Beresha Academy.

Situated on the outskirts of the imperial capital, Beresha Academy occupied a unique position. While considered a lower-tier academy within the empire, it ranked among the top-tier institutions on the entire continent.

For some, attending Beresha Academy was a dream come true, while for others, it was just one of many options on their list.

Lewin had a simple reason for choosing Beresha Academy: perfection. Unlike other academies steeped in historical traditions, Beresha had no such ties. As a result, its buildings and facilities remained pristine, free from the wear and tear of time.

‘Newer is always better than clinging to outdated buildings and traditions.’

In the realm of magic, ancient practices sometimes yielded better results than the latest technologies. However, mastering those ancient practices required exceptional grades and education beyond high school.

‘But I don’t need that,” Lewin mused.’

Despite being a mere ten-year-old child, Lewin’s soul had experienced ten lifetimes. Out of those ten, he had been a hero in nine. His mind held records of ancient battle magic systems and forgotten spells.

For Lewin, the value lay in learning common, modern magic rather than rare, ancient techniques.

“Master, don’t you have something else to do?” a cold voice broke Lewin’s thoughts as he surveyed his surroundings with satisfaction.

He turned his head to find Daisy looking at him with icy eyes, while Laila, sobbing, was held in Daisy’s arms.

“Are you still crying?” Lewin scratched his head, avoiding their gaze. He had enjoyed the prank, but he hadn’t expected Laila to cry for so long.

‘I hate it when kids cry.’ 

Normally, breaking a pot would solve the issue with crying children, but this time it was his fault. He needed a different approach.

So, what method could he use?

Lewin decided on the most reasonable and simplest option he could think of.



Her eyes were as red as a rabbit’s.

With that in mind, Lewin pulled a piece of candy from his pocket and offered it to Laila.

“Do you want some?”


Laila, who had been crying as if she was wronged, saw Lewin trying to appease her with a piece of candy. She was about to say that it wouldn’t work, but her hand reached out towards the candy in Lewin’s hand.


“Do you have lemon flavor……?”


She even demanded a specific flavor.



She cautiously placed the candy in her mouth and pouted.

She still seemed to have complaints, but seeing Laila stop crying, Daisy looked at the two of them with a bewildered expression.

“Are we done?”


Daisy had a lot to say, but she held her tongue. She knew all too well that arguing with him would only upset her further.

“Then let’s continue the tour.”

As they strolled through the nearly deserted academy during the vacation period, Lewin was even more impressed with the surroundings than he had anticipated.

“It’s really huge.”

He had been walking for a while, yet there were still many places he hadn’t explored.

Unlike other academies in the capital, Beresha Academy could afford to have such a large campus on the outskirts.

“It’s unnecessarily spacious, and the complex structure often confuses not only freshmen but even those who have been here for years, right?”

The more he saw, the more Lewin fell in love with the place.

Such a vast and intricate structure perfectly aligned with his vision for academy life!

“The distance between buildings is quite significant.”

“Indeed. And these buildings are for the same grade, right? I’ve heard from teachers who graduated from here that many students get lost every time a new semester starts.”

“It’s a perfect excuse for getting lost.”

“Excuse? But it’s true.”

It’s annoying to have someone so quick-witted around.

Thinking this, Lewin took out a candy from his pocket and placed it in Laila’s mouth, gesturing to a particular spot.

“But it seems like they allocate a fair amount of manpower in return.”

The people passing by were not students or staff of the academy.

They were women dressed similarly to Daisy.

Daisy nodded silently as she observed the maids who managed the academy.

“Since students are not allowed to bring servants to the academy, I expected as much.”

In the academy, a place of learning, all students are treated equally.

Therefore, it is impossible for nobles to bring along their own servants or escorts. However, they couldn’t completely exclude them either.

“After all, there can’t be anyone who can’t even dress themselves, right?”

“You never know.”

To the nobility, servants are their hands and feet.

The sudden absence of those who took care of even the smallest tasks since their early childhood was a bigger adjustment than expected.

Moreover, in an academy where learning is the main purpose, it didn’t make sense to have nobles cooking or doing laundry for the sake of equality.

Hence, it has become common for these individuals who provide the basic necessities to be stationed throughout the academy to assist the students.

“And all students receive assistance. It is said that commoner students appreciate their help more than the noble students.”

That is also true.

Initially, commoner students felt uncomfortable having servants involved in their daily lives. However, once they adapted to a certain extent, they relied on them even more than the nobles.

“It’s understandable. There’s no academy other than the royal academy that expels students for poor grades, right?”

Consequently, many noble students, like Lewin, come to the academy to enjoy themselves.

Parents are aware of this, but they allow it, knowing that connections can be more valuable than education.

However, commoner students do not have that luxury.

There is no difference in the treatment of expulsion between nobles and commoners.

However, commoner students often continue their academy life with support from the nobility or the upper class, or by receiving scholarships.

Unlike the nobility, if their grades decline, such support naturally decreases.

And if they can’t sustain their studies, they can’t continue.

Therefore, commoner students require more personal study time than nobles, and having one less chore becomes crucial.

That’s why they often rely more on the servants who assist them in their daily lives compared to the nobles.

“And while we discuss others, Daisy, you’re in the same situation, aren’t you?”

“Yes. But I was once a noble. It was when I was very young, but it doesn’t feel strange to me to be cared by someone.”


Laila, who was enjoying the fourth candy given by Lewin, asked Daisy with wide eyes.

She seemed quite surprised to learn that Daisy was once a noble.

“Yes. I was born a noble, not of the empire. I was born into the Sirden family, a noble family. But our family fell into ruin. If that hadn’t happened…”

That tragedy would never have occurred.

Laila wiped away the tears welling in her eyes after hearing Daisy’s soft murmur.

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s all in the past. Thanks to that, I had the opportunity to meet Miss Laila like this, so perhaps it was a stroke of luck.”


Truly, it was a beautiful master-servant relationship.

The scene was heartwarming to the point that Lewin could almost mistake it for something more.

“People seeing you for the first time would think you’re the maid of the Reinhardt house.”

“I wish she was. Would you let her?”

“Absolutely not.”

Lewin clicked his tongue at his childhood friend’s audacity in trying to steal his servants.

“They have a lot of work to do.”

They would be living an academy life for the next ten years.

During that time, not only Daisy, but also Eyriel and Hains, who were not present at the moment, had many responsibilities.

‘Although it wouldn’t be their choice.’

Nevertheless, it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing.

No, rather, it could be considered a good thing.

Living as the protagonist of this world, the dream of everyone at least once.

It was like making that dream come true!


Daisy, hearing his words, let out a sigh, but Lewin paid no attention.

“What’s the matter?”

A passing maid approached Lewin’s group after noticing Daisy’s continuous sighing.

“Oh, it’s nothing.”

“I’m Beriel, the head maid of the Royal Class dormitory. If there’s anything uncomfortable, please feel free to tell me, Miss Daisy.”

Daisy was taken aback by her words.

At first, she was surprised that the woman claiming to be the head maid of the top dormitory at Beresha Academy looked so young. But then, she was even more shocked when she realized that the woman already knew her name.

“You… know me?”

“The dormitory staff knows everyone in their dormitory, at the very least.”

With those words, Beriel shifted her gaze slightly behind them.

“It’s an honor to serve the offspring of Dryerf and Reinhardt, known as the two pillars of the empire.”

Her elegant demeanor would make anyone believe she was a noble lady receiving etiquette education for a long time.

Laila, who had been watching with her mouth slightly open, widened her eyes after a moment.

“Is she looking at me?”


As he pulled Laila’s hand away from tugging at his sleeve, Lewin’s gaze remained fixed on Beriel.

‘What is this?’

It surpassed his expectations.

Not only was her appearance remarkable, but she also managed the highest-class dormitory at the academy at an age that appeared to be in her early twenties at the latest.

She possessed the skills of a maid and an administrator.

Was that all?

‘She has few weaknesses.’

Lewin couldn’t say she had none at all.

But this assessment came from a retired hero who had saved humanity nine times in his ten lifetimes.

At the very least, she was on par with a regular knight.

And it didn’t end there—the mana flowing within her resembled that of a wizard rather than a knight.

‘Is this the level of the head maid at Beresha Academy?’


Even though the empire was considered the best country on the continent, such talent wouldn’t be common.

Even though Lewin hasn’t been there personally, it’s a surprising level even for the Royal Academy, known as the highest educational institution.


His suspicion grew.

She was an alien presence among ordinary people.

For Lewin, it felt all too familiar.

It was the feeling he had since his first life when he was chosen as a hero.

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Lewin. I look forward to working with you.”

That’s why Lewin extended his hand.

Keep friends close, and keep enemies closer.

He knew it was better to keep people he doubted closer rather than pushing them away.

“Oh, hello.”

As the two shook hands, Laila cautiously extended hers as well.

Half-fearful and half-expectant due to the incident at the main gate a little while ago.

“Nice to meet you, Miss Laila.”

And while observing that scene,

‘Hmm, as suspicious as expected.’

The fact that she sensed Laila’s presence compelled Lewin to raise his level of caution towards Beriel.