Chapter 26: The Situation

Wen family

A handsome middle-aged man was sitting on the majestic and eternal royal throne; every ray of light emanating from his eyes was more than enough to extinguish galaxies.

"'Battle prowess equal to the Heavenly Immortals?" Wen Tian frowned as he thought about his daughter's words and explanations.

Naturally, he couldn't easily believe that someone from the younger generation—even if that person possessed the primal Absolute Chaos physique—had achieved such a level of power.

The current generation has only started for a few years; according to their inferences and predictions, this generation is only an average generation, and the speed of cultivation of the geniuses of such a generation should not be so fast.

Even fighting with realms higher than your realm is like a big feat for the geniuses of this generation.

But the appearance of the primal absolute chaos physique has changed everything; all the fate and fortune of this generation are increasing, and it will not be long before this generation reaches the level of a glorious golden generation.

"'He shouldn't be an immortal; when the possessor of this physique achieves immortality, the auspicious phenomena will cover the entire Lower Verse.'"

"'In other words, he is still a mortal, but a mortal has the power to fight against immortals?" The more Wen Tian thought, the more shocked he was by Tian Shen's talents.

In all of known history, there were not many geniuses who could break the barrier between mortal and immortal and fight immortals as a mortal.

And about those who succeeded? All of them are currently monstrous entities in the Lower Verse who can terrorize the whole world with their every move.

"'Even the Mirror of Fate can't infer anything about him; it only means two things."

"The fate of that child is even more powerful than the fate of the Immortal Emperors, and if he doesn't die, he can surpass the Immortal Emperors."

"Or a powerful force is guarding his fate."

"According to our research, he was considered dead until today, so option two can be considered probable, but considering that he can break the barrier between mortal and immortal, we can say that the first meaning is more likely," Wen Tian muttered to himself.

"This news will reach those families sooner or later; at that time, they will either try to hire Tian Shen or try to kill him."

"However, if the Wen and Tian families simultaneously declare their protection against him, no matter how powerful those families are, they will have to give us some face and not interfere in the younger generation." Wen Tian naturally knows a lot of secrets due to his position.

He also knows from his ancestors about the true foundation of the Tian family; it can be said that the current Tian family that is known and seen by the world is only the tip of the iceberg.

In the face of the true power of the Tian family, even the Wen family has to be completely respectful, so one can feel the real terror of the family that once ruled the heavens and the worlds.

Although we still have to be careful; although the Tian and Wen families are powerful and almost invincible in the Lower Verse, that doesn't mean they are completely invincible.

The Forbidden Lands that exist in the Foreign Domain have equal power as the Tian and Wen families.

Originally, it was one of the Forbidden Lands that killed Wen Rong's mother and Wen Tian's wife in front of the Forbidden Lands; all of the orthodox factions throughout the Lower Verse have to bow down.

This shows the terrifying power of Forbidden Lands! In addition, it is said that the masters of each of the Forbidden Lands have equal power as the immortal emperors!

In the past, some immortal emperors wanted to destroy the Forbidden Lands, but unfortunately, most of them were killed, and a few of them were able to retreat with deep injuries.

"Should I ask the ancestors for help so that they can hide Tian Shen's existence for a while? He is currently on par with the Heavenly Immortals; if he is given some time, it won't be long before he surpasses me - at that time, there will be no need to worry."

The Tian family

The Tian family, on the bright side, is one of the four great families and a force that stands at the head of the world of divine ascension.

But in the dark, they are a very ancient orthodoxy that has existed since time immemorial, and their legacy has been passed down to this day.

Even among the powerful forces that stand at the head of the Lower Verse, there are rumors that the Tian family is the original ruler of the heavens and the worlds.

Of course, no one is sure about such rumors, and there is no evidence to confirm them, but in any case, one can imagine the destructive power of the Tian family.

Hall of Eternity

The Eternity Hall is known as the main hall of the Tian family; in this hall, the elders talk with the patriarch about the offending issues and make decisions that can affect the entire family situation and even the situation of billions of living beings.

But unlike always when this hall was lively and full of middle-aged people who have different opinions about the situations of offenders, today this hall was completely silent.

All the elders of the current generation stood respectfully and looked at the old man sitting on the patriarch's chair with eyes that did not hide respect and prejudice.

"'Do you know your sins?' An ancient voice that contained the Dao echoed throughout the hall and broke the silence, simultaneously bringing all of the current generation elders to their knees.

"'Please enlighten us, Ancestor,' the elders of the current generation asked with a trembling tone when they saw that Ancestor was angry.

"'The Physique of Primal Absolute Chaos has appeared, and the holder is one of the descendants that you labeled as trash,' said the ancient voice in a tone that did not hide his anger.

"'What?" Upon hearing his words, all the elders became shocked and startled and, of course, terrified.

They noticed the appearance of the Primal Absolute Chaos physique just a few hours ago and quickly used all the resources they had access to find the holder of the physique.

But before they could get any information, suddenly the whole family was sealed by the ancestors, and each family member was forbidden to leave the domain of the Tian family.

And then they were all summoned by an ancestor.

"'Great ancestor, may I ask what you mean?' The handsome middle-aged man standing at the head of the elders asked with a voice full of respect.

He is the current patriarch of the Tian family and the father of Tian Xin, Tian Shen, and Tian Yanyu.

He is also known as one of the most powerful cultivators of the current generation in the world.

"'Your youngest son, the person you called trash and even wanted to kick out of the family, is the holder of the primal absolute chaos physics," the ancestor of the Tian family looked at the current patriarch.

The waves of anger could be seen in the eyes of this ancient being; Tian Wei had already informed them about the child's battle prowess, and this had made the ancestors even more angry than before.

But well, they still controlled themselves; anyway, the insults and humiliation that Tian Shen endured were still indirectly related to them to some extent.

There is a tradition in the Tian family that they do not magnify useless ones, and this tradition has been carried out by the Tian family in all generations.

And most importantly, this tradition was created and approved by the ancestors.

On the other hand, not only the patriarch of the Tian family but all the elders of the current generation became shocked; the person they thought was trash turned into a heavenly genius.

"'Seriously, is this true?" Some of the elders even trembled in fear; they knew that with Tian Shen's talent, if he wanted to take revenge for those humiliations, they would die without a grave.

Even the patriarch did not have a good face; he also did not have a good relationship with his son in the past and even ignored him.

Among all the people present, only one person - a woman, her eyes sparkled with happiness after hearing the words of the ancestor

"'I and the other old men first wanted to appease him by killing all the people who insulted him, but Tian Wei gave me new news just an hour ago" she ignored them and said

All the elders broke into a cold sweat after hearing the words of the ancestor; did the ancestors want to kill them?

Their legs started shaking because of fear; if the ancestors wanted to kill them, they couldn't do the slightest resistance!

"'That child not only has the battle prowess equal to the Heavenly Immortals, but the young lady of the Wen family has also become his maid" Ancestor said.

"'What?" The elders couldn't believe what they were hearing; on the other hand, the patriarch's face became even more ugly.

The person he considered his daughter-in-law has become the maid of his other son?

"'That's why I and the rest of the old men didn't waste our time by killing you idiots; we left your fate in the hands of that child, instead we used another method to eliminate grudges," Ancestor changed his gaze and looked at a beautiful woman who was in her late youth.