Chapter 716 Tristan and Isabella

Name:Ileus: The Dark Prince Author:MishaK
Chapter 716  Tristan and Isabella

Tyler and Connor's family were elated to receive them after a long time, and when they saw their mate, they were astonished. No one could at first believe that she was their mate, but when things settled, there was a lot of excitement.

The wedding took place in two days because none of the family wanted to wait longer. It was as if everyone was ready for the union. Ookashi and Nate were extremely happy that both their children settled so well and that both of them were going to be parents soon. They were surprised when Paige announced her pregnancy, but their joy had no bounds.

Though Paige was pretty apprehensive to stay back in the village with her mates' family, she realized that they were all very welcoming. To her parents' surprise, she stayed back in the village for as long as possible. Connor and Tyler were posted in the capital but they returned to her every time it was possible. Though they had requested the king to transfer them back to their village, Dmitri had refused.

Paige had had one of the most wonderful times of her life. Having a family that loved her enormously was a blessing. Tyler and Connor's clan revered the fact that she was the mate of both the brothers. Not a single question was raised or asked. They all returned two months later.

Two months later.

Winters had come in fast. It had started snowing and occasional blizzards were common. Rogue activity had completely stopped in the borders.

Ileus was helping Anastasia with the children. Alexander was demanding to be in her lap when his father picked him up and took him to the corridors for a walk in the evening breeze. When he returned, Alexander was asleep and clinging to his father. Ileus gave him to the nanny.

"You've become very adept at handling children, Aly," Anastasia remarked with a smile as she settled on the bed after dinner.

As he opened his clothes and changed into the night pajamas, he said, "That's because I don't want my pregnant wife to stress on small things." He sauntered to her and then slipped beside her. He tucked her into blankets. The servant had stroked the fire in the hearth before leaving. Their room was dark and only a soft buttery glow lit it. He leaned over her and pressed a kiss on her forehead. "Thank you for keeping the baby, Ana. Every time I look at you, my heart swells, and I feel I am becoming impatient. I just want to hold the little one in my hands."

Anastasia giggled. "How could I not keep a baby made out of love, darling?"

And Ileus leaned down to kiss her lips. He slid down beside her, wrapped his arm around her and closed his eyes. How could he get so lucky in life? "I love you…" he breathed before he drifted off to sleep.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. It was a long and hard one. Ileus growled and then got out of the bed to check as to who had the audacity to knock at this time. When he opened the door, he found Adrianna.

"Olivia is in labor!" she said to him. "And Ookashi is anxious!"

Ileus's eyes went wide. "Already?" he asked foolishly.

Adrianna raised an eyebrow. "Her nine months are already over. I hope you realize that. And Anastasia is two months pregnant."

Anastasia walked to where Ileus was standing. She giggled and then went to Adrianna. "Have you got the portal ready?"

"Yes," Adrianna said. "Get ready. Wear something warm and then I will take you."

Anastasia wore a thick fur over her and came back. When she started leaving with Adrianna, Ileus grunted, "Wait for me." He too walked inside and wore thick sweaters. He picked up shawls and growled, "Why do kids come at the most unexpected time? Can't they see it is so cold?"

When the three stepped out of the portal, they found Kaizan pacing the room on the outside as Connor and Tyler looked at him with tension. Olivia was screaming in pain because her labor had intensified. As soon as he saw Ileus, Kaizan walked to him, his heart racing like a wild horse. "I can't— I can't enter the room without feeling guilty. Because of me she is in this situation." His gaze flitted to Anastasia and Adrianna. "It's been two hours and she hasn't stopped screaming."

"Only two hours?" Ileus smirked. "It's going to be longer…" he said and yawned.

Anastasia shook her head as Adrianna went inside.

"Longer?" Kaizan squeaked. "This is unfair!"

Ileus shrugged. "That's how babies are. They don't come out easily."

"Will you stop scaring him, Ileus?" Anastasia chided him and then followed Adrianna. Before entering the room, she said to Kaizan, "Why don't you talk to her a little?"

Kaizan gulped. He was already looking so pale that Anastasia pitied him. She smiled and motioned him with her head to come in.

"Go," Ileus said and patted him.

When Kaizan entered the room, his gaze locked with Olivia's. "Kaizan!" she shouted and gestured to him with her fingers to come to her.

"Ohhh, my baby!" He rushed to her.

Paige was already in the room, feeling panicky. Ookashi urged her to go out and be with Connor and Tyler.

As soon as Ookashi saw Adrianna, she hugged her. "She'll be fine," Adrianna said in a reassuring voice. "Have you informed her parents?"

"Nate is writing the letter for them and will send the messenger soon."

"Come, let's go out. I think they both need time." Adrianna held her friend's hand and asked the healer to go out.

Anastasia stroked Olivia's hair and said, "Do you want me to use magic?"

Olivia shook her head. "No, I want this, Anastasia."

Anastasia gave her an affectionate look. She pressed a kiss on her friend's forehead and then walked after the mothers. She motioned Paige to join her.

"Olivia," Kaizan breathed.

"I am fine," she said. "Why aren't you coming in?"

His eyes became misty. "I am sorry…"

"Shut up!" she chuckled. Another wave of pain rippled through her. She held Kaizan's hand tightly as she screamed while the pain lasted. She was sweating and breathless. "Stay with me darling," she requested.

"I will," he nodded. "And I will never ever have more babies!" His blood had drained from his face.

Olivia laughed. "And I will ensure that we have a tribe!"

Kaizan looked at his wife. How could one say that through all the pain she was having? He hugged her and closed his eyes. "I am one lucky man of the Lore."

"Have you thought of their names?"

"No. I will go by whatever name you give them, love."

"How about Isabella and Tristan?"

He caressed her tummy as he said, "Lovely…"

Over the next few hours, Kaizan stayed in the room with her. Her pain intensified further. Anastasia stayed in along with the healer. The two grandmothers came in every now and then. Adrianna didn't allow Anastasia to run around much and used her magic for small tasks. After about five more hours, Olivia announced, "I think they are coming!"

The healer positioned himself and said, "The crown has formed Olivia. As soon as the next wave of labor comes, push the child out!"

She nodded. With the next wave, she used all her energy and pushed the baby out.

"It's a baby boy!" said the healer and handed him to Ookashi.

Excited as hell, Ookashi took her grandson to clean up as tears of joy came in her eyes when the boy cried. "Welcome Tristan," Kaizan murmured.

Olivia hadn't relaxed for a minute when another wave started.

"Push, Olivia!" The healer urged.

Olivia pushed again and her second baby came out.

"Welcome to the world, Isabella," Kaizan said as he got up to see his kids.

His chest swelled with pride when he heard his babies crying. And he was sure that they looked like him. "I love you!" he chortled as the healer handed them to him. He brought them to Olivia and the babies immediately clung to their mother. They found what they were looking for.

Olivia's eyes brimmed with tears as she took them in her arms. "I love you, Kaizan," she said.

"And I love you more!" he replied, emotions choking him.

There was so much joy on the outside of the room, it was as if the whole family had entered into a celebration mood.