Chapter 1: The End is a Beginning

The sky was clear and the sun was shining, the sounds of various kinds of cars and people could be heard

A young man who looked to be in his late eighteen's was walking down the sidewalk while talking on the phone.

He had an average face and black hair and brown eyes, he was 178cm tall and was wearing a white shirt with white sports pants.

"Mom, I didn't forget, my class just finished, so I will go to the store now," the young man said in a normal tone.

"Okay, don't forget the foods I told you to buy, Shen'er," a middle-aged woman's voice could be heard from the phone

The young man's name was Tian Shen, he was an eighteen-year-old student, who was considered average in everything, a good family but at the same time bad too, with an average face and acceptable average grades.

His character is also an introvert while being an extrovert, how? Well, he has no problem talking to others, but he hates making friends, so yeah something like what I said.

He always spends his free time reading web novels, and what about anime? Not really, he loves high power levels, characters who can create and destroy worlds with a wave of their hand.

Such characters do not exist in anime, so he did not waste his time watching anime and instead spent reading cultivation novels or fantasy novels with high levels of power.

Well ... today he had a class like other days and he was on his way back home when his mother called him and asked him to buy a list of groceries.

Well, Tian Shen couldn't refuse his mother and even though he wanted to go home faster, he had to go to the store before that.

While talking to his mother, he looked at both sides of the street and realized that the street was empty, then he started to cross the street without looking at the traffic light.

"Oh right, Shen'er, tomorrow is your father's birthday, do you think we should celebrate it at a restaurant?" While Tian Shen was crossing the street, his mother spoke again.

"Hmmm? I guess the party at the restaurant isn't b-" Before he could finish his speech, he suddenly noticed a truck approaching him at a fast pace.

His body was dry from fear and shock and he could not move, as soon as he calmed down and wanted to move away from the truck way, he realized that it was already too late.

The truck, whose driver seemed to be drunk, hit him at high speed and sent him flying a few meters.

Tian Shen was lying on the ground and bleeding from his head, people immediately gathered around him and began to check his condition, and several people immediately called the emergency services.

"Shen'er? Are you okay, Shan'er? Don't joke with Mom, okay? Answer me." His mother didn't know why, but she felt that something had happened to her son, and tears began to fall from her eyes.

Although she didn't know what had happened to her son, she could feel that he was in danger

"Mom, I" Tian Shen was slowly losing consciousness, it only lasted for a few seconds, and then his consciousness faded and the last light of life in his body was extinguished.


An unknown time later in the chaos universe, in a heavenly grade world called divine ascension

The sun was not visible in the sky and the clouds covered it, the scary sounds of lightning shook the sky and raindrops fell heavily from the sky.

On a rock, six young men in uniform red clothes with Huang's inscription on them, on the opposite side of them stood a young man with black hair.

Unlike the other six young men, he was not in a good condition and his whole body was covered in blood, so his face could not be seen properly.

"You trashes! I am the young master of the Tian family! If you kill me, the Tian family will not let you go," the young man whose body was covered in blood shouted with a tone full of hatred and anger.

The other six young men did not care at all about his words and even started to laugh, "Hahaha Tian Shen, you are just a fool! Who told you to become our master's enemy?"

"That's right! You always mocked our master, but the master didn't say anything, today it's time for you to pay!"

"You trashes! Both you and your master are just trash! Only I am the chosen one by the heavens to be the supreme one," the young man named Tian Shen shouted proudly and informed them of his position.

The others just laughed at him again and ignored his voice, "Being the supreme? Hahaha, the girl you loved is now our master's fiancee! You're just a worthless rich young master!"

"That's not possible, in her opinion love only hinders her cultivation" He had already heard of rumors that the cold goddess he had always worshiped had fallen in love with his enemy.

But he never believed such rumors, because in his opinion, she will never fall in love with any man, no man deserves her.

So how is it possible she falls in love with trash?

"Hahaha, fool yourself as much as you want, you won't live too long to see their children anyway."

Tian Shen could no longer bear the false accusations against the goddess he worshipped he prepared to attack, but before he could attack, he suddenly noticed a hole in his heart.

"What?" he whispered to himself as he coughed up blood

Then he looked up at the sky and noticed a handsome young man with long golden hair and black eyes, wearing magnificent clothes with decorations and carvings of phoenixes and dragons.

Seeing the person who had come, the other six young men bowed, "Greetings to the War demon." n).0VElBIn

"Why did you take so long? You were just supposed to get rid of a waste," the young man known as War Demon asked coldly.

The other six young men remained silent as if they had no answer, the war demon snorted and then waved his hand, and seven more holes appeared in different parts of Tian Shen's body.

Then a huge gust of wind threw him down the cliff

"We have to go back, the Immortal Emperor's Tomb will open soon, and the master needs our help." After saying these words, he disappeared as if he had never been there.

The other six young men didn't waste time and returned to the sect. Although they called Tian Shen trash, he was a genius from the Tian family, and killing him would cause a lot of trouble.

That's why they had to find an excuse to hide his true death reason


At the same time, a soul with a very great and terrifying power broke the space-time of the universe and crossed the barrier of the universe, and entered this universe.

The soul entered the body of Tian Shen who had just died and began to synchronize with him

As the soul cooperated, unable to hide its full presence, reality began to break, and time and fate could no longer fulfill their responsibilities properly.

And this caused a giant eye to appear above the universe and cover the entire universe, a galaxy-colored eye that radiated greatness and superiority.

It is as if it is the Almighty being above the universe who rules over everything

Peak cultivation beings, who could travel in the future and the past, rewrite fate, create worlds and living beings, and destroy them at their will, trembled with fear when they saw the appearance of this incomprehensible eye.

The Heavenly Dao had appeared! An almighty being who ruled over everything and no one dared to insult his authority

Heavenly Dao began to scan all the different timelines, present, past, and future.

all dimensions and multi-verse were completely scanned by it in just one second.

As if it had found the one it wanted, it suddenly targeted a certain world and appeared above that world, and looked at a young man covered in blood.

The huge eye had no emotional fluctuations as if it was a completely emotionless being, a dictator who would do anything to maintain its rule.

"Aliens must die" an ethereal and ancient voice was heard throughout several worlds and caused all living beings to tremble!

Even the peak cultivation beings who always boast of their power do not dare to challenge the almighty heaven!

The soul, as if it had just acquired a body for itself, was not aware of what was happening, well, its consciousness was completely asleep.

[Knowledge origin activated]

[Will Lumines be allowed access to the knowledge and darkness origin?]

[The Origin being is in an unconscious state, the best current decision was chosen by the knowledge origin as yes]

[Luminos has been granted access]

[Luminous using reality manipulation ]

[Reality is being rewritten at the behest of Luminous ]

Suddenly, a voice was heard in the depths of the soul, but since the soul was not conscious, he did not notice anything

With the rewriting of reality, everything suddenly returned to the state it was in a few minutes ago as if the Heavenly Dao had never appeared and no one had witnessed the splitting of the space-time of the universe and the entry of a soul.


The soul was in a state of unconsciousness for three days until he finally regained consciousness,

"Oh, where am I? Didn't I die because of a truck accident? Is this heaven?"

That's right, the soul that split space-time and entered this world is Tian Shen from Earth