Chapter 52: Slap

Translator: _Min_

Jiang Yue’s face was suffused with heat as she lowered her head and grasped Wang Lan’s hand, her voice barely above a whisper, “Mother, I’m not that admirable, Sister Gu Dai, oh, I mean Gu Dai is also quite exceptional.”

Wang Lan cast a glance at the flustered Jiang Yue who had just corrected herself, and her mind instantly conjured up the assertive image of Gu Dai. Instinctively, she felt a greater affinity for Jiang Yue and subconsciously stepped protectively in front of her.

Song Yu adopted a similar defensive stance beside Jiang Yue, his glare firmly fixed on Gu Dai, “I won’t let you bully my sister-in-law!”

Gu Dai surveyed the trio, their demeanor as if they were guarding against a predator. A cold huff escaped her lips before she posed her question with apparent sincerity, “Has grandpa already given his blessing to Jiang Yue?”

This left the trio at a loss for words.

Jiang Yue, in particular, was taken aback. As the person concerned, she was acutely aware that the old man would not even deign to give her a second glance, much less accept her.

Jiang Yue had no idea what sort of charm Gu Dai had woven around Song An, but the elderly man had made it clear that Gu Dai was the only granddaughter-in-law he recognized!

Observing the expressions on Wang Lan and the others’ faces, Gu Dai could ascertain the answer, so she continued, “Since grandpa hasn’t approved, what’s the point of your warm and friendly act?”

Tears welled up in Jiang Yue’s eyes, and within seconds began to trickle down her cheeks. She voiced her melancholy thoughts, “Even if grandpa doesn’t accept me, I just wish to remain by Song Ling’s side.”

On seeing Jiang Yue’s distressed state, Wang Lan immediately sought to console her, “Yueyue, don’t weep. Next month, I’ll have Song Ling accompany you to the civil affairs bureau to register your marriage.”

Jiang Yue hastily countered, “No, auntie, I can’t impose on Song Ling, and grandpa wouldn’t approve…”

This evoked even more compassion in Wang Lan, “Silly girl, how can this be considered imposing? Song Ling is so smitten with you, he would surely wish to marry you at the earliest! As for your grandpa, don’t worry about it, Yueyue.”

Wang Lan used her own experience to drive home her point, “Take a look at me, the old man initially disapproved, but aren’t we leading a good life now?”

Wang Lan omitted the fact that the old man had always held her in disdain, and even the servants in his employ looked down upon her. But it didn’t matter, Song An’s days were numbered, and once he passed away, she would see who dared to display any insolence towards her!

Initially, Wang Lan had assumed that the old man had stringent standards and would disapprove of anyone, but much to her surprise, he held Gu Dai in high esteem.

With this thought in mind, Wang Lan cast a resentful look at Gu Dai. Her voice laced with discontent, she said, “You, born in a slum, an impoverished waif without the guidance of parents, will never know etiquette, you’ll always be inferior to Yue…”

Her parents… Gu Dai felt a pang in her heart and her gaze towards Wang Lan grew icy.

“Slap!” The sound of a resonating slap reverberated throughout the exhibition hall.

Wang Lan, who had been slapped, toppled to the ground. She clutched her face and stared at Gu Dai in disbelief, her voice shaking as she asked, “You dare to strike me, you wicked girl!”

“Yes, precisely who I intended to hit,” Gu Dai retorted, her voice as frigid as Arctic ice.

Feeling a searing pain on her face and a sense of mockery from the surrounding onlookers, Wang Lan couldn’t let Gu Dai off lightly. She struggled to her feet and lunged at Gu Dai.

In response, Gu Dai slightly raised her leg and kicked Wang Lan back to the ground.

Gazing down at Wang Lan crumpled on the floor, Gu Dai chuckled and retorted, “You incessantly accuse me of lacking manners, yet you persist in calling me a slum dweller, a beggar, a wicked girl? Going by your logic, doesn’t that make you even more unrefined?”

When Song Ling entered the exhibition hall, he was met with this chaotic scene. His frown deepened as he demanded coldly, “What are you doing?”

Upon hearing Song Ling’s voice, Wang Lan seemed to have found her support. She managed to hoist herself from the ground, approached Song Ling, and pointed accusingly at Gu Dai, “Son, this wicked girl hit me!”

Song Ling’s gaze settled on Gu Dai, his brows furrowed and his expression stern, “How could you behave in such a manner with my mom?”

In the past, Gu Dai had always maintained a submissive stance towards her mother-in-law, not even daring to raise her voice. Now, she had the audacity to strike her. Where did she get this courage? Was it from the men who had been pursuing her lateiy?


The men fawning over her were merely wealthy, while he, Song Ling, had the powerful Song family backing him. With a mere stamp of his foot, the entire country could shake. Dispensing with those men would require just a snap of his fingers.. So where had Gu Dai sourced such audacity to disrespect his family in this manner?