759 Hot Chick

Hot Chick

Wei Jianning had a lot on her mind and had completely lost interest in shopping. Her mind was filled with He Chuan, and she missed him very much.

The sun was about to set. It seemed like she had to make a trip to Changliu Mountain!

Wei Jianning raised her head, a determined expression on her face.

If the Heibai Academy dares to harm Third Brother, even if it means exposing our identities, I will destroy them!

She got up and prepared to leave.

“Shen Lang, is the arrogant kid who bullied you in this inn?” A voice came from outside the door.

“He relied on his Life Cultivation Realm strength to almost kill me. Big Brother has to avenge me!” Shen Lang’s tone was filled with hatred.

A tall and straight green-robed man entered the inn.

The originally noisy hall instantly fell silent. Everyone’s eyes turned to the person who had just arrived.

“That genius young master of the Shen family?”

“Why is he here?”

“Do you still need to say it? He’s definitely looking for the white-robed kid from yesterday to take revenge!”

“Was that kid in the room yesterday?” Shen Chao asked the counter expressionlessly.

“He went out this morning and hasn’t returned yet.” The receptionist replied nervously.

A sharp chill spread out, engulfing the entire hall.

All the people who were discussing in low voices looked at Shen Chao.

“They must have known that you were coming, so they fled in advance!” Someone said flatteringly.

“Bullshit!” An angry shout rang out in the hall.

The flattery stopped abruptly, and the entire hall fell silent. At this moment, everyone felt a chill in their hearts and was extremely surprised.

“Who dared to speak so freely in front of Young Master Shen Chao?”

Everyone immediately looked in the direction of the voice. At the end of their gazes, a beautiful figure was standing in a corner with a candied haws in her hand. Her beautiful little face was filled with anger, and her lips were slightly pouted. She looked like she was very angry.

“Big Brother, this girl is in cahoots with that coward yesterday!” Shen Lang immediately recognized Wei Jianning and shouted angrily.

“She seemed to be the coward’s sister!”

“Since this girl was here, that kid couldn’t have run far!”

If they directly caught the other party, they wouldn’t have to worry about not finding a coward!

“You’re the coward! Your entire family is cowards! Third Brother were gone to exterminate Heibai Academy!” Wei Jianning pouted and put her hands on her waist as he retorted.

“Exterminate Heibai Academy?”

Everyone burst into laughter.

“The little girl was really as arrogant and outspoken as Brother He!”

“He was just a little fellow whose hair hadn’t even fully grown. He actually dared to speak so loudly about destroying the Heibai Academy? Did he think that it was a game?”

“Haha! I’m dying of laughter!”

Everyone was laughing so hard that tears were about to fall.

“Ignorant wild girl, I’ll collect some interest from you first!” Shen Lang laughed sinisterly as he clawed at Wei Jianning with his right hand.

Seeing this, Wei Jianning wasn’t afraid at all. She threw out her little hand that was holding the candied haws. Boundless spiritual energy surged out, directly sweeping up the remaining five candied haws and shooting them out.

The five candied haws were wrapped in spiritual energy. They flew through the void and headed straight for Shen Lang.

She’s also a hot chick!

Everyone couldn’t help but smile as if they had seen through the result.

Shen Lang had bullied many people in Jizhou City.

But for many years, no one could stop him.

The reason was that he had the Shen family, the head of the four great families, behind him. The other reason was his martial arts talent.

Although Shen Lang’s talent in martial arts could not compare to his older brother, Shen Chao, it was far superior to his second sister, Shen Jia.

At such a young age, he was already a martial artist in the early stage of the Spirit Accumulation Realm.

Such strength was nothing in the Yanyang Empire.

However, in Jizhou City, he could definitely be considered one of the best.

On the other hand, Wei Jianning was only 14 or 15 years old. Her face was still childish, and her words and actions were still childish. She even used candied haws to attack. It looked like something that did not have much lethality. How could it withstand Shen Lang’s attack?

Just when everyone thought Shen Lang would be able to take down Wei Jianning, the five candied haws that shot out exploded the moment they hit Shen Lang.

A violent explosion resounded throughout the hall.

Terrifying shockwaves swept in all directions, shattering the surrounding chairs and stools into dust blocking their vision.

The figure retreated in a sorry state as the wood chips flew in the air. Everyone hurriedly sized him up and realized that it was Shen Lang.

Shen Lang was defeated?

Everyone’s smiles froze.

Shen Lang was no longer as majestic as before. His robe was tattered and covered in the pieces of candied haws.

Her cheeks and long hair were sticky and sticky.

“Young Master Shen!”

Everyone exclaimed.

“Damn it! This Young Master will make you beg for death!” Shen Lang staggered and stopped miserably. His eyes were burning with anger as he glared at Wei Jianning and gritted his teeth.

Yesterday, he was defeated by He Chuan. Today, he was defeated by Wei Jianning.

If word got out that he had been defeated twice in the same place, Shen Lang’s reputation would be completely ruined!

He had to regain his face!

Before he finished speaking, Shen Lang clenched his fists and was about to attack again.

“Stand down. You are not her match!” Shen Chao stopped him and said indifferently.

“Big Brother!” Shen Lang shouted unwillingly.

“I didn’t expect you to have the cultivation of the late-stage Spirit Accumulation Realm. Not bad!” Shen Chao didn’t answer. Instead, he placed his hands behind his back and looked at Wei Jianning arrogantly.

This girl was a late-stage Spirit Accumulation Realm martial artist!

Everyone in the hall turned pale and looked at Wei Jianning.

She was only fourteen or fifteen years old, but she was already a martial artist at the late stage of the Spirit Accumulation Realm!

No wonder she could defeat Shen Lang, who was at the early stage of the Spirit Accumulation Realm!

Shen Lang was dumbfounded and only reacted after a while.

He had been defeated by Wei Jianning just now, and his anger had rushed to his head.

It was only at this moment that he suddenly came to his senses. Thinking back to the attack just now, he knew that his big brother, Shen Chao, was right.

The candied haws were only the carrier. The truly terrifying thing was the shapeshifting spiritual energy that lingered on them.

The majestic spiritual energy and the power of transformation were the manifestations of the Spirit Accumulation Realm!

Moreover, she was at the late stage of the Spirit Accumulation Realm!

Shen Lang gritted his teeth in anger.

“With your talent, you are worthy of being my concubine.” Shen Chao looked at Wei Jianning proudly and smiled.

Could it be that Eldest Young Master Shen wanted to take her in as a concubine?

Everyone was completely dumbfounded.

They originally thought that they could watch a good show, but why did it feel different?

Shen Lang looked at his brother in disbelief.

“Shut up!” Shen Chao interrupted Shen Lang.

Wei Jianning was extremely beautiful. Although she was young, her body was already well-developed.

She was many times better than the girls in the brothels.

If Shen Chao did not care about his identity, he would have captured Wei Jianning and brought her home to execute her.

When he found out that Wei Jianning was already at the late stage of the Spirit Accumulation Realm at such a young age, he couldn’t help but want to recruit her.

If she was willing to be a concubine, she could spare her life today and guarantee endless glory and wealth in the future!

Shen Chao ignored the surprised looks of the people around him and looked at Wei Jianning proudly.

“I could even provide cultivation resources for free, allowing you to go further on the path of martial arts and become stronger!”

Wei Jianning was so angry her face turned red. Just as she was about to retort, a cold voice came from outside the door.

The white figure entered the inn.