After having lunch with Yan Yang in the factory canteen, the two of them were ready to go home for lunch.

Every day there is an hour of lunch break, Yan Yang will accompany her home for lunch break, and also develop a good lunch break habit.

At noon, the two of them walked out of the processing plant together, talking and laughing, and suddenly they were stopped...

The visitor frightened Lin Xiaoyue, and saw her unkempt hair covering half of her face, and her exposed half of her face was still covered with tears, and she was very excited.

"I was wrong, I was really wrong! Can you let me go? Let me go, I beg you!"

Yan Hongying almost knelt down for the two of them. While crying, she grabbed Lin Xiaoyue's sleeves at a loss. She didn't dare to pull it hard, so she just grabbed it.

Lin Xiaoyue shook her hand away out of instinct, and Yan Yang immediately guarded her behind her, stood up to Yan Hongying, and frowned her sword brows, "What are you doing!"

"I was wrong, I really know that I was wrong. I came to you to apologize, you let me go... I beg you, I beg you..."

With words of prayer on her mouth, Yan Hongying burst into tears, and the crying was quite miserable.

As long as she can solve it by herself and has a chance of life, she doesn't want to approach Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang in this manner.

But she really can't help it.

After Yan Hongying was fired by the seafood factory for no reason, she went home the same day and was scolded by her parents-in-law.

Because of her reason, her parents-in-law was deducted from the factory for that month's wages. If it weren't for the reason that they were old employees, Zhou Zhengwei would have to dismiss her parents-in-law and her mother-in-law directly. He would have to pay a few more months of salary.

What is the reason why Zhou Zhengwei is confused by her parents-in-law? Why do you do this to them?

Then, I heard from Zhou Zhengwei that Yan Hongying had offended an executive. Her parents-in-law did not know which executive she had offended, but she must have made a big mistake.

That night, Yan Hongying was scolded by her father-in-law and her mother-in-law. After returning to the room, Chen Zeqing didn't give her a good face and scolded her for being stupid.

Yan Hongying was so wronged and had a big quarrel with Chen Zeqing.

But in this city, she didn't have a family home, and she had nowhere to go after a fight. That night, she sat at the table all night and stayed up all night.

In the next few days, the atmosphere at home finally eased a little, and her parents-in-law asked her to find temporary jobs in other factories.

In the end, I heard that she was blackmailed by many factories. As soon as she heard her name, she said that she could not be hired.

Then, Yan Hongying's life at her husband's house was even more difficult.

Even though she was very diligent in doing housework, she was still scolded by her parents-in-law and Chen Zeqing disliked her, and her husband's family was unwilling to raise an idler.

Last night, when Chen Zeqing was drinking, she said something to him, and in exchange for Chen Deqing's punches and kicks.

Earlier this morning, instead of apologizing, Chen Zeqing asked her to reflect on her mistakes at home.

Yan Hongying couldn't stand this grievance anymore. She felt that instead of looking at the faces of so many people in her husband's house every day, she might as well be scolded by Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang, and said something, as long as Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yangken let her go. …

So, leaving all face and self-esteem aside, Yan Hongying came over to find their husband and wife.

In front of the couple, the one who was crying was sad, crying and confessing his mistakes, tears falling down like no money.

To be honest, Lin Xiaoyue thought she was quite pitiful when she looked at Yan Hongying's appearance.

But Lin Xiaoyue prevented her excessively overflowing Madonna's Heart, and did not forgive Yan Hongying all at once.

She just said first, "Did you find the wrong person? Did I do anything to you?"

"I know you are a wise man, I know you know, let me go, I have lived a pitiful life here, very hard. My parents-in-law scolded me for several days, and the man in my family beat me yesterday. , I hit me with injuries. I have nowhere to go, and I can’t go back to my natal family... You know how difficult it is to get out of the countryside. I have already married here. If I get kicked out If I go back, my mother will definitely break my leg. Let me go, I beg you..."

Yan Hongying cried and said, "You just told me to kneel, and I am willing, so please let me go. I will never trouble you again. I have eyes but no knowledge of Taishan, and I have offended the wrong person. I was really wrong, I was wrong..."

If she apologized, she would rush out like she didn't need money, and her tears fell one after another.

This ugly mother who was crying couldn't recognize it, and Lin Xiaoyue didn't even look at it.

Lin Xiaoyue turned her head and glanced at Yan Yang next to her. She wanted to know what Yan Yang's attitude was.

She used to do every bad person at home, and she said the bad things.

This time, Lin Xiaoyue was not ready to stand out, and handed the bad guy to Yan Yangdang.

Yan Yang understood what she meant after receiving the motion in her eyes.

His eyes fixedly looked at Yan Hongying, "Now that I know I was wrong, is it useful to apologize? The cost of spreading rumors to hurt others is so low in your opinion?"

"What can I do then... I have no other choice..."

Yan Hongying thought that the couple would have a hard time talking, but when they were rejected, they couldn't help crying louder.

She was still concerned about face, so she could only verbally beg for mercy. Now that she was rejected, she didn't even care about face at all, so she directly fell on her knees and knelt down.

"Then I will kneel for you... I can't do it, I really can't do it, and I know it's wrong. But I want a way out... Just forgive me, you want me to be a cow or a horse. , I am willing to pay any price, just let me go, give me a chance to work, I really want to stay in the city... please, I beg you..."

She said this tearfully, not only kneeling, but also beginning to kowtow.

This terrible picture caused the employees and passersby passing by the factory to cast their sights on this side...

People who didn't know thought they were bullying Yan Hongying.

"You get up first, it's too ugly to kneel like this." Lin Xiaoyue frowned and said.

"You forgive me, forgive me and I'll get up, I really can't help it, please..." Yan Hongying kept kowtow as she said.

This really made Lin Xiaoyue feel embarrassed.

Isn't it just a job? Is it necessary?

Even after thinking about it in another way, Lin Xiaoyue felt that she would not do it for a job, and she would lose her personality.

However, it may be that the malice against women in this era is relatively great.

Especially the home of Chen Zeqing, which is already very sick.

After Lin Xiaoyue first heard about Chen Zeqing's illness, she still sympathized with Yan Hongying.

Now it seems that it is estimated that it was forced by that family, so Yan Hongying would kowtow to them both because of a job.

"Can't you get up?" Yan Yang said in an imperative tone.

I don't know why, his words are so useful.

He got up as soon as he said Yan Hongying.

Lin Xiaoyue couldn't help taking a look at Yan Yang, thinking in her heart, is he more majestic?

Yan Hongying's nose kept twitching, she was already crying to tears and her nose was muddled, "Just give me a chance to work...I won't mess with you again, and if I mess with you again, I'm a pig, a dog, I'm not as good as a pig! "

Her attitude of admitting mistakes was quite sufficient, and Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang looked at them and thought it was all right.

Lin Xiaoyue bumped Yan Yang with her elbow and asked Yan Yang to deal with it.

Yan Yang understood what she meant, and then opened her lips, "Come to my office at 1:30 in the afternoon."

"Ok...ok, thank you, thank you..."

Yan Hongying nodded to him, even though the two of them had bypassed her, she still maintained a nodding posture, her attitude can be said to be very humble.

Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue left without looking back, always facing each other from behind.

But as he walked farther and farther, Lin Xiaoyue also asked Yan Yang, "What are you going to do with her? Why wait for the afternoon instead of doing it right now?"

Yan Yang took her shoulders and massaged and squeezed, "Now it's time for a nap, and the lunch break is big. I don't want to waste our lunch break because of her. As for the way of handling..."

Lin Xiaoyue turned her head and stared at him with her eyes wide open, just listening to him unhurriedly say, "Let her write an apology letter, and at our wedding, read it to the villagers in public, and it will be almost done. She wants to work. It’s okay to ask her to come to our factory as a temporary worker at that time. Give her a little less salary and increase it according to her situation. If she works under me and doesn’t do anything else, she can slowly add it to her. Okay. If she does any little tricks under my hands, it's easy to deal with her. What do you think?"

Lin Xiaoyue nodded, "I think it's okay. Just deal with it a little bit and let her know how good we are. Besides, if she marries a guy like Chen Zeqing, she will only get more and more sad in the days to come, so we really don’t need us. If you shoot, someone will teach her."

The couple reached a consensus, talked leisurely on the road, and quickly returned home.

In the afternoon, Yan Hongying cried and went to the seafood processing factory to find Yan Yang. After entering Yan Yang's office, she confirmed that Yan Yang was really sitting in a high position, with power in her hands.

Yan Hongying didn't dare to say anything. She would respond to whatever conditions Yan Yang offered, no matter how embarrassed or ugly, she could agree to it.

Because, in her opinion, nothing is worse than her life in her husband's house.

She can accept everything else as long as her life at her in-laws’ house can get better.

Yan Hongying heard Yan Yang say that she could come to a seafood processing factory as a temporary worker, and her feelings were mixed.

She really didn't expect that Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue were so calculating that they would still let her work in their factory.

Yan Hongying lowered her head and blushed, already wondering what to say.


Soon, it was the day when Yan Yang married Lin Xiaoyue.

Yan Yang said that he owed Lin Xiaoyue a wedding and must make up for her. He did what he said.

Weddings in this era are very simple, but the necessary sense of ceremony is still indispensable.

Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang also took simple wedding photos in the city. The two wore military-green overalls, leaving very simple wedding photos.

The wedding was held in the village. The two were dressed in real red robes. Lin Xiaoyue wore two low twists and red flowers on his head, like a shy bride.

The house is very lively.

Except for batch after batch of visitors, one of the rooms in the new house is constantly stacking gifts.

Chicken, duck, fish, grains, food stamps and coins were all present. In order to increase the sense of ceremony, Yan Yang went to the small side house of Lao Yan's house by bicycle and took Lin Xiaoyue to the new house.

It can be considered that there is a process of receiving marriage. Along the way, the family of the matchmaker formed a team to receive the marriage.

Lin Xiaoyue sat on the back seat of Yan Yang's bicycle, pinching the clothes around his waist, and looking towards the way home.

In my heart, how many emotions are surging...

Although he was already an old husband and wife with him, they were all pregnant with his children.

But at this moment, there is really a feeling of marrying him.

Lin Xiaoyue thought of her previous life. She asked her elders to describe to her the way they got married in that era...

Simple and rustic.

As the elders said, in this age, carriages and horses are very slow, letters are far away, and there is only enough love for one person in a lifetime.

So, back to this age, facing such a simple relationship between husband and wife, facing the three personalities who loved her once, and now he loves her wholeheartedly.

Lin Xiaoyue feels that life is really worth living in this life!

"The bride takes it back!"

The villagers yelled, and crackling firecrackers were set off at the door of the new house. Lin Xiaoyue got off the bicycle and Yan Yang took her hand and asked her to hold him.

When she raised her head to look at him, the smile on Yan Yang's face came from the heart, warm and beautiful...

"You are so handsome." Lin Xiaoyue praised him.

Yan Yang smiled more brilliantly, and he naturally returned to her without hesitation, "You are the most beautiful."

"Well, you two are handsome and beautiful, and you two are the best in the audience! Don't dare to go in, hurry in!"

The village chief urged him twice, and they were embarrassed to urge them...

At home, Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang also offered tea from their parents-in-law and grandparents, took a few red packets from the elders, and ate a bowl of noodles and lotus soup to simply complete the ceremony.

A full 10 tables of banquets were set up in the courtyard and in the house, and the villagers had already taken their seats and began to have the wedding wine.

The two of them got married, and there were many people from the village, basically they all came.

Even Bai Xiaochun and Lu Xiaming also came.

Bai Xiaochun and Lu Xiaming are now a pair of educated youths in the village, and they both signed up for this year's college entrance examination.

When Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang were toasting to the table between Bai Xiaochun and Lu Xiaming, the village chief came out to speak, "The college entrance examination is coming next month. These two educated youths are from this group of educated youths in our village. The person who is most likely to be admitted to the University of China. Both of them have been preparing for the exam for more than half a year. Xiaoyue, Xiaoyang, don’t you two also have to take the college entrance examination? If you don’t understand, you can find them! Enthusiastic, I will teach you all I know!"

Bai Xiaochun and Lu Xiaming were a little embarrassed by the village head, but the village head told the truth. They both had a good idea and determined to win the college entrance examination.

Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang only smiled politely. In order to save the village head’s face, Lin Xiaoyue toasted Bai Xiaochun, "Then I won’t say anything else, I wish you two could be admitted to Huada soon. ."

What is Huada... Lin Xiaoyue really doesn't know.

This is the school setting in the original book, which is different from the real world she lives in.

However, Lin Xiaoyue is so happy in her life now, and she has no interest in learning.

Don’t you want to ask Bai Xiaochun and Lu Xiaming...

And based on the level of knowledge she has learned, she really doesn't need to ask anyone.

"I also wish you two will give birth to a precious son early." Bai Xiaochun responded to Lin Xiaoyue with a toast.

Lu Xiaming returned to Yan Yang, "If you really want to take the college entrance examination, you can take a look at the exercises on my side, and you can come to me if you don't understand."

Yan Yang returned to him politely, "Thank you, I wish you passed the exam."

Yan Yang doesn't really want to go to university now. He just wants to take care of his wife, raise children, and work hard to make money and live a richer life.

After a round of toasting, Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue finally had time to breathe. The two returned to the bridal table and sat down. Lin Xiaoyue quickly ate a few pieces of pork with plums and vegetables.

At this moment, Yan Hongying saw that Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang had had a chance to sit down, flushed, took a gong and drum and walked to the middle of the courtyard, banging twice!

Suddenly, everyone's attention inside and out shifted to Yan Hongying...

"Excuse me for dinner! Here, I have one thing to clarify to everyone, and I want to apologize to my brother Yang and my sister-in-law!" Yan Hongying promised that Yan Yang would clarify to the villagers on the wedding day. She spread rumors and framed the couple. Thing.

Although it feels very embarrassing and unspeakable...

But for her future life and work, Yan Hongying must stand up.

So, she explained her misunderstanding of Yan Yang and his wife in front of all the villagers, and spread the false rumors back to the village, and then solemnly apologized and bowed to the Yan Yang and his wife.

"I hope Brother Yang and Sister-in-law can forgive my ignorance! I'm sorry!"

After clarifying the error loudly, Yan Hongying did not receive the contempt and laughter from the villagers, but the vigorous applause of the villagers, as if everyone encouraged her to have the courage to apologize.

Yan Hongying got this unexpected feedback, got up, watched the surrounding villagers applaud her with kind smiles, her eyes were red, and the tears in her eyes were hot.

Although Yang Chengyu feels this is embarrassing, she heard Yan Hongying say that Yan Yang is the secretary of a seafood processing factory and has such a high status. She also thinks that she should show respect. Maybe Yan Yang will be able to promote their family in the future. .

Therefore, Yang Chengyu did not feel that Yan Hongying's actions were wrong.

Only the Erfang family, watching Yan Hongying doing such a shameful thing, ridiculed and talked in private.

The wedding went on smoothly and ended smoothly.

The achievements of Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue have become the pride of the whole village, and Wang Xiuying is moved to cry today.

In the evening, Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang sat on the bed in the wedding room and counted the money.

She counted them one by one, with the expressions that a little money fan should have on her face, very cute.

Yan Yang closed the door to her and sat down beside her, went up from behind and gently hugged her waist, chin resting on her shoulder...

The body is faintly hot, but because she is pregnant and can't do anything, Yan Yang feels a little regretful.

Before he entered the new house, Wang Xiuying stopped him and told him not to do anything tonight!

Don't hurt the child in Lin Xiaoyue's belly.

By the way, Yan Yang's newly married joy is much less...

However, seeing Lin Xiaoyue counting money so happy, his mood improved again.

"The count is over!"

Lin Xiaoyue put all the money in a bag, turned her head and looked at Yan Yang grinningly, "There are more than 400 yuan! It's strange, grandparents wrapped a big red envelope~"

Yan Yang laughed in a low voice, "You can be so happy with this little money?"


Lin Xiaoyue patted Yan Yang, "You still dislike the lack of money! It's already pretty good! There are half houses in the village! Otherwise, we will add some more money and build another house in the village to raise pigs for parents-in-law and mother-in-law." ~ Hasn’t the policy been loosened recently? We are allowed to exchange goods. In a few months, the policy will be all down. When the time comes, the transaction will be open. We can let the parents-in-law set up a pig farm or something, and we can start to be serious. Do business!"

Yan Yang squeezed Lin Xiaoyue's nose, "What are you thinking about on the wedding night?"

Lin Xiaoyue smiled, neatly stuffed the purse under the pillow, then turned to hug Yan Yang's narrow waist, "Then hug you, anyway, I can only hug, and can't do anything. "

Yan Yang hugged her small body tighter, lowered his head, and rubbed his side face against her forehead gently.

Lin Xiaoyue let out a low laugh in his arms, and asked in a mischievous tone, "Have you never said that you love me?"

Yan Yang raised his brows lightly, "Didn't I say it?"

Lin Xiaoyue nodded, "I haven't heard, do you want to talk today?"

Yan Yang did not hesitate to say, "I love you."

Lin Xiaoyue felt all over, she hugged him tightly, "Me too!"

Yan Yang didn't know where the idea came from, and suddenly asked, "Which one do you like the most?"

Lin Xiaoyue asked, "Which one?"

Yan Yang asked deadly, "Choose one of the three, which one do you like the most now?"

He regretted it after asking...

Because he could feel that his good mood would definitely be ruined with her answer.

Why should he ask such questions?


Lin Xiaoyue let out a "pouch" laugh, raised her head, staring at him with big sullen eyes, "Do you think I will answer, I love the third child the most?"


Lowering his head, Yan Yang's jet-black eyes locked her deeply.

Lin Xiaoyue pointed her little finger to him, "I found out that you are the second child! You don't look like it at all!"

Yan Yang's pupils shrank nervously: "!!!"

Lin Xiaoyue laughed haha, "But whether you are the third child or the second child, you are Yan Yang and my husband. Moreover, the three of you are one, you are already one person! So, I Love Yan Yang."

This is her answer.

Even if she had recognized him as the second child, she never crossed it and liked it the same.

They are not independent individuals, they are different from ordinary schizophrenics.

The three of them are the same person.

What she likes is also a person.

Yan Yang's heart was hot, his body was warm, his face was warm, and the roots of his ears were blushing.

Bowing his head, he deeply kissed her moist red lips.


Both of them took the college entrance examination, and that day they went to the town for the exam with Bai Xiaochun and Lu Xiaming.

When the college entrance examination score came out, Lin Xiaoyue had a big belly.

She was admitted to Beijing University and became the pride of the village, far away from Bai Xiaochun and Lu Xiaming.

Bai Xiaochun and Lu Xiaming were admitted to China University, which was not bad, but compared with Lin Xiaoyue, it seemed that the grade was much lower.

Yan Yang didn't pass the exam.

He said... uncomfortable!

Lin Xiaoyue did not go to college because of her pregnancy.

Although it is a pity, her reputation as an academic leader in the village is widely spread...

Moreover, what people did not expect was that many years later, after Bai Xiaochun and Lu Xiaming graduated, they went to work in Yan Yangkai's company.

This is... very funny.

Lin Xiaoyue had a son and a daughter for Yan Yang and lived a happy life.

In their later years, she and Yan Yang made a living by collecting rent. They had to hire an accountant for the ten key chains. It was not too cool.