alexander?

People had said before that he was about to die, but seeing him today, it seemed that Alexander looked even more spirited than before. There was no sign of him being on the brink of death.

The hotel manager then looked at the five maids who were completely beautiful enough to score a nine out of ten and the dozen or so bodyguards following Alexander. He was utterly astonished.

Worthy of being the richest man in America!

Could ordinary people afford to keep such beautiful maids and hire bodyguards?

Not to mention the dozen or so top luxury cars parked at the front door!