Chapter 99: It's a hard life I'm having...

However, rather than simply accepting the compliments with flashes of happiness on Rachel's face, her reaction also contains hints of surprise. Her aquamarine eyes open wide to look at me, unable to keep the sudden shock from overflowing. It is as if I said something completely unexpected out of the blue.

"What? What happened? Is there something on my face?"

I do not think I did anything wrong, though? Why is Blondie looking at me like that?

"N-No, thank you!" Rachel replies with lightning speed.

She says nothing else. Instead, her gaze keeps focusing on me, gentle and dreamy. Her eyes appear moist compared to a few seconds ago.

"C," Kuro calls my name. "You didn't do it on purpose?"

"Do what on purpose?"

Why is everything and everyone suddenly become so cryptic?

"It's the way you said your thanks, C. You said excellent work, as always. We have only been with you for less than two days. Saying as always seems to not fit with that background, don't you think?" Our bookworm continues to explain.

Hold on? Now that I am thinking about it... Kurokawa is absolutely correct? Why did I say that? I have only had Rachel's food for dinner, breakfast, and lunch. It is a bit excessive to use the word always for that.

Then again... It feels right to say so... Now, even when I know I said it wrong, I would still do the same thing. The meaning may be off, but the feelings are genuine. Honestly, that is something I have done a million times. When I am not saying it as I did, an uncomfortable weight will appear within my chest.

So weird!

"...Okay." It does seem like a contradiction of terms. "That was a good point. Thanks for pointing that out, Kurokawa! Maybe I should stop if it makes Rachel feel..."

But before I could finish my sentence, Rachel jumped in: "Wait! I love it! Don't change!"

You heard it from the lady!

"Got it!" I nod. "Since Rachel said so, there is no need to worry."

From the corner of my eye, I see Rachel smiling brightly. Her smile is so bright it seems to light up the whole world. It is good that my slip-up did not make her feel cringe or discomfort.

"Anyway, it's time we get back to class. However, before you girls leave, I will need to talk to Kurokawa for some time. Certainly, I'm asking a lot here, but we two must be alone. What do you say, Laura? Rachel? Could you two go back to class before us?"

Stopping for a second, I continue, facing the class rep and Blondie. If there were eyes on my face, I would have been able to stare them down. Hopefully, they will understand how serious I am with just a stern voice. "Without eavesdropping this time, of course."

"Ehehehe..." Laughs one flushed blond-haired girl. "Sorry, darling! I promise I won't do it again."

I am relatively sure she will do it again.

"Me too." This time, it is our class rep who chimes in. Because of my blunt request, Laura's serious face has a hint of pink. Still, her eyes show how determined she is upon hearing my proposal. "I won't spy on you anymore..." She then ponders for a second and continues. "For the rest of the day." least our class rep is serious about keeping me in check... That is one of her charms.

"Thank you, you two. I will see you after a while. By the way, don't forget to think about what I said before, though." I guide the mischievous Rachel and the serious Laura toward the door.

"Hey C, what are you talking about with Kurokawa?" Rachel asks, curious.

"Just some stuff about the future." Glancing at Kuro with her usual elegant look, I keep it a secret. It is best to not talk about her circumstances without consulting her opinions. Of course, maybe one day, Kuro will develop enough trust to discuss her previous issues with everyone once she is ready with nothing but a calm manner. However, now is not a good time.

Laura shakes her head from left to right, disappointed by Rachel's childish behavior. "If he wanted us to leave, it would have been private, Rachel. Asking about it is, frankly, very rude! But I guess you don't know what shame means. "Asking about it is, frankly, very rude! But I guess you don't know what shame means."

"Ouch! That hurts, Reppy!" Blondie hysterically clutches her heart.

Laura's eyebrows twitch violently: "I told you not to call me that!!"

Although the bickering seems tense, to me, there is a weird friendship forming here. Laura and Rachel. One was the victim, and the other was the murderer. Who would have guessed?

"Bwahaha! Well then! See ya later, darling!" Rachel waves one last time.

"See you, C." Next to her, Laura slowly nods, as if all strength has been siphoned out of her body due to Rachel's shenanigans. "I'm exhausted babysitting this person."

"...Keep it up, Laura. You're doing great!"


After that, the metal door between our school's rooftop and the staircase leading down closes. However, I am still not letting go of its handle.

"Rachel's quite a handful, isn't she?" Kurokawa comes closer. Her voice is almost a whisper.

"Yup! She knows she can get away by being cute and charming. That silly girl understands her limits clearly and takes advantage of them to her fullest extent."

Placing a hand on her moist, luscious lips, Kurokawa chuckles quietly. "Indeed, she is rather amusing. In contrast, our class representative, Laura, is...quite a different personality."

"I know, right?! I have no idea how those came to be so close suddenly. They must share some experience to be that friendly toward each other. Not that I'm against it, though. I would love nothing more than to see them being like this."

"Yeah. I also find it a little bit odd." Kurokawa sighs. "Nonetheless, I am glad they did not hold grudges over yesterday's incident."


I bite my lower lip as I recall the scene in Han's mansion. The class rep's furious expression and Rachel's innocent smile. Truth be told, I was just as surprised as they were. I already have Laura, but constantly trying to get myself involved in other people's affairs. Over the course of less than twenty-four hours, Rachel and Kurokawa, who were not my legal girlfriend, have found chances to steal my lips.

Sincerely, I do not want to be unfaithful. More than anyone, attention and love are two things I covet. To me, the innocence of a relationship should be of utmost importance, specifically when I have been belittling Han in my head for claiming every girl for himself. But what I am doing right now... There are no words to defend my behavior. In a way, I am not different from that guy.

And I do not like that one bit.


Thoughts running wild in my brain, the door is swung open. Immediately, two girls, who lean on its frame with their backs, fall on the floor. One of them is a blonde girl. The other one has brown for her hair color. Startled by my abrupt action and losing their balance, both of them scream at the same time.

"Long time no see! Rachel! Laura! How are your backs doing?"

The blonde girl's face turns red as she struggles to stand up on her own feet. "W-wow, would you look at that! Time r-really flies when you are enjoying yourself! Haha! Fate must have b-brought us back together! This shows how much our love for you is, C! It can transcend both space AND time!!"


"I'm sorry, darling..." The girl puts her head down.

Blondie looks like a small creature, but I will not let this slide. Times like this is when one has to be stern and strict. Otherwise, nothing will be solved. If I give in now, there will be heavy consequences.

"Laura?" After Rachel comes our class representative, who, just like Rachel, suffers from a massive case of tomato face. "I am actually surprised. You are not the type to go back against your words. Is there anything wrong?"

"My apologies, C. was afraid she was going to steal another kiss. You already know. These women will do whatever they can to get your affection." It is rare to hear Laura's voice being so timid. She must be scared right now. "

I did not want to lose to them again. So when I saw Rachel sitting down, I did it without thinking..." Laura lowers her eyes as if she wants to hide herself completely.n(/O-)v-/e))l((b-.1(/n

" my fault. I will make it up to you, Laura. Frankly, I have not been acting like the boyfriend I wanted to be, too. You are, without a doubt, my girlfriend. Your concerns are perfectly normal."

"R-right!" Laura nods rapidly. "You are my boyfriend, C! I won't let any woman take you away!"

"Please, leave C and I for a while. I promise you two there I will not take advantage of this situation. If you two do this, I will owe you a favor." Kurokawa steps in.

Aquamarine eyes look at amber eyes, then back at me, seemingly waiting for my final decision.

"Please trust us."

And like that, our lunchtime really ends.