As it was the peak hour for picking up the packages, An Youxi and Ran Ningmu had to wait in line patiently.

While waiting, Ran Ningmu was looked at frequently by people because of his height and outstanding appearance.

An Youxi felt a little sour 1 but couldn’t help being a little proud.

He thought to himself: As expected of the man he fell in love with, he is the centre of attention wherever he goes, but Ran Ningmu was really tall ah, obviously he 2 was about 180 cm, but the result was he was still shorter than the other by half a head, Ran Ningmu must be 190 cm…

At that time, a familiar male voice attracted the attention of An Youxi.

Due to occupational disease 3 An Youxi’s sensitivity to sound was much higher than normal people’s.

The male voice in front of him was the typical Slag person’s 4 sound, the voice was also quite good.

An Youxi even saw several girls looking away from Ran Ningmu.

But that was not the main point.

The main point was how was that male voice very similar to Atlas’s voice?!

He heard that Atlas had just entered college this year and the college was one of the top 2, and that boy happens to be wearing a military training uniform, obviously a freshman this year… it couldn’t be such a coincidence!

An Youxi was in a complicated mood and couldn’t help but stare at the boy a few more times.

In just a few glances, a large dog 5 beside him couldn’t help but let his mind run crazily.

“Senior, it’s your turn.”

“Huh? Oh okay.” An Youxi returned to his senses, only to realize he had unknowingly stood in front of the line and hastily reported the pickup number.

At that moment, Wu Tianqing, who had already left the line, suddenly turned around and looked at An Youxi.

Just as An Youxi felt that Wu Tianqing’s voice sounded familiar, Wu Tianqing also felt that An Youxi’s voice was familiar, but he was not as sensitive as An Youxi, and after seeing An Youxi’s face, Wu Tianqing’s suspicion in his heart also flew away.

After all, Grapefruit 6 was ugly and the whole circle knew that fact, and the boy in front of him, regardless of body shape and appearance, was top-notch, and he who was well-informed was really stunned.

Seeing Wu Tianqing’s expression, Xiao Qiao who was next to him, the face changed slightly and barely a smile remained on his face as if inadvertently asking, “What are you looking at? Do you know that person?”

“No, the person just looks familiar.”

Although he said that, Wu Tianqing’s eyes were still glued to An Youxi.

Xiao Qiao’s face completely turned dark. 7

He knew that Wu Tianqing was a lustful person, and if it weren’t for his 8 good looks, he wouldn’t be able to hook up with him 9 so quickly.

It’s just it was clear that he came from another city to accompany Wu Tianqing today, but his boyfriend was staring at other men in front of him, so Xiao Qiao’s mood was not very good.

“Did you see that tall boy guarding him? His eyes never moved away from him, obviously, he has company, so I advise you to not think blindly.”

“What? Jealous?” Wu Tianqing turned his eyes away from An Youxi. Although he did have other thoughts, at least he was still Xiao Qiao’s boyfriend now on the surface and should coax him. “You think too much, I just found him familiar, since baby is not happy, I won’t look at him anymore and just want to see how you are, baby. Hmm?”

“It’s outside, don’t talk nonsense.” While being totally angry inside, Xiao Qiao had to pretend to be shy on the outside, no matter how jealous he was.


On the other hand, An Youxi took the courier and accompanied Ran Ningmu to get his courier.

What Ran Ningmu bought was obviously a big item, a knee-high box that was uncomfortable to hold, so he simply tore it apart. Inside were three bulging bags, Ran Ningmu took them out and held them in his arms.

An Youxi’s courier was small enough to fit in the school bag, so he hugged one of the bags for Ran Ningmu as his hand was empty.

Feeling the item was hard, he was a little curious, “What did you buy? It doesn’t look like a pillow.”

“It’s a mattress, all three.”

An Youxi said in surprise, “Three? So many ah?”  Was Ran Ningmu so particular about sleeping?

Ran Ningmu held onto each item on his left and right arms, a little embarrassed and explained, “I sleep on the bottom bunk, and the bed is a bit too low making it uncomfortable to sit, so I wanted to buy a few more mattresses to make the bed higher.”

An Youxi understood, to put it bluntly, Ran Ningmu’s legs were too long and sitting on the bed, makes his legs curl up due to the height difference. So, he can only be forced to buy a mattress.

Ran Ningmu asked casually, “Senior, what did you buy? It looks so small, is it a teacup?”

“Not a teacup, but something similar.” An Youxi thought, I spent nine dollars to buy this thing to help me chase you, so I will not tell you. After all, it does not sound innocent but more like a sand sculpture. 10

Ran Ningmu realized that An Youxi did not want to talk about it, so he politely did not ask any further questions. He didn’t even know that the first thing the cold-looking little fairy did when he returned to the dormitory was to take out the nine yuan Yue Lao from his bag and then take out a stone as an incense table and then placed some small wildflowers, small wild grasses, a cherry, an orange, a ripe banana and other tributes in front of the incense table in turn and finally three unused candles, which were his roommate’s birthday present and then inserted them into plastic bottle caps, filled with mud and then turned his head to look for his pyjamas.

The roommate was stunned by An Youxi’s action: “…I’ll ask! What religion do you belong to? The sun and mood god sect? Eh? Isn’t this the Yue Lao you ordered a few days ago? so, you really intend to worship ah!… Wait, what are you doing with your pyjamas? You want to take a shower now?”

An Youxi sternly corrected, “Not a bath, it’s changing clothes to worship” 11

“Why change clothes to worship? What the hell? Are you okay?!”

“Are you going to the bathroom? If not, I’ll go?”

The roommate trembled and pointed at An Youxi, “Look, look, this is the talent cultivated by China’s top-ranked institutions of higher education, for a mere man, he is reduced to this. What a misfortune for the country!”

“You are the misfortunate one in the dormitory!” An Youxi pushed his finger away and went to the bathroom without looking back.

Twenty minutes later, An Youxi came out of the bathroom with a refreshing scent of grapefruit-flavoured shower gel. He pointed to Ran Ningmu in the screen saver and asked Yue Lao to help him tie the red thread and personally helped Yue Lao peel the banana peel, he finally lit the candle devoutly, and then knelt on the ground and kowtowed three times.

“…” The roommate’s expression was difficult to explain in words, and he deeply felt that Ran Ningmu was a scourge (a person that causes great trouble or suffering), who had seduced such a pure (not so pure) male college student so much that he lost his soul.

After the ceremony, An Youxi casually peeled the banana and put it in his mouth and ate it, and saw that his cousin had sent a bunch of messages, all begging and crying for him to accompany him to the offline meet.

An Youxi chuckled and took his phone and was about to reply when the message of Toast12 suddenly popped up.

Coincidentally, he also asked him whether he was going to the offline meeting on National Day or not.

[ Grapefruit: Let me think about it first. ]

The reason why An Youxi hesitated had no special reason, just that he did not want to meet strangers.

He had been a nerd since childhood and did not go out of the house very much. He had a very hypocritical personality, only willing to talk to people he likes.

From that point of view, it was indeed true that people who were not familiar with him said that he was cold and arrogant.

It was also because of this reason that no matter what people talked about him on the internet and misunderstood him, he never clarified those matters.

One was that he was unwilling to let go of his privacy and the second was that he did not have too much contact with strangers.

But this time for the meeting, his cousin really wants to attend very much…

[ Toast: Are you worried about Atlas being there? ]

Toast seemed to have misunderstood something and sent a bunch of messages.

[ Toast: To be fair, what Atlas did to you was quite unethical, although it’s easy to get together and break up, leaving you without giving a good reason is very suspicious bah. So, everyone outside thinks that you did something causing him to break up with you! ]

[ Toast: You don’t even know that since the two of you broke up as gay friends, these lemon essences in the club who were jealous of your voice, have started to be eccentric again, but this pissed me off to death! ]

[ Toast: Although, I very much want you to go, after all, er have known each other for so many years and have never played together happily together, I certainly support your own ideas. And this time Atlas, will definitely bring Xiao Qiao with him to show off his love in front of you, it’s really heart-breaking to think about it. So, if you don’t want to go, no one can force you! Follow your heart! ]

What is this all about…

An Youxi couldn’t cry or laugh.

[ Grapefruit: I’ll go bah, who said I won’t be going? Whether he wants to show love or not is none of my business! I don’t like him. ]

[ Toast: Really? Ahhh great! Then I want to play with you! (HappilyWalkingInCircles.jpg) ]

An Youxi also smiled and then suddenly remembered something.

[ Grapefruit: By the way, do you have any pictures of Atlas? Send me a glance. ]

[ Toast: ? I thought you didn’t like him! ]

[ Grapefruit: Yes, I don’t like him. Its just I met someone who maybe Atlas in reality and you know I have a good ear! I just wanted to see if it was. ]

[ Toast: So that’s it, I was surprised. ]

[ Toast: Hold on, I’ll go and find it for you! ]

[ Toast: (picture) ]

[ Toast: How is it? Is it him? Is it him? ]

[ Grapefruit: I’ll go… Really… ]

Hearing all these things, it seems to be extravagant there but also to see if he was really that handsome. But it seems he (Atlas) was just so-so. He couldn’t be compared to Ran Ningmu at all, okay?

And the photo looks much better that the real person, probably due to a change in the skin. 13

[ Toast: Help… this is too much of a coincidence… fortunately you two are not in the same school, otherwise, it would be so embarrassing to meet… ]

[ Grapefruit: hmm… ]

[ Toast: ? What do you mean? You guys… are not really from the same school, right… ]

[ Grapefruit: Yes… ]

[ Toast: ? Help! I’m embarrassed for someone else again! This is too suffocating! ]

[ Toast: Eh wait, didn’t they say he was admitted to the Top 2 University this year? Could it be you also…? ]

[ Grapefruit: Yes, I’m also from Yan University and I am in my fourth year14! ]

[ Toast: I will go! I only knew you were also studying in Yancheng, but I didn’t know that you were a hidden school bully! You’ve been hiding it from me! Without further ado, I have to go and continue writing my test papers, bye! Goodbye! ]

As soon as he finished texting with Toast, his cousin was bouncing around again. (texting a lot)

An Youxi was a little amused and send an affirmative reply to his cousin, and successfully harvested a large piece of rich and fragrant rainbow farts from his cousin.


The other side.

Ran Ningmu returned to his dormitory remembering the way An Youxi stared at the boy at the courier point just before, no matter what he thought, he couldn’t help it.

He vaguely remembered that the other party looked just like a little milk dog.

So, the senior was not interested in himself, but boys with that kind of appearance?!

How could that be… A strong sense of crisis overcame Ran Ningmu’s heart suddenly!

Sure enough, he was too arrogant.

The Senior was so good, how could he be confident he will still be liked by others?

So, in order to catch up with his Senior, he has to work hard to become the milkiest / cutest one in all those milk dogs!

Thinking of that, Ran Ningmu knocked on the desktop of his roommate next door and asked, “Do you think I’m a baby?”

The roommate who was playing games, “Nurse? What kind of milkmaid? Damn you! Cai Wenji15, our home is almost gone and you are still in the wild… Are you picking Ganoderma lucidum 16 for your mother or are you playing with humans and beasts?! Brother, promise me, can we do our homework after this game?” 17

Ran Ningmu: “…”

Ran Ningmu turned his head again and knocked on Li Jingmo’s chat box.

[ Ran Ningmu: Ahem, are you there? I want to ask you something. ]

[ Li Jingmo: ? What kind of tone is this? Don’t you usually say everything directly? I’m so scared because you are finally being so serious! (frightened) (frightened) ]

[ Ran Ningmu: … ]

[ Ran Ningmu: am I a milk dog? ]

[ Li Jingmo: ? ]

[ Li Jingmo: ? ]

[ Li Jingmo: ? ]

[ Li Jingmo: Hey! Which evildoer dares to steal my brother’s account? It’s not too late to show your original form! ]

[ Ran Ningmu: …. ]

[ Ran Ningmu: Forget it, I didn’t say anything! ]

After exiting the chat box, Ran Ningmu raised his hand and touched his handsome face, with momentary confusion.

Didn’t I just ask you if I looked like a little milk dog… was it so scary?

At that time, his roommate roared, “Crap Zhuge Liang 18, are you a meituan delivery rider? Can’t, you deliver properly? Even a dog in the middle can do better than you! Do you know why Baidu can’t find you? It’s because you are fucking going to search the dog ah stupid!!!! ]

Ran Nngmu froze.

Oh yeah, there was Baidu.

Ran Ningmu turned away and went to search for the characteristics of a little milk dog and finally concluded the following point.

One, young age.

Ran Ningmu thought he just turned 18 this year, which happens to be the minimum requirement for dating, so he was young enough.


Second, Youthful feeling.

Ran Ningmu looked in the mirror and looked at his canine teeth and dimples.

Well, there was nothing younger than canine teeth and dimples, perfect, skip, skip.

Three, the smile must be sweet.

Ran Ningmu once again turned his head to the mirror and smiled a little. Successfully numbed himself.

Hiss, sweet, sweet, hurry up and skip.

Four, Good looking.

Tsk, isn’t this nonsense?

Ran Ningmu didn’t even look in the mirror and just skipped it.

Five, act coquettishly and cutely.

Ran Ningmu was stunned.

For a moment, his expression was colourful and colourful (?) so wonderful and the finally returned to calmness.


Free play.

Only a coquettish girl who can show love can be a master.

The cutie who sells love.

For the sake of Senior, he can do it!

Make a fist.jpg

The author has something to say:

Ran Ningmu: Isn’t it just being cute, it’s dead easy, watch me perform live.




Ran Ningmu: ο (=ω <=) ☆ da ~

An Youxi: …… poof.

A certain one pounced over in annoyance-

Ran Ningmu: Brother! You are not allowed to laugh! /////


An Youxi

AYX being a CV,

not exactly sure, but I think it refers to people who play the slag man in a novel

refers to Ran Ningmu

An Youxi’s alias in the VA/CV circle

an expression of anger

Xiao Qiao

Wu Tianqing

Slang referring to someone who is foolish or weird in doing something. In this case, AYX bought the statue of Yue Lao, the matchmaker in Chinese mythology to chase after RNM, this behaviour is weird or quite foolish so its referred to as sand sculpture

not sure it’s correct?

if you do not know him, refer to chapter 1

I didn’t understand it, but think it probably meant that now after the military training, everyone’s skin is a little off. Or maybe just growing up?

senior year

a character in the game King of Glory


the roommate was half talking to RNM and more than half in the game

a character in League of Legends