Chapter 31: Entrance

"Look, the candidate of the Holy Son of the Great Immortal Sect and the Young Master of the Tian family have arrived." Suddenly, a voice was raised in the crowd, attracting the attention of all the geniuses present.

All the people looked at the two flying carriages that had arrived. From one of them emerged a handsome young man with an arrogant temperament and an invincible will, as if he were ready to challenge the heavens.

From the other carriage, an equally handsome young man with a calm temperament and an aura like an endless ocean stepped out.

"True Disciple of the Supreme Immortal Sect, Ye Chen, and Young Master of the Tian family, Tian Xin. Both of them are figures who stand at the head of the young generation and possess unimaginable power."

"I wonder who is the best in the young generation?"

"Until yesterday, Ye Chen, Tian Xin, Bing Yin, the princess of the Tian family, Tian Yan, and Kong Long were candidates for the position of leader of the young generation. But with the appearance of the primal absolute chaos physique, everything has changed."

"Do you think the holder of the primal absolute chaos physique will appear today?"

"I heard that he came here yesterday, so he should come."

"Haha, talking about yesterday, Ye Chen and Tian Xin's scene of humiliation and getting green hats was very funny," said a genius of the Immortal Orthodox who seemed to have a grudge against Ye Chen and Tian Xin.

"Hiss! Do you want to die?" The man next to him quickly warned.

"Hmph, they want to kill me? Instead of killing others, they should try to save themselves," the young man said with a tone full of contempt.

"Houang'er," Ye Chen smiled upon seeing Chi Houang and walked toward her.

Before following him, Tian Xin gave a cold glance at those people who despised them but said nothing.

Anyway, they were right; the truth cannot be changed. nOve-lb.1n

Both he and Ye Chen were completely humiliated yesterday, and the worst thing is that they couldn't even do anything.

"I will soon make you pay for humiliating me," a cold light flashed in Tian Xin's eyes.

"How are you, Houang'er?" Ye Chen asked the beautiful woman standing in front of him with a smile on his face.

"I'm fine, Brother Chen. What about you?" Chi Houang blushed a little upon seeing Ye Chen's smile.

"Well, how can I be good with what happened yesterday?" Seeing Chi Houang's blushing face, Ye Chen felt a little proud and happy in his heart.

This phoenix, who is like a distant fairy in front of others and speaks to others with contempt and coldness, is completely obedient in front of him.

Ye Chen sighed as he remembered how he met Chi Houang. Back then, he was just an outer disciple of the Great Immortals Sect.

Due to his master's order, he was forced to go to a remote valley to retrieve an ancient treasure, and there he encountered Chi Houang, who was surrounded by creatures of a special race.

In such a situation, the hero will not miss the opportunity to save the beauty! Ye Chen jumped out with a heroic aura and killed all the people who had surrounded Chi Houang.

After that, they spent a long time together in that ancient valley, and this caused their feelings for each other to grow stronger.

"Brother Chen, you don't need to worry about Tian Shen; he definitely cannot leave the Immortal Emperor's Tomb alive," Chi Houang said with a tone filled with pride and confidence.

"Well, if Houang'er says so," Ye Chen replied with a crooked smile on his face.

"They are here," Tian Xin, who had been listening to their conversations until now, suddenly said.

"Oh?" Ye Chen also frowned and looked at the sky.

"What's going on?" Not only Chi Houang but also the other geniuses suddenly felt an unimaginable horror.

In the distance, the sky completely split, and four figures emerged from it, three of them unique beauties that were rare in the ages.

The fourth person was a handsome young man standing at the head.

He had long white hair and black eyes like the darkness of the abyss.

As he landed on the ground, the entire space-time structure around him trembled, as if time itself bowed before his greatness.

The aura of chaos that he emitted seemed to have the ability to drown the world itself.

"Holder of the Primal Absolute Chaos Physique!"

"The young master of the Tian family, Tian Shen! He has appeared." All the geniuses became stunned.

They had never seen such an extraordinary existence in their entire lives; the temperament was even more unique, giving people a feeling of indifference as if he ignored even the heavens themselves.

"As the rumors said, he is very handsome!"

"That's right, he is even more handsome than Ye Chen and Tian Xin."

"I don't know if I can become the concubine of Young Master Tian Shen?" The women spoke loudly with eyes that did not hide their lust and rings of love.

"Concubine? You can only become Young Master's dog!"

"It's like some people know their place," Tian Yanyu snorted as she heard the voices of the women there and glanced at Tian Hua and Wen Rong.

"I think this applies more to you," on the contrary, Wen Rong only smiled bitterly, but Tian Hua said with a tone filled with ridicule.

"Hmph, brother loves me more than you whores," Tian Yanyu grabbed Tian Shen's arm and mocked them.

The three girls became a little angry, but they couldn't say anything. Tian Shen was very patient and kind to Tian Yanyu, but he still had a cold face in front of them.

As for why there is a conflict between them? Well, it's because of Tian Hua and Wen Rong that they woke up Tian Shen and Tian Yanyu.

Tian Yanyu was completely enraged since then, and even if it wasn't for Tian Shen, she would have directly used her secret techniques to kill these three girls.

"Well, enough," Tian Shen patted Tian Yanyu's head a little and then said in a casual tone.

Seeing Tian Shen caressing Tian Yanyu's head, the three girls gave Tian Yanyu a hateful look and then shook their heads.

While enjoying being spoiled by her brother, Tian Yanyu did not care about the three women in the slightest.

"Heavenly order?" Tian Shen scanned the entire area and even inside the tomb with his omni-senses and obtained all the necessary information.

He muttered to himself upon seeing the golden card that was in a certain area of the tomb.

About Ye Chen and Tian Xin? He did not care about them in the slightest; in his opinion, these two people could not leave the tomb alive.

"Let's go," Tian Shen said and then walked toward the palace. Although the girls were a little confused, they followed him.

"What does he want to do?" Ye Chen looked at Tian Shen and asked in a serious voice.

"I don't know," Tian Xin replied simply.

"Hmm? What?" Ye Chen turned to look at Chi Houang, but the scene he saw made him completely despair of life.

Chi Houang's face was completely red, and her heart was beating fast; she didn't even know what was wrong with her.

After seeing Tian Shen, she became completely shocked. Of course, she had heard that Tian Shen was handsome, but she didn't care that much. Anyway, Ye Chen is also handsome.

But damn, you call this handsome? This is much more than just handsomeness.

She even thought for a moment that they shouldn't kill Tian Shen and that it would be better to dissuade Ye Chen, but it was only for a moment.

On the other hand, Tian Shen arrived in front of the palace entrance. While everyone was wondering how he was going to enter, suddenly the entrance automatically opened in front of him.

"Am I seeing right?"

"Damn, the gate opened?"

"Wasn't it supposed to open in ten minutes?!"

"Is there a problem with the gate?"

Tian Shen did not care about the words of others and entered the palace; the girls also followed him.