The door slammed shut.

Lu Qin was a little confused.

She looked at the house number again to verify that it was the one the teacher said. The owner of this house lost her bracelet before she died. The bracelet was a token of love given to her by her fiancé, so she kept thinking about it even after death.

She knocked again.

Unexpectedly, it was another person who opened the door this time. Although he was in human form, his face was also abnormally pale, and his eyes were terrifyingly black.

Before Lu Qin could speak, the man ignored her and said to the people in the room, “Let’s go, let’s go to the parking lot to see our new neighbor.”

As soon as the voice resounded, more than a dozen people rushed out of the room.

Lu Qin didn’t know who the owner of the bracelet was.

She shouted anxiously, “Who lost their bracelet?”

One of them said, “Is it Xiaowan? Xiaowan said she lost her bracelet.”

The man looked at Lu Qin and said, “Xiaowan has already gone to the second underground floor. If you want to find her, let’s go down together.”

Lu Qin knew that Lin Xinghe and the others were on the second basement floor. Going down now was no different from walking straight into a trap. The bracelet in her hand might be snatched away.

Seeing Lu Qin’s hesitation, the man’s pale face became a little clearer, and he said thoughtfully, “I’ll tell Xiaowan for you, wait for her here…”

Someone else smiled grimly, “No one has been waiting for Xiaowan for a long time. She will be very happy.”

Although she already knew that these people would not turn into ghosts until after midnight, it was still eerie. There were more than a dozen people in the elevator, but the elevator did not warn that they went over the weight limit. The people all looked at her.

Lu Qin suddenly broke out in a cold sweat.

The elevator door slowly closed.

Knowing that she was streaming, Lu Qin couldn’t show any timidity, so she turned around and went to another elevator. Another ghost lived on the ninth floor. Because there were no direct clues outside, Lu Qin couldn’t go there directly. She could only press the elevator buttons blindly like Lin Xinghe and then say to herself, “Just press a random floor, maybe I’ll find it with luck…”

It was a pity that Lu Qin’s luck was not very good. When she got to the ninth floor, every house was empty.

She had to go back to the sixth floor and wait for Xiaowan to come back.

She thought that Xiaowan’s wish was likely to find back the bracelet that her fiance gave her. After the ghosts passed along the news, she would definitely come back as soon as possible and ask her for the bracelet. Then she would return the bracelet to Xiaowan. If Xiaowan’s wish were fulfilled, Lu Qin would be the first student to complete the exam.

She explained to the livestream audience at the door of Xiaowan’s house, “I met a key NPC casually on the street. Once I return this bracelet, maybe something good will happen…”

When Xiaowan came back, her audience would realize how lucky she was to finish the exam so casually.

Lu Qin intended to follow Lin Xinghe’s koi character design—gossip about some things so as to make her seem intelligent. If Lin Xinghe could be the light of the modern department, then so could she. After all, Lu Qin had connections.

At that moment, in the parking lot on the second floor of the basement, Xiaowan learned from her neighbor that someone had found her lost bracelet. She was overjoyed and couldn’t care less about the party, running towards the elevator.

She was willing to attend the party because she wanted to get a good look at the new residents.

All the owners who were willing to come to the party had the same idea.

When the property department called them, the representative made it clear that a rich woman bought 100 houses at once and set up an owner’s committee without their authorization.

Don’t think that having money made you great, for in the community where the ghosts live, money was not everything.

Xiaowan looked at Lin Xinghe, who was surrounded by ghosts, and her lips curled imperceptibly.

When twelve o’clock passed, this beautiful little girl would never be able to laugh again.

Xiaowan glanced at the time. It was four hours before twelve o’clock AM.

It was a pity that she wouldn’t be able to see Lin Xinghe’s horrified expression when she saw so many ghosts all at once. Only the ghosts around her knew that she had lost her bracelet. People outside didn’t know. Since someone picked up her bracelet and they knew to give it to her, it most likely had something to do with her life before death.

If she could have her wish fulfilled, maybe she would not be bound to this community.

Xiaowan went to the elevator.

The elevator doors opened, and five or six new ghosts came down.

The parking lot, which had always been deserted, was very lively at this time.

A handsome-looking man stood at the elevator entrance. Xiaowan knew that it was Lin Xinghe’s accomplice, Fu Zhou or something. At this time, he was counting the number of people. When Xiaowan walked over, she heard him say, “Exactly fifty people have come.”

After he finished speaking, he turned around and walked into the crowd.

Xiaowan didn’t pay him any mind. She hurriedly pressed the elevator button, and when she was about to walk into the elevator, she suddenly bounced back—there seemed to be an invisible wall blocking her path.

Xiaowan was stunned for a moment. She tried again, only to receive the same result.

Xiaowan went to find another exit, and the result was, again, exactly the same. She couldn’t pass through, almost as if there was an enchantment in the air.

Xiaowan and the group of ghosts had lived in this community for a long time. The developers had hired so many “celestial masters” and ghost hunters, but they all failed against the group of 50 ghosts. After a while, none of the ghost hunters in the metaphysics circle dared to try their community again.

Xiaowan realized it instantly.

… This owner was really courageous. Other ghost hunters were trying to face the ghosts one by one, but she actually wanted to catch them all at once?

Xiaowan sneered.

…Tonight, if they didn’t teach her a good lesson, they didn’t deserve to be called ghosts.