Chapter 249 - Chapter 247: Entrusting you with the Demon Extermination 1

Chapter 247: Entrusting you with the Demon Extermination 1

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He returned to the mountain peak and activated the Flowing Light Formation.

Just as he entered, a gray vine slipped out of his sleeve.

The spiritual energy of the grasses and trees all over the mountain peak made it feel dizzy with happiness, it wriggled as it climbed along the rocks.

Because Lu Xuan had infused a lot of Qjngmu Origin Energy into it during cultivation, the Demonic Vine had become extremely dependent on him. It spent most of its time hiding in his robe, only coming out when he returned to the peak, intoxicated by the blooming world of numerous spiritual plants.

The grey vine looked left and right, hesitated for a moment, and turned towards the fourth-grade Earth Fire Heart Lotus, Xuan Chong Vine, and the Spirit Gathering Pine. But in the end, it chose the place where the third-rank Bewitching Fairy Peach was planted.

Not for anything else, it just liked the vigorous energy around the Bewitching Fairy Peach.

The Wind Falcon, with its balloon-like belly, kept flapping its pale blue wings, turning into a blue streamer. It bounced off Lu Xuan’s head and fell back to the ground.

At its ankle, there was a large red chain.

The chain was the Fire Separation Flood Dragon. After being raised for so long, the Flood Dragon had grown more than half a foot, its slender body covered with fine fire-red scales.

In the woods, the Cloud Leopard watched Lu Xuan play with the Wind Falcon and the young drake, its emerald eyes quietly watching.

It then turned its head away unconcernedly, with only its pointed ears facing Lu Xuan’s direction.

Only after he came over and tugged at the two tufts of grey hair on the tips of its ears, did it let out a growl full of meaning before leisurely leaving.

Lu Xuan returned to his room and carefully sorted out his gains from his trip to the Hall of Transference.

Sharing his insights with many Outer Sect Disciples and seeing all kinds of strange varieties of Spiritual Plants had greatly broadened his horizons.

As for teaching them his own planting experience and meticulous cultivation methods, Lu Xuan was not worried about the situation of teaching his students and starving himself.

After all, they would need to constantly experiment and find the best way to cultivate the plants if they wanted to cultivate higher-quality spiritual plants. As for him, it’s much simpler. He can directly understand the immediate status of the spiritual plants.

More importantly, spiritual plants have different meanings for the two of them.

For Lu Xuan, cultivating these spiritual plants can provide him cultivation levels and all kinds of rare treasures. He could completely put cultivation and exploring opportunities aside.

For other cultivators, even if they have changed after his teachings, the degree of change is extremely limited. Cultivation is their top priority.

The next day, Lu Xuan was invited by Liu Su, and had a small gathering with a few likeminded brothers and sisters.

As they all specialized in the practice of Spiritual Plants and Animals Path, they would occasionally gather to share experiences.

After learning that Lu Xuan had recently entered the Langyue Blessed Land, their attitude towards him had noticeably changed and was much warmer than before.

They enjoyed the wine and the discussion, it was quite pleasant.

As the discussion got heated, suddenly, a faint but sharp sword cry echoed in their ears.

Then, an invisible air sword silently appeared at the edge of everyone’s ears.

The air sword burst like a bubble in an instant, and a voice sounded in their ears.

“All Inner Sect disciples heed the order!”

“Recently, the Golden Core demon Tong Yin of Extremely Yin Sect was besieged and killed on the spot by three Golden Core Real People of the three Sects. The demonic artifact, Five-Heart Demonic Artifact, that he had refined miraculously escaped and at least two of the same-heart demons escaped into Star City and the surrounding markets within two thousand miles.”

“To prevent the Same-heart Demon from killing innocently and causing chaos in the Cultivation World, and to restore Star City’s tranquility, we have organized Inner Sect disciples to hunt down the demons.”

“Volunteers can participate. For each Same-heart Demon successfully eliminated, one Bing Four-Grade Flying Sword will be given as a reward.”

“Setting off tomorrow.”

The low voice echoed in everyone’s minds.

“Five-Heart Demonic Artifact! It escaped to the edge of the Sect, it must be exterminated!”

A middle-aged cultivator with a mature and steady appearance exclaimed indignantly.

“Indeed, the eradication of demons and guardianship of Tao is our duty as Righteous Path cultivators, and this Same-heart Demon had the audacity to invade the territory of our Sky Sword Sect, which can be taken as seeking its own death.”

Someone voiced their agreement.

” There’s even a fourth-grade Flying Sword as a reward for exterminating the demon!”

“I was initially a little worried, but after seeing the reward, my worries instantly scattered like smoke in a breeze.”

“Ha ha, let’s see who has the ability to get that fourth-grade Flying Sword.”

The news of a fourth-grade flying sword as a reward stirred everyone’s interest, making them feel as if they already held it in their hands.

“A Golden Core Real Person actually fell? This is truly too horrifying.”

Lu Xuan’s focus, however, differed from everyone else’s. He initially assumed that after advancing to the Foundation Establishment Realm, his survival rate in the Cultivation World would greatly increase. Moreover, being in the Nascent Soul Stage would allow one to have an inestimably revered status in the Cultivation World.

But unexpectedly, today he heard the news of a Golden Core Real Person falling.

“It seems I still need to keep staying inside the sect.”

From the perspective of those Golden Core Real People, his current cultivation

– the Foundation Establishment First-term – would probably only be equivalent to a slightly larger ant that they could easily manipulate.

“Elder Sister Liu, I’m always inside the sect and seldom get out, so I know very little about many aspects of the Cultivation World. I would like to ask you, what is the background of that Tong Yin?”

He quietly asked the spotlessly-skinned Liu Su by his side.

“Tong Yin is a Core Formation Elder of the Extremely Yin Sect, with a perverse and violent personality. He acts harshly and malignly, having made several Great Sects his enemies.”

“He probably made some unforgivable mistake, which led to numerous Golden Core Real People banding together to besiege and kill him.”

“What about the escaped Five-Heart Demonic Artifact? Golden Core Real People’s ace in the hole: are we, with our current major cultivation of the Foundation Establishment First and Middle-terms, able to deal with it?”

Lu Xuan lightly nodded and continued asking.

“I’ve heard of that Five-Heart Demonic Artifact. It is said that its refining method is extremely sinister.”

” It requires finding five infants with single spiritual roots for each of the five elements. During their gestational stage, the mother’s body is turned into a Yin evil vessel. Thousands upon thousands of infants’ Essence Blood and souls are taken to feed it until at last, five terrifyingly resentful infant ghosts are produced. It is only after a lengthy time of refining that it becomes the Five- Heart Demonic Artifact.”

“Indeed, it is such a damage to the Heaven and Earth, no wonder it ends up in a situation where countless Nascent Soul cultivators besiege and kill.”

Hearing this, Lu Xuan couldn’t help but sigh.

From Linyang Market to joining the Sky Sword Sect, the number of times he had fought with others could be counted on one hand. He was having difficulty imagining such a vicious scene.

“When the Same-Heart Demon is fused into one entity, it possesses formidable power. Once separated, its power probably equals to that of practitioners in the early or middle stages of the Foundation Establishment.”

“If it escapes into the Loose Cultivation City or a market, it could take countless lives to replenish its Essence Blood and souls, triggering a massacre. Since Star City belongs to the edge of the Sect’s area, it’s no wonder that the Sect is putting down a heavy treasure, mobilizing the Inner Sect disciples to go and eliminate the demon.”

“Fellow brothers and sisters, shall we jointly go and resolve this Same-Heart Demon?”

“We’ll go together.”

“We can uphold justice by wiping out demons and also have the chance to acquire a fourth-grade Flying Sword, it is of course worth trying.”

“Junior Brother Lu, what do you think?”


Lu Xuan was stunned for a moment before answering with a smile.

“I’ve only recently advanced to the Foundation Establishment stage, and my strength is weak, so it might be more appropriate for my senior brothers and sisters to undertake the duty to eliminate demons.”

I’ll leave the extermination of demons to all of you; I’d rather stay safe and farm.