Chapter 1464 - Captivating Relaxation Room ④

Chapter 1464 - Captivating Relaxation Room ④

<Author’s Notes>

I don’t have much time today, so this chapter is a bit short.

After the blissful massage, we moved on to the bedrock bath room. This is my first time trying a bedrock bath, but the interior of the room was a bit dark, but the design was calming and luxurious, and it looked like several people can use the bedrock bath at the same time.

[……I’ve never tried out a bedrock bath before, but this isn’t as hot as a sauna huh.]

[Indeeeed. Bedrock baths are generally around 45°C, soooooo its temperature is lower than that of a saunaaaaa. It’s a temperature that slooooowly warms the body from your cooooore.]

[I see. What’s that nice smell?]

[This tiiiiiime, since we’re aiming to relieve Kaito-sama’s fatiiiiiigue, I’m kindling aromatics that have a relaxing effeeeeect.]

It’s a very stylish space. The place also has this classy and relaxing scent, and I’m kinda looking forward to this. Holding onto such anticipation, when we moved to the bedrock plate, Illness-san spread out something like a large towel and explained.

[You don’t necessarily have to do thaaaaat, but people commonly lie down on their stomach at fiiiiiirst. This warms the internal orgaaaaans and detoxifies the bodyyyyy.]

[I see…… Errr, like this?]

[Yeeees. Howeveeeeer, I’ll put a little bit of pressure on your shoulders, okaaaay?]

As she said this with a smile, Illness-san puts her hands on my shoulders and makes a light rubbing movement.

[Take the weight off your shouldeeeers~~ Relax your bodyyyyy.]

[Ah, yes.]

The gentle sound of Illness-san’s voice and her comfortable touch naturally made me relax my shoulders. Then, the gentle and warm feeling that comes from the bedrock plate began to feel comfortable.

How should I say this…… It was like the heat was seeping into my body. My whole body gradually warmed up and it feels good. It has a completely different feeling than a sauna.

[After lying down for 5 to 10 minuuuuuutes, it would be effective to lie on your baaaack and sweat for about 15 minuuuuuuutes.]

[This feels pretty good. Sweat was being drained out of my body, but without feeling any discomfort, I feel like doing this for a long time.]

[Howeveeeeer, it’s counterproductive to do it for too looooong. After about 15 minuuuuutes, you should take a break and rehydraaaaate. There’s the rest room next dooooooor.]

[I understand. I would certainly be sweating a lot, so it’s important to stay hydrated.]

[Yeeees. After taking a breaaaaak, do the same bedrock baaaaath, and repeat it about three tiiiiiimes.]

Thanks to Illness-san’s easy-to-understand explanation, I feel like I’m beginning to understand how to enjoy bedrock baths. It’s just, well, even with the pleasantness of the bedrock bath, it does feel a little uncomfortable lying down all on my own like this……

[Ahh~~ Illness-san. If you don’t mind, would you like to do it together with me? We have a lot of bedrock plates here.]

[Oyaaaa? Kaito-sama is inviting me huuuuuh. In that caaaase, since we’ve got an opportunityyyyy, I’ll take you up for your word and take the bedrock plate next to Kaito-samaaaaaa’s.]

After happily smiling at my invitation, Illness-san laid a towel on the bedrock plate next to mine and laid her body face down.

Somehow, seeing Illness-san lying down kinda feels refreshing, and when I turned my gaze toward her, Illness-san noticed my gaze and gently smiled at me.

Her smile, which seemed to wrap up everything in her embrace, is very much like her…… I don’t know if this is the effect of the bedrock bath or not, but I felt like my body was a little hotter than it had been before.


Serious-senpai : [The atmosphere around this place hurts. Even though they’re just talking normally, it kinda feels like they’re flirting.]