Chapter 62 - Chapter 62: Chapter 61: The Downfall of Eric Mitchell l

Chapter 62: Chapter 61: The Downfall of Eric Mitchell l

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Eric Mitchell was completely done for.

Facing the fury of the Owens, the Mitchell family did not put up any resistance at all.

After all, Ward Owen had almost died!

The car was even set on fire!

When Owen’s father saw the Magotan, which was burned to the point of only being a metal frame, he almost went mad with rage.

His lips quivered, and a sense of horror gripped him.

If Ward had been injured more severely and hadn’t escaped the car in time, wouldn’t his ashes be all that’s left?

His only son was the sole successor of the Owens, spanning three generations.

Although Ward often made his father angry with his misdeeds, his father always said he loathed his son.

But who would actually believe those harsh words, considering the stakes of offending Ward?

It’s well known that behind the stern father facade, he pampered his eldest son almost too much.

Yet Eric Mitchell had the audacity to be so ruthless!

Although Owen’s father knew all along that his son didn’t get along with Eric, he thought those conflicts were just childish disputes, not worth mentioning.

Even as a giant in the business world, he believed his son was in the right and secretly rejoiced in the righteousness he inherited from him.

Being scions of prominent families, one could see the difference between Eric and Ward.

Although Ward was a bit chubby and lazy, and uncommitted to his duties, at least he didn’t commit crimes and disgrace the family.

Without comparison, one cannot truly appreciate what they have.

The upper circles of Oxfordshire knew Eric’s true nature, with many wanting to teach him a lesson.

However, the Mitchell family fiercely protected their calf, and the real heavyweights who could stand against them weren’t interested in dealing with it.

Although Eric was reckless, he could still discern when he was stepping over the line.

He knew who he should provoke, who he shouldn’t, and to what extent he could push some people.

Just like at Avril Green’s banquet, even though Eric clenched his teeth in anger, he left without saying a harsh word.

But this time, Eric crossed the Owen family’s bottom line.

Ward’s father had the burnt-out Magotan towed to Mitchell’s villa, blocking the entrance – sealing Eric’s fate.

Faced with the “killer’s” bite, the damning video evidence from the car’s surveillance system, and the charred wreckage, Eric could not defend himself.

He desperately explained that he hadn’t intended to harm Mr. Owen, that it was all just a coincidence.

He admitted that he had found someone to get Harrison Clark in trouble, but he had never ordered the person to hit Ward’s car.

But it was all useless.

In the end, Eric was punished with the Mitchell family’s makeshift discipline, his back beaten until the flesh split.

In addition, Eric’s assets, totaling nearly 500 million yuan, were mostly given to Ward for a mere one yuan.

But it wasn’t enough.

For the Owens, problems that could be solved with money were hardly problems at all.

Making the Mitchell family bleed financially was just a means of punishment and satisfaction – nothing more.

Later, the Mitchell family brought out an elder to plead on Eric’s behalf, and said that they would send Eric abroad soon. He could only return when Mr. Owen’s temper subsided, and he was willing to forgive and let go of the matter.

Only then did the incident come to an end.

“Master, you can rest assured. As long as my father and I are still standing, you’ll never see that man again in your lifetime. From now on, you don’t have to worry about anything. Just focus on your creative work. This foul and ill-fated incident won’t fall on you.”

“Well, thank you very much.”

“Hey, don’t mention it. It’s just my duty as an apprentice.”

Harrison thought to himself, I never actually agreed to accept you as an apprentice, so how did this come about?

However, he now owed Ward a big favor. Although he hadn’t accepted him as an apprentice, he didn’t deny it either.

“Alright, Mr. Owen, you’re a busy man. Eric had so many businesses, and you’ll have to slowly digest them all. I won’t take up more of your time.”

“No worries, it’s not a bother. As for taking over Eric’s businesses, I have plenty of people to deal with that. There’s no need for me to get personally involved.”Harrison Clark really wanted to hang up the phone right then and there.

Having a conversation with this guy was truly tiring, as if constantly ridiculing him for being a poor pauper who didn’t understand the world of the rich.

“Alright, I have something to do right now, we’ll talk later.”

If you’re not busy, I should be allowed to be!

Harrison heard the sound of the door opening outside, it must be Carrie Thomas coming back, he had to discuss this matter with her.

He hung up the phone with a snap, got up, and as soon as he opened the door, he saw Carrie, sporting two huge dark circles under her eyes, rushing in.

She really must have stayed up all night.

Harrison raised his hand, “Hi, there…”

“Here’s the song I wrote overnight, take a look when you have time, I need to hurry and pack.”

“Going to…”

Alright, Harrison didn’t even get to finish his sentence, Carrie was already rushing upstairs.

He looked down, flipped open the notebook, and saw two beautiful and timeless characters for the song title.

“The Fire.”

Harrison’s mouth twitched, feeling that there was something off about the pronunciation of these two characters, giving a quite unserious vibe.

However, as he went through the lyrics line by line, he knew how powerful they were.

He had to admit it in his heart.

Carrie Thomas was truly unstoppable.

No matter how much he plagiarized her, exploited her, or dug treasures out of her heart, she could always quickly regain her phoenix-like spirit and display her true talents anew.

And each time was stronger than the last!

As the name suggests, “The Fire” tells the story of a person’s rebirth through fire.

The lyrics of this song have a strong narrative, but the word choice and phrasing are even stronger.

Just reading the lyrics, Harrison could sense a burning willpower rising up like flames.

He had listened to countless songs and seen countless lyrics, but none of them could ignite a person’s fighting spirit as much as the lyrics in his hands.

Even he, a salted fish, had a feeling of spiritual trance, vaguely feeling like he was the phoenix in the lyrics about to be reborn through fire, wanting to break through the shackles of fate.

As he was in a daze, Carrie had already rushed downstairs, snatching the lyrics from his hands.

At the same time, she was changing her shoes and said, “I have no time to chat, I have to hurry to Beiduo Music Academy to get your “A Dull Life” and my “The Fire” done. I’m afraid if I delay too long, I’ll lose the feeling.”

Harrison was about to say maybe we don’t need to go to Beiduo Music Academy, after all, Eric Mitchell’s businesses had all been transferred to Ward Owen, so there should be professional recording studios available here for free use.

So he opened his mouth and said, “Eric Mitchell…”

Carrie waved her hand, “It’s fine, I’ll be careful. You should be more careful staying in Oxfordshire. Alright, I have to go now.”


Harrison chased after her, but she had already hurriedly entered the elevator.

She thought Harrison had come to say goodbye, waving her hand, and the other hand pressed the close button at the same time.

Harrison said in a defeated tone, “Wait a minute.”

“Not waiting.”

The elevator door closed, and Carrie was gone.

Harrison was speechless and took out his phone to send her a message on WeChat, clearly explaining the situation with voice messages.

After waiting for about seven or eight minutes, Carrie replied, “Ah! Is that so? Isn’t that great? We won’t have to worry in the future! But I still have to go to Beiduo Music Academy this time, the team there is very experienced. I promised to finish “A Dull Life” there, can’t break my promise.”

Harrison shrugged, alright, I should have known not to waste my breath.

Carrie’s train of thought was really special, such a big good thing as Eric Mitchell being out of the picture, and she was so calm about it.

Maybe in her heart, she didn’t care about these so-called obstacles, she just always wanted to do her best.

Returning to his room, Harrison looked up at the calendar.

He suddenly realized, tonight was another night for having dreams..